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That being said, if you’re comparing two bikes with similar geometry, then the size of the hoops can make your bike feel nimbler, faster or provide better traction. Now that you understand some of the benefits of each wheel size, take the bike you’re eyeing for a spin and to see how it rides. – and each of them have benefits that may or may not match your riding style. If you have a different wheel size, you need to order the “custom build” option. Most bike manufacturers are trying to get chainstays as short as possible to create a bike that’s playful and corners well. Your purchases help conserve the places where we play and support all Canadians getting active outside. ( 28 × 1 1⁄2 is not the same size as 28 × 1.50). What is an eBike Conversion Kit and Do I Need One. Outside is our place. Generally speaking, bigger wheels require more space in a bike’s frame.

Get the latest updates in the build up to our product launch, The 3 Best Action Cams for Filming Your Ride. The best end to a ski day? Advice on getting outside in fall and winter for 2020. For example, think about how skateboard wheels can get caught on small bits of gravel on the road as opposed to bike wheels that roll over the same gravel. Canada is our backyard.

The biggest takeaway is to get on the bike and take it on a demo ride. E.g.

26 × 1 3⁄8 × 1 1⁄2. The MEC logo is a registered trademark of Mountain Equipment Co-operative. Quick Note: The most common wheel sizes are 26″ and 28″, we offer these sizes as standard. Free shipping on orders over $50. This is the most common question we get asked – so here’s a handy FAQ post to help you be absolutely sure of your wheel size before you buy.

as the new norm and moved away from 26in. – and each of them have benefits that may or may not match your riding style.

Longer spokes, bigger rims and bigger tires all come into play. vs. 29in. With everything else being equal, a wheel with a smaller diameter will accelerate faster, partly due to the fact that wheel weight is also rotating mass.

27.5in. As pictured above, the numbers that indicate the size are found on the sidewall of the tire, and although they might be confusing at first sight, they are pretty straightforward. You guessed it: there’s no definitive answer to this question. While traditional sizing systems are based on the outside diameter of an inflated tire (measured in inches or millimeters), the ISO standard notation uses the diameter of the wheel bead seat in millimeters preceded by the inflated tire width in millimeters. Up to 30 days after purchase – we’ll match it. Most importantly, don’t forget that wheel size is only part of the answer when evaluating how a bike feels.

Learn more about size markings here. wheels up to speed can take longer than getting smaller, lighter wheels up to speed. E.g. if you have a 26″ bike wheel, the measurement 26″ relates to the outer diameter of the tyre, not the rim. wheel size. It’s not surprising that bigger wheels have more material and therefore are usually heavier. Terms of use Unit 9, 455 Wick Lane The same size bike tire could be found with different numbers in different countries. bikes. ISO / ETRTO (mm) English size (inch) French size (mm) 35-584. Most bikes tell you the wheel size right there on the tyre. 27.5in. Since the weight is distributed all around the rim and tire, it’ll have a greater impact on the feel of the bike than if that extra weight was distributed evenly all over the frame. and 29in. Given rim diameter (the ISO diameter) and tire diameter (the size of your tire converted to … Wondering why 26in. In recent years, a new breed of 29er bikes has emerged and they’re more well-suited to steep, gnarly technical descents. 650B. Found a better deal in Canada? The same idea applies to 27.5 and 29in. Most mountain bike manufacturers have adopted 27.5 and 29in. Inch based identifications indicate the width in a decimal (26 × 1.75) or as a fraction (26 × 1 3⁄4), and although these size identifications can be mathematically equal, they also can refer to different size tires, which are not interchangeable.

© 2020. will carry that speed when the trails get a bit rough. wheels aren’t included? If you’re looking to shave weight, then 27.5in. from Halfords.com then just go find the link and check the specifications. Step by Step Procedure of Measuring Tire Size Most adult road bikes use 700c wheels, whereas 26″ is typically a mountain bike wheel size (although in recent years mountain bikes are using larger wheels as well). wheels get the point in this category. Generally, the size is indicated by two numbers that correspond approximately to the outside or inside diameter, and the width of the tire, but not always in that order. If all three have a 15” frame, there will be a height difference between them due to their wheel size. Why not send us some photos of your bike?

