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- 12:00 PM, Erste Schritte ins Studium 97074 Würzburg. JMU offers more than 100 subjects in the humanities and the social sciences as well as in the natural and life sciences. University of Wuerzburg offers 250 degree programs with about 28,277 students enrolled.

Shortly after his arrival in 1769, Protestant medical students were permitted to study for their doctorates at the university. Its official name is Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg (or "Julius-Maximilian University of Würzburg") but it is commonly referred to as the University of Würzburg. Evidence of this is provided by the fatal stabbing of the university's first chancellor, Johann Zantfurt, in 1413, by a scholar's unruly assistant, or famulus, evidently the result of these very influences. The university’s profile is shaped by eight interdisciplinary priority areas: An extensive choice of degree programs is available to students. It was reopened in 1582 on the initiative of Julius Echter von Mespelbrunn. I was anxious about my exam preparation. In 1970 it was decided that the church, one of the most important examples of 16th century vaulted architecture in southern Germany, should fulfill a dual function as a place of worship and as the university banquet, assembly, and concert hall.
Julius-Maximilians-Universität of Würzburg (JMU) is big enough to offer a broad and innovative range of subjects, yet not too big to be impersonal. In the Annales Hirsaugiensis Chronologia Mystica of 1506 he cites bathing, love, brawling, gambling, inebriation, squabbling, and general pandemonium as "greatly impeding the academic achievement in Würzburg". Fax: +49 931 31-82600, The Internationalisation of Our Teaching Activities, Resources and Services for Teaching Staff, Glossary of Terms in Teaching and Learning, 125th Anniversary of the Discovery of X-ray Beams. 97070 Würzburg, Phone: +49 931 31-0 *All distance are measured radially. Omissions? The university’s central administration, foreign student office, and several research institutes are located within the area of the old town, while the new liberal arts campus, with its modern library, overlooks the city from the east. Early a famous centre for the study of Roman Catholic theology, it was secularized in 1814 and became best known for its medical school. Julius-Maximilians University of Würzburg is one of the leading institutions of higher education in Germany. The university offers Bachelor and master degree in following courses: Information technology, Business administration, Mathematics, Chemistry, Computer science, Education, Geography, German studies, Physics, Political science, Psychology, Medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, law and more. Minor changes in immune cells can significantly affect the immune response, scientists of the University of Würzburg have now discovered. A "second founding" by Prince Bishop Julius Echter von Mespelbrunn (1545–1617) in 1582 offered the institution guaranteed autonomous self-government. The university has five well endowed museums including science museums and a botanical garden. Current information and instructions of the Institute Board for employees and students. Also known as Julius-Maximilians-University, the University of Wuerzburg is a public university situated in the Wuerzburg region of Germany.

For a few days on arrival, university dormitories may be available for the international students in search of accommodations. University of Wuerzburg offers 250 degree programs with about 28,277 students enrolled. The University of Würzburg – full name, the Julius-Maximilians University of Würzburg – located in northern Bavaria, dates back to 1402 and is one the oldest universities in Germany. In 1397, King Wenceslaus IV of Bohemia had visited the city and promised its people the status of a free Imperial City. Approximately 440 professors are active in research and teaching at the university and the university hospital. No need to remember deadlines as I get timely updates now. Sign up to our monthly newsletter to receive regular content highlights direct to your inbox. In depth CAT exam analysis available for free. Universität Würzburg Learn more. Universität Würzburg

JMU was the sixth institution of higher education in earlier Germany.

On an international level, the University of Würzburg ranks in the top bracket of academic institutions in many scientific disciplines …

Read on and find out who to contact. 97070 Würzburg, Phone: +49 931 31-0 Since then, the university has borne the name of its second and most influential founder, officially known as the Julius-Maximilians-Universität of Bavaria. Among its teachers were the philosopher F.W. Forge Links. International applicants may apply for admission at the University of Wuerzburg online. University of Würzburg, autonomous, state-supported university in Würzburg, Ger., founded in 1582.

