who was south australia's first governor?


In 1786 he was assigned the duty of founding a British convict settlement in New South Wales, and the following year he set sail with 11 ships. The political role of the governor became a matter of controversy in 1932 when the Governor of New South Wales, Sir Philip Game, used his reserve power to dismiss the premier, Jack Lang, on the grounds that Lang was acting illegally. The first governors of the colonies, and their dates of appointment, are as follows: Only in New South Wales and South Australia was the date of the appointment of the first governor the actual date of the colony's foundation. The last British-born governor of an Australian state was Rear Admiral Sir Richard Trowbridge, who was Governor of Western Australia from 1980 to 1983. However, in 1976 the Foreign Secretary refused to transmit to the Queen the advice of the Premier of Queensland, Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen, to extend the term of Sir Colin Hannah as governor, on the grounds of the Governor's partisanship against the previous Commonwealth Government.

Note: Mitchell had been appointed acting governor in July 1933, but as a cost-saving measure he was not formally appointed governor for another 15 years. banner="../banners/banner04.jpg"; Nevertheless, the state governors, like the governor-general, retain the full panoply of the reserve powers of the Crown. The Commonwealth prime minister, not the Chief Minister of the Northern Territory, advises the governor-general on the appointment of the administrator. Aside from the Crown itself, the office of Governor of New South Wales is the oldest constitutional office in Australia. Each of the subsequent five states in Australia was also founded as a British colony, and a governor was appointed by the British government to exercise executive authority over the colony. height="90"; Answer to the trivia question 'Who was appointed Governor of New South Wales when Australia was first settled?'. google_ad_slot = "0864643673"; Even when Australians replaced Britons as governors, most continued to be retired Army, Navy or Air Force officers until the 1970s. banner="../banners/banner01.jpg"; if (ad==1) { The office of governor ("governor in chief" was an early title) is the oldest constitutional office in Australia. Between 1850 and 1861, the Governor of New South Wales was titled Governor-General in an early attempt at federalism imposed by Earl Grey. txt="A free website by Grandpa Pencil"; var gcse = document.createElement('script'); It is believed to have been on a site between the present railway station and the River Torrens, and was destroyed by fire in 1841. He was also reluctant to call an election for a legislature that was barely a year old, and felt that the situation was a political rather than a constitutional matter.

As a result, the state governors continued to be formally appointed by the Queen on the advice of the British Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary, as had been the case prior to 1942. New South Wales and South Australia have had two female governors, and Tasmania, Victoria, and Western Australia one each. Under section 7 of these Acts, the Queen now receives advice on the appointment and termination of appointments of state governors from the relevant state premier. The states were concerned that Commonwealth-appointed governors might be used to do the federal government's bidding, up to and including use of a Governor's reserve powers to dismiss a recalcitrant state government. ad +=1;

Bennett thus took the view that Gray no longer had enough support to govern and could not advise him to call a second election. National Portrait Gallery - Biography of Arthur Phillip, Australian Dictionary of Biography - Biography of Arthur Phillip, Sydney Living Museums - Ambition and adventure: The early life of Arthur Phillip, Arthur Phillip - Children's Encyclopedia (Ages 8-11), Arthur Phillip - Student Encyclopedia (Ages 11 and up). width="728";

Although the Commonwealth of Australia legally became a sovereign nation when it adopted the Statute of Westminster in 1942, the states had been established separately from (and prior to) the Commonwealth and retained their separate subordination to the British Government. At a constitutional convention in Gladstone, Queensland, the states indicated that, if the referendum was successful, governors should be appointed by the parliament,[citation needed] although agreement on the exact method of appointment was not reached. Recent proposals for an Australian Republic have indirectly involved the office of state governor. Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia, which were not founded as penal settlements, moved rapidly towards constitutional government after their establishment. var ad = sec % how_many_ads; alt="The Heritage Highway"; Most governors, however, tried to act impartially, and some were genuinely popular.

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