The good news is that once you get to cruising speed, you’ll be able to keep your momentum going much easier. If you’re new to biking, visit the trail network where you expect to be riding most. E3 2TB, Hey, It looks like we can't subscribe you here. In-store pick-up is free. You may be surprised at how larger or smaller wheels sizes feel once you’re on the bike – when you’re bike shopping, don’t eliminate a certain wheel size just because you assume it’ll be too big or small for you. All rights reserved. Sometimes very small adult road bike frames will use a smaller wheel size (like 650b), but it’s more common even for small frames to use 700c wheels. You can find them with 26” wheels, 27.5” wheels, or 29” wheels. If you bought it recently and the bike details are still online where you got it, e.g. A hot beverage and your hut booties (don't forget your hut booties). Or even better send a link to where you got it from and/or the name and model. Bike frames are measured from the middle of their bottom bracket to the end of their seat tube. wheels have been around for a while. If not, measuring the metal rim diameter of the bike wheel is the best way to determine the specific size of the wheel. Mountain bike wheel sizes: 27.5in. Used on mountain bikes, these tires also go by the names: 27.5+, 650+, 6Fattie, or even just "Plus tires". For comparable set-ups, the weight difference between a 29in. wheels have the advantage over 29in.

Bicycle tires come in a variety of sizes, mostly depending on the type of the bike and the terrain you're riding. Here are the measuring methods of the three most common markings used today. As you can imagine, fat bikes have the best traction because of the massive tires that they use. It’s important to note that bike size measurements that use the ISO system are in millimeters. The larger the wheel’s diameter, the more easily it rolls over obstacles. Although bicycle tires are available in vastly different sizes, a majority have their diameter falling between 12-26. If you want to talk details, then we recommend first you refer to this detailed wheel size guide and tell us exactly what wheel you have based on this: https://www.sheldonbrown.com/tire-sizing.html, Swytch Technology Ltd There will be a “specifications” section, and inside the specs table there is usually information on the specific Wheel Size. We exist to inspire, achieve and connect.

When it comes to comparing wheel size and acceleration, 27.5 wheels will generally be easier to get up to speed, but 29in. If you’re a bike enthusiast you’ll notice we’ve simplified things ever-so-slightly to make it easy for people that aren’t familiar with bikes to check their wheel size. wheels on this front, but development in bike geometry makes the gap between these two options smaller and smaller every year. 27.5 × 1.35. Sign up to get a push notification direct to your mobile the minute our next sales campaign goes live. Traction is based on how much tire is in contact with the ground. Top picks for Canadian winters in 2020 from MEC Label designers. Riders saw this size as the sweet spot since they were nimble yet were still able to roll over challenging terrain easily. Good traction between the trail and your bike can mean the difference between walking or riding steep technical sections. If your bike allows for wider tires, 27.5in+ (sometimes called plus size tires) are wider tires that you can run at lower pressures. Want to ensure you get first access to the 50% discount when we launch? equivalent to get a real feel of which one fits your riding style best. wheelset with tires is usually around 500g more for the 29er. And we are 5 million people, all members of MEC. To help you choose which wheel size is right for you, we’ll take a look at the following: It’s important to know that wheel size is only part of the story, and that a bike’s design likely has more to do with how a bike feels than wheel size alone. Use the data from the following tables to determine interchangeability and convert between ISO / ETRTO, English, and French sizes. tires. Since 29in. Accessibility. For the width, the size is between 1.75-2.215 inches. London Found mostly on mountain bikes and used as a marketing term for wider 622 mm / 700C tires, In the beginning, there have been various measuring systems, with every country that manufactured bikes developing its own method of marking. They were originally used mainly on cross-country or XC bikes, since they helped XC racers squeeze as much efficiency as possible from their bike. We're a retail co-operative, owned by everyone who shops here. tires would have more surface in contact with the ground (and thus more traction) than equivalent 27.5in. The extra width and lower tire pressure helps increase the contact between your tire and the trail and provides amazing traction at a 27.5in.

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