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This film is about an American girl who uses a Ramen shop as her haven after being dumped by her boyfriend. with her life as she learns she must buckle down and grow" -- so her character's initial storyline and character development will not be particularly surprising. I think that The Ramen Girl of my all time favorite movies.

This movie was actually pretty good all things considered. It's a shame the rating restricted it from its own audience in theaters, but thankfully it released on DVD very quickly. The Ramen girl is an inspirational movie, which teaches that life sometimes or often when needed, brings us trough strange and unwelcomed roads to reach our true destiny and discover our nature. Review: Bubble Ramen at Japan Centre Japan Centre, Panton Street, London, SW1Y 4EA Visited April 3rd 2018 I love Japan Centre.

Movie Review: The Ramen Girl The premise of this film almost seems like something they could make a 2-minute parody trailer of for SNL: Take the Karate Kid, only the protege and mentor don't speak the same language and have the mentor regularly throw pots and other …

Britney Murphey was excellent in this movie. Brittany Murphy does such a wonderful job portraying a lost, heartsick girl stuck in a strange land who becomes the definition of determination. I would ignore the nonsensical 1/10 and 10/10 ratings and give it a fair shake if you're into Japanese food and culture. Far from it. At moments it's a little trite, but I think that's sort of the point and it works. Poor, though could have been much better! If you said "The Karate Kid" but with soup and noodles, you'd probably pull the same face I did after watching this movie. This was my first view of Britany Murphy in a movie, "The Ramen Girl". She did a pretty great job and it's always pleasant to her smile. And the undeveloped back story hurt the film as well, there is also a lot of deleted scenes that was taken out for good reasons but some scenes would have been a nice touch if it made it into the whole film. She is in Tokyo with no friends or family. In this post I am going to review ‘The Ramen Girl’ movie. Easily Brittany Murphy's best role in her short life! It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. I was pretty surprised at how they portrayed Japanese culture...not totally accurate, but not a travesty either. I'm surprised I had never heard of this movie before. Buy it, it is worth it. Toshiyuki Nishida was excellent as well as the Ramen chef. If your like me and never really cared about her work. The story is basically a American slacker coming to Tokyo to meet her American boyfriend, but her boyfriend dumps her after sleeping with her and just leaves her. She gets frustrated many times, but she still continues. The only complain I have is that Abby becomes immersed in Tokyo culture but apparently never learns Japanese.

She leaves her job and life in America to be with her boyfriend who has been assigned a project in Japan. Watching Brittany Murphy's films posthumously makes you realize that although many of her movies weren't that great, SHE was a REAL shining star. Makes you really, really want to eat noodle soup, especially when you are a thousand miles away from the next shop. ... think that The Ramen Girl of my all time favorite movies.

I guess it wasn't marketed very well.

Brittany Murphy was sympathetic and the cast of characters really played their parts well. I think a large part of the negative reaction comes from expectations about what the film is or should be. if you've spent any time in Japan, you'll appreciate this film. I have no idea what this movie has so many favorable reviews. I'm surprised so many reviews here have given this film such high remarks. She complained throughout the movie about the big and small mistakes and inconsistencies such as "the interior in the ram-en shop is so fake", "this red geisha type kimonos in Toshi's room only exist in ninja movies", "we don't clean the toilet with sponge", blah blah blah.

I know Miss Murphy is dead and all, but god she was terrible in this movie. This is probably one of Brittany Murphy's least-known films, but one where she stands alone as the central character. Her interactions with her teacher were the best parts of the movie. As he is not able to give her any time, she is left alone to figure out her life in Japan. Also some may say the ramen chef is a tyrant in this film but he was just being the typical leader in running a restaurant. She realizes that to make her life fruitful she also wants to do something which brings happiness to other people.

This movie isn't perfect by a longshot (the whole subplot with the British guy and the southern girl was useless and irritating), but there were some genuinely fun and funny moments. It details about the Japanese nature of perfection in whatever work they do and the perseverance required to achieve it. Also, watch as Brittany's lips enlarge over the course of the movie. Reviewed in the United States on October 16, 2020. The only thing that separates this movie from a high school film project is professional cinematography. The ending was really a downer, and somewhat inexplicable. Brittany Murphy does such a wonderful job portraying a lost, heartsick girl stuck in a strange land who becomes the definition of determination. Metacritic Reviews.

Having never seen the original Japanese version I can only assume that the ending was modified for American audiences. I think critics are being too harsh on this movie. An American woman is stranded in Tokyo after breaking up with her boyfriend. The People who watch expecting to see some White girl in Japan in hot, sexy escapades will be disappointed, and the People who usually watch more cultural, art films would avoid it thinking it's just soft-porn, so this "Cover" just disappoints everyone. Simple, heartfelt story. Required fields are marked *. The main character travels to Japan to be with her boyfriend, but after a quick one-night reunion, he tells her that he’s leaving. This film can sort of be compared to "The Karate Kid" and it's sort of similar in the way how Daniel Larusso(Ralph Macchio) learns and sort of becomes a apprentice in the beginning to Mr. Miyag(Pat Morita). Not a Brittany Murphy fan, but as one who appreciates good food from around the world, gave this one a shot. Extremely heart warming. So much potential, 100 minutes I won't get back. Reviewed in the United States on March 2, 2011. Currently little more than half way through the video, and decided to look her up and her smoking habit addiction. Thus begins here journey to learn how to make Ramen. A definite much watch. External Reviews Just remember to look below the surface. I loved this movie I laughed and wasn't bored throughout the whole film.

boe_dye sez: When will people learn that the ending is just as important as the beginning, Not the best movie to remember Brittany Murphy by, You first think it's cheesy, but then can't stop watching, A good idea that needed better development, Despite the whole weeaboo aspect, it was a pleasant film. Mistake. His expressions and eating reactions were hilarious! Exceeded expectations! As one who has lived in Japan and has eaten REAL Ramen, I enjoyed this movie just from that perspective. Her childlike hunger to learn is most evident in The Ramen Girl and this part was made for her. She heads over there and has a bowl of ramen noodles that set s the course of her life. With Brittany Murphy, Toshiyuki Nishida, Tammy Blanchard, Soji Arai.

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