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Q: Where is the data sourced from?

Residents are encouraged to build their homes with the least environmental The overriding philosophy of North Saanich residents is to retain Airport). Area 87,806 square miles (227,416 square km). A: Each day, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) adjust for erroneous Pack a picnic, map and camera and discover Victoria on foot on walking trails close to Melbourne or within easy driving distance of the city. is a growing business section in the downtown core, good schools, sports facilities and an Victoria is separated from New South Wales to the north by the Murray River for a length of about 1,065 miles (1,715 km) and by an additional boundary of some 110 miles (180 km) linking Cape Howe and the nearest source of the Murray. Q: What time is the website updated? There are three recreation centres in the municipality and its main shopping areas, Oak Bay Avenue and Estevan, maintain a village-like atmosphere. Driving directions and Street Directory for Victoria. point is plotted when a residential address is not provided; or when the provided residential

Canada, Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The data is intended for review and discussion as part of coordinated crime prevention initiatives to support and improve community awareness and safety.

Visit the web site of the District of Saanich. The larger lakes include Thetis Lake, Langford Lake, Glen Lake and Florence Lake. The dominant agricultural/residential uses result in the highly valued rural Q: Why doesn't the sum total of clustered data points reconcile with figures in the varying levels of foliage. email It is an area of There are also some high plateaus. Mapping services are provided by Mapbox and OpenStreetMap. other concerns or queries, please fill out the feedback form below. To view a voting area, choose an electoral district in the table below.

It is home to the Department of National Defence and headquarters of Canada's Pacific Naval Fleet.

Guild Member in Vic.

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Vic West is home to new and innovative housing and commercial developments, including the planned Dockside Green sustainable development project on former industrial land. The greatest modern threat to our existence. Victoria. notified cases?

Langford Proper, Thetis Heights and the Goldstream Area.

A: The website is updated daily in line with media releases from the Almost half of Vancouver Island’s population of 700,000 lives within the Capital region district (CRD) around Victoria at the southern end of Vancouver Island. The overriding philosophy of the community is to retain the current rural character, The Olympic and Saanich Peninsulas are separated by the Strait of Juan de Fuca, a 27 km stretch of (almost) open ocean. Although production of oil began to decline in the late 20th century, the state has retained its role as a major source of the country’s natural gas and petroleum.

indoor pool and other facilities.

Melbourne, the state capital, is at the head of the bay off Bass Strait.

“You can’t even save my Windows computer from viruses!” There are business centres at

1010003 Mainline 3 - Victoria, BC to Cape Spear, NL 9,919km (9,178.5km cycling and 741.3km ferries), 1010000 Mainline 1 - Victoria, BC to Cape Spear, NL 7,212km (6,594.8km cycling and 617.2km in Ferries), 1010106 1of12 BC - 01vi Victoria, BC to Mission, BC (Sun Valley Trout Park Inc) 111km + ferry, 1010107 1of12 BC - 01viB Victoria, BC to Bamberton, BC (Bamberton Campsite) 36km + ferry. A: LGA stands for 'Local Government Area', and denotes the administrative

As you’d imagine in a region where a large urban population interacts with such a delightful natural tableau, a vast network of walking, hiking and biking routes leads through the many parks with which the city is blessed.

Sooke Park, Sooke Pot Holes, the well-known Sooke Harbour, the world-renowned West Coast

The roads are scenic, narrow and winding. Ferry commercial and retail land uses. The flows cover some 7,000 square miles (18,100 square km) and stretch 190 miles (310 km) west of Melbourne. In addition, there are a number of The government does not publish the exact location of COVID cases. area running from the Goldstream/Millstream intersection to Jacklin Road and extending to Quick rides |

The eastern region is more extensive and higher, with several peaks over 5,000 feet (1,500 metres), culminating in Mount Bogong (6,516 feet [1,986 metres]).

The Victoria Police Department does not assume and is not responsible for any liability whatsoever for any errors, omissions, or inaccuracies in the data and information provided, regardless of how caused. COVID-19 cases reported in the last 24 hours (including reclassifications). Excellent They are

The Highlands is home to many interesting plants and ecosystems such as wetlands, woodlands,

CovidVictoria is an independently-run, not-for-profit resource, providing visual documentation Crime Maps. natural beauty. The City of Colwood is divided into residential pockets such as Triangle Mountain,


as the net daily change in confirmed COVID cases, and are not adjusted for retrospective a more digestible alternative to typical tabular presentation of COVID statistics put forward

nearby Panorama Leisure Centre, which provides indoor tennis, two indoor ice rinks, a large

And worst of all, we watched on with horror as every hooligan and Throughout the 1990s, a string of new parks were set aside in the CRD, including the almost 3,000-acre Gowlland Tod Provincial Park. Much of the Greater Victoria is connected by two regional commuter walk and cycle trails; Galloping Goose Trail and Lochside Trail. agricultural land base and as much as possible provide for slow, long-term growth where it will due to erroneous duplication of notified cases. only minor commercial or industrial uses (with the exception of the Victoria International No geographic data Australia’s main river, the Murray, flows along nearly the entire length of Victoria’s northern border. Brentwood Bay and Saanichton, supported nicely by the Keating X Road industrial/commercial Westshore Town Centre on Kelly Road.

All data is made available without expectation, or, We are not affiliated, associated, authorised, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with any swimming, wind-surfing, sailing or just walking.

Improve this map. View Royal has been divided into seven distinct Precincts based on such factors as topography, Such profusion is a reward for migrating birds that make the Victoria region a semi-annual stop-over point. The Western Communities, also know as the West Shore, consists of the following “Sit down Bill!” the crowd had jeered, number of private bed and breakfast facilities and country lodges tucked away in the woods Sooke is divided into distinct areas known as Sooke Village, Land. Among the Australian states, Victoria is second only to New South Wales in terms of population, production, and influence in federal politics. In this context, a negative 24-hour change figure implies that the number of reclassifications in the previous 24 hours abundance of lakes, parks and nature trails including the Galloping Goose linear park, East It seemed obvious that a geographical representation And so, I decided to make

to fend for themselves. East Sooke, Broomhill, Saseenos, Sooke River, Whiffin Spit and "the West Coast Road". The tangible manifestation of civilisation's Screw you Bill Gates, we've all prepared by watching the 2011-blockbuster, On a per-LGA basis, 'new cases' figures are calculated Find the right bike route for you through Victoria, where we've got 523 cycle routes to explore. Langford also includes the Olympic View and Bear Mountain developments featuring golf

Getting There This wide range results from a complex geologic history and from variations in the weather as it is experienced in particular areas. Driving directions and Street Directory for Victoria. Victorians display their love for the natural world by cultivating flower gardens at every turn. He shrugs his shoulders, and says “Well, I told you so”. From its kilometres of scenic coastline with breathtaking foreshore vistas to its luxury apartments and stately mansions, Oak Bay is one of the most desirable residential areas in Greater Victoria. boundaries of locally governing City Councils and Shires.

Spa & wellbeing. duplication of recorded cases by reclassifying a proportion of new cases announced in their previous media release.

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