Master of Arts [M.A]|Master of Science [M.Sc]|Master|, Bachelor of Arts [B.A]|Bachelor of Science [B.Sc]|, Ancient Near Eastern Studies*200312| Collections - Provenance - Cultural Heritage*200662| German Studies*200384| Education Science*200587| Diversity Management, Religion and Education*200413| Digital Humanities*200412| Cultural Landscapes*200407| China Language and Economy*200401| Prehistoric and Prehistoric Archaeology*200673| Theological Studies*200495| Chinese Studies*143418| General and Applied Linguistics*200298| German Philology as Foreign Language Philology*200461| French*200452| Music Education*200564| Egyptology*200282| English - Speaking Cultures*200374| Philosophy*200426| Ethnomusicology*200429| Musicology*200430| European Ethnology / Folklore*200435| Spanish*200454| Italian*200455| History*200463| Museum Science / Museum Studies*200557| Latin Philology*200469| Greek Philology*200470| Indology/South Asian Studies*200485| Computer Science*200486| Classical Archaeology*200496| Art History*200498| Museum and Ancient Cultures*200561| Philosophy and Religion*200615| Physics*200623| Political and Social Sciences*200628| Russian Language and Culture*200645| Comparative Indo-European Linguistics*200667|, Mathematics International*200523| Mathematics*200529| Nanostructure Technology*200571| Satellite Technology*200661| Life Sciences*200386| Food Chemistry*200503| Biomedicine*200397| Management*200377| Computational Mathematics*200404| Chinese Politics and Society*200402| China Business and Economics*200400| Biochemistry*143419| FOKUS Life Sciences*143420| Translational Neuroscience*143421| Chemistry*200398| Cell and Infection Biology*200391| Fokus Life Sciences*200387| Applied Human Geography*200332| Applied Physical Geography, Geosystem Change and Protection*200372| Applied Earth Observation and Geoanalysis (EAGLE)*200375| International Economic Policy*200378| Educational Science*200380| Behavioural Neurobiology*200388| Biophysics*200389| Ecology*200390| Systems Biology and Metabolomics*200393| Protein Chemistry*200394| Molecular and Computational Biology*200395| Functional Materials*200456| Human-Computer Interaction*200483| Business Informatics*200488| Mathematical Physics*200543| Media Communication*200549| Psychology*200631| Business Mathematics*200674|, Old World*200300| Modern China*200399| Ancient Oriental Studies*200315| Digital Humanities*200411| Museology and Material Culture*200555| Latin Philology*200467| German Studies*200409| Music Education*200563| Egyptology*200280| English/American Studies*200373| Pedagogy*200379| Philosophy*200424| Musicology*200432| European Ethnology/Folklore*200436| Evangelical Theology*200439| History*200464| Greek Philology*200468| Indology/South Asian Studies*200484| Computer Science*200487| Theological Studies*200493| Classical Archaeology*200497| Art History*200499| Philosophy and Religion*200616| Physics*200624| Political and Social Studies*200627| Russian Language and Culture*200648| Comparative Indo-European Linguistics*200668| Prehistory and Early History Archaeology*200672|, Chemistry*200382| Biomedicine*200383| Biology*200385| Geography*200327| Economics*200376| Food Chemistry*200502| Aerospace Informatics*200513| Computational Mathematics*200403| Psychology*200586| Functional Materials*200457| Speech Therapy*200291| Nanostructure Technology*200570| Biochemistry*200381| Media Communication*200548| Human Computer Systems*200482| Business Informatics*200489| Mathematics*200531| Mathematical Physics*200541| Business Mathematics*200675|, RM Profis - Ihre Rauchmelder Experten Deutschlands, By submitting this form, you accept and agree to our, University of Wuerzburg International Application, Master of Science [M.Sc] Human-Computer Interaction, Master of Science [M.Sc] Business Mathematics, Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Human Computer Systems, Master of Science [M.Sc] China Business and Economics, Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Business Informatics, Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Business Mathematics, Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Computational Mathematics, Master of Arts [M.A] China Language and Economy, Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Aerospace Informatics, Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Nanostructure Technology, Master of Science [M.Sc] Nanostructure Technology, Master of Science [M.Sc] Satellite Technology, Master of Science [M.Sc] International Economic Policy, Bachelor of Arts [B.A] Classical Archaeology, Master of Arts [M.A] Indology/South Asian Studies, Master of Arts [M.A] Museum Science / Museum Studies, Master of Arts [M.A] Prehistoric and Prehistoric Archaeology, Bachelor of Arts [B.A] Prehistory and Early History Archaeology, Master of Arts [M.A] Diversity Management, Religion and Education, Master of Science [M.Sc] FOKUS Life Sciences, Master of Science [M.Sc] Fokus Life Sciences, Master of Science [M.Sc] Functional Materials, Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Food Chemistry, Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Functional Materials, Bachelor of Arts [B.A] Museology and Material Culture, Master of Science [M.Sc] Protein Chemistry, Master of Science [M.Sc] Chinese Politics and Society, Master of Arts [M.A] Political and Social Sciences, Bachelor of Arts [B.A] Political and Social Studies, Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Speech Therapy, Master of Science [M.Sc] Molecular and Computational Biology, Master of Science [M.Sc] Cell and Infection Biology, Master of Science [M.Sc] Mathematical Physics, Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Mathematical Physics, https://www.uni-wuerzburg.de/en/university/, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology , Karlsruhe, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg , Erlangen, Pre-professional, undergraduate and graduate – masters, diploma and doctoral, In 2019, the university was ranked 159th worldwide by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings (THE).
Oct 23. For unrestricted courses, the application process is not required and direct enrolment is provided. After it was all but destroyed during a World War II bombing raid, the university re-established itself in the 1960s on the fringes of the city. M. p. th. It was reopened in 1582 on the initiative of Julius Echter von Mespelbrunn.

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