triple in a sentence


One quad chairlift, two triple chairs, two double chairs and two rope tows transport skiers and snowboarders up its 45 runs. In legend they are nine women, three triple goddesses ranging in age from maiden to mother to crone. Hammock Bliss - These hammocks are available in single, double and triple sizes, so you can easily accommodate the whole family. Thus a triple or fourfold division of theological sciences seems natural. › Antifungal [ˌan(t)ēˈfəNGɡəlˌanˌtīˈfəNGɡəl], © 2020 The euhemeristic explanation of the struggle with the triple monster was that Heracles fought three brothers in succession. Bernstorff's sympathy with England grew stronger still when in 1779 Spain joined her enemies; and he was much inclined, the same winter, to join a triple alliance between Great Britain, Russia and Denmark-Norway, proposed by England for the purpose of compelling the Bourbon powers to accept reasonable terms of peace. These now expensive hot stocks will never double, triple or quadruple in value like a penny stock can. Hence it is clear that if the two positive lenses of equal curvature power of o 60 and 0.102 respectively are combined with a negative lens of light flint o 569, then a triple objective, having no secondary spectrum (at any rate with respect to the blue rays), may be obtained. Among the many treaties and conventions signed here may be mentioned the treaty of the Triple Alliance (January 23, 1688)1688) between England, Sweden and the Netherlands; the concert of the Hague (March 31, 1710) between the Emperor, England and Holland, for the maintenance of the neutrality of the Swedish provinces in Germany during the war of the northern powers against Sweden; the Triple Alliance (January 4, 1717) between France, England and Holland for the guarantee of the treaty of Utrecht; the treaty of peace (Feb. 17, 1717) between Spain, Savoy and Austria, by which the first-named acceded to the principles of the Triple Alliance; the treaty of peace between Holland and France (May 16, 1 795); the first "Hague Convention," the outcome of the "peace conference" assembled on the initiative of the emperor Nicholas II.

Foster also provided fourth-place points in the triple jump before ending a productive day in the winning effort of the sprint relay quartet. welcome return to Nottingham Playhouse, Phoenix Dance Theater presents a powerful triple bill spanning three decades of dance. The most conspicuous monument is the triple Gate of Hadrian, flanked by a tower built by the empress Julia. III f., 132 f. Bacon, The Triple Tradition of the Exodus (Hartford, U.S.A., 1894), and A. Another stellar performance by the contemporary master of the Welsh triple harp. He really left the Peripatetics to combine his scattered discourses and treatises into a system, to call it logic, and logic Organon, and to put it first as the instrument of sciences; and it was the Stoics who first called logic a science, and assigned it the first place in their triple classification of science into logic, physics, ethics. Each summit is crowned by an inverted pear-shaped stone, bearing a triple cross, emblematic of the Trinity. Case Histories is the literary equivalent of a triple axel. Individuals will earn triple points for purchases at grocery stores, gas stations and drug stores during the first six months. The triple moon goddess symbol is comprised of two crescent moons and a full moon to represent the three aspects of the goddess through the waxing and waning of the moon. Though kept in the dark as to the Skierniewice arrangement, the Italian government soon discovered from the course of events that the triple alliance had practically lost its object, European peace having been assured without Italian co-operation. Amazing Soy Candles & Bath Products Affordable, quality, triple scented, 100% soy candles, cotton wicks, & soot free.

Usually a triple bunk bed discourages sleepovers due to space considerations, but a futon makes it more likely that a friend or two can stay over for the night.

detached triple garage with driveway parking. All Rights Reserved. His job was to distribute seeds of improved rice varieties and teach farmers how to double and, 75. The conflict with France, the operations in Eritrea, the vigorous interpretation of the triple alliance, the questions of Morocco and Bulgaria, were all used by him as means to stimulate national sentiment. After the tick is removed, rub some triple antibiotic ointment (the same kind used by humans) on the spot where the tick was removed from.

Examples of triple threat in a sentence, how to use it. Tiffany wall sconces are available as a single light, double light or triple light. He held fast by the Triple Alliance, for he saw in this the surest bulwark of peace. The premiership &cond of Rudini was hailed by the Radical leader, Cavallotti, renewal of as a pledge of the non-renewal of the triple alliance, thif71T,~tp1~ against which the Radicals began a vociferous campaign.

By using a triple density midsole, which they call " progressive posting. But Schuey was in top form and the triple world beater always looked odds-on to score his fifth win on the trot. The third part in a tricolon used in oratory is usually more emphatic and conclusive than the others. Word domination Global claims have as much chance as getting ' archeology ' on three triple word squares. All who have successfully gone through a triple probation on earth are admitted to share these blessings. An indiscreet announcement of the limitations of the Triple Alliance contributed to his fall in June 1885, when he was succeeded by Count di Robilant. A still greater triumph of diplomatic skill was the conclusion of the Triple Alliance (January 17, 1668) between the Dutch Republic, England and Sweden, which checked the attempt of Louis XIV. Double or triple dig the subsoil directly below the seed row. For the next four years Sweden remained true to the principles of the Triple Alliance; but, in 1672, Louis XIV. For triple glazing you need a double glazier you know and trust. "The company name comes from the triple bottom line concept found in social enterprise," explains Shashi Srikantan.

Magical Omaha: Magical Omaha sells a number of moon goddess and triple moon goddess necklaces and pendants. But Reaganomics caused historic budget deficits and tripled the national debt. The instrument has a triple photo-visual Taylor object-glass of 122 in. " After much hesitation on the part of the Swedish government, the anti-French faction prevailed; and in April 1668 Sweden acceded to the Triple Alliance, which finally checkmated the French king by bringing about the Peace of Aix-la-Chapelle. The gradual extension of the seaward boundaries of the province owing to the process of littoral deposits may be easily traced, a triple line of sea-dikes in places marking the successive stages in this advance. We therefore manually select pairs (or, in two cases, triples) of classes to represent a range of distinctions that exist among the classes in general. TMX A new triple formulation to control flea beetle and many other pests and diseases. The metaphysical shopper will find many ways to express her spirituality through variations of the powerful triple moon goddess symbol. 5. I'd damn near turned triple somersaults on Terry Ware's steaming guitar work. In 2002, the car has been further modified with a John Eales triple throttle body plenum. Global competition will become increasingly ferocious, with China's economy, alone, projected to triple in size over the next two decades. In 1878, when the Triple Alliance was concluded, Bismarck, in answer to the Guelphic demonstration at Copenhagen, arranged with Austria, the other party to the treaty of Prague, that the clause should lapse. Also 2 double and one triple seat cushion and 1 double seat back for second class in same moquette. Triple sec is approximately 46 proof and has a rich sweet (not cloying) orange flavor.

The explanations suggested were that he had made himself very popular at Rome and that his appointment was therefore calculated to strengthen the loosening bonds of the Triple Alliance, and also that his early close association with Bismarck would ensure the maintenance of the Bismarckian tradition. Since 1979, the steel industry's productivity has tripled. We'll just have to wait to see how things play out in court, but lawyers are asking for triple damages for each member who joins the suit. As Prime Minister Poincare aimed at safeguarding the interests of France abroad, especially against the menace of the Triple Alliance, and at strengthening her at home by firm government and the restoration of social discipline. Simply double the recipe (or triple it, if you want leftovers). The principal church of the town, Notre-Dame, dating mainly from the 12th and 13th centuries, has a fine central tower and a triple portal with handsome wooden doors. With this MasterCard account from HSBC, you'll enjoy the benefits of Triple Plus® protection, service and value. good sentence like quote, proverb...) 183+6 sentence examples: 1.

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