the laramie project characters


It was written as if it were an actual documentary. Marge Murray is Reggie Fluty's mother.

The first mention of the field where Shepard was killed takes place in the beginning of the play. In order to do this, Kaufman has placed actual statements in positions of contrast or juxtaposition—either against one another or complimenting one another. A Baptist minister appears; his message from the pulpit is that the Bible does not condone homosexuality.

It might also help restore the theater to its original purpose—which is not to confirm liberal audiences in what they already believe, but to uncover the veiled mysteries of the human heart. The finding of gold and silver in the mountains at the turn of the century was also a welcomed boost.

The Laramie Project came about as a result of a the murder of a gay student in Laramie, Wyoming. Or was it a random, senseless assault and robbery?

He is concerned that his son will be proven guilty before he even gets a trial. For all the references to the killers, Russell A. Hendemon and Aaron J. McKinney, by friends, family members, prosecutors and police officers, we leave the theater knowing as little about them as when we first arrived. In stage impersonations, that simplicity too easily falls into folksiness.

(October 16, 2020). He conducts some of the interviews. Doc provides a description of Shepard, depicting him as a slightly built young man, who was not afraid of speaking his mind.

Although the play is inspired by one of the worst hate crimes in recent American history, it draws back before the fact of human evil.

Jedadiah Schultz is a student at the University of Wyoming. Most gay people of the town will not make this information public, Doc believes, but that does not mean that they do not exist. Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. Jeffrey Lockwood is a middle-aged Laramie resident. Henderson eventually pleads guilty and testifies in McKinney's trial. He offers a history of Laramie in the beginning of the play. Trish is a shopkeeper in Laramie and the sister of one of Matthew’s close friends. The interview segments were loosely structured to provide a sort of timeline to the events that lead up to the crime, as well as to those that took place afterwards. Reporters refer to "Columbine" and "Watts," for example, as a shorthand method of identifying disturbances; but in employing such generic language they manage to implicate everyone in town.

Dr. Cantway is an emergency room doctor.

What he did however was to tie him to the fence and thus he was just as guilty as Aaron. ... Jedadiah Schultz. Or was it a random crime with no premeditation or specific hate? Russell is twenty-one years old when he offers Matt Shepard a ride home, then beats and robs him and leaves him to die. (as Grant James Varjas), Zubaida Ula Others wave placards reading "Peace and Love."

It reads: "Hate is not a Laramie value.". Barbara is a member of the Tectonic Theater Project who went to Laramie and conducted some interviews. He chastises him for being without remorse. There is another medical update. Key Concepts: Terms in this set (35) Sherry Aanenson . He witnessed Matt Shepard leaving with Russell Henderson and Aaron McKinney on the night of the murder. 270, No. She states that she likes the fact that her students are such "free thinkers," unlike other students she has had. fence and called an ambulance. During a somewhat aimless bike ride, Aaron found, Catherine is a Laramie resident and a faculty member at the University of Wyoming.

If the victim had been a policeman, would the newspapers have shown the same interest? She tried to help Matt and get him off the fence and in the process she came into contact with his blood. Laramie's attitude towards gay people, says another, "is live and let live."

Andy is a member of the Tectonic Theater Project who went to Laramie and who conducted some interviews. Conrad is a Laramie resident interviewed by the theater company. She found Russell to be "so sweet." Act 2 begins with an account of how the media arrived in Laramie after the news story about Shepard was released. The scene changes to that of the Fireside Bar, the last place that Shepard was seen alive. When it was later revealed that Matt was HIV positive, Reggie began to be treated for HIV but in the end her results came back negative.

He helps try to save Matt Shepard's life. INTRODUCTION Harry is an older man who lives in the heart of Laramie.

For example, several townspeople offer background information about what life, under normal circumstances, is like in Wyoming.

What about crimes against people of a different sexual orientation? Remnants of this old culture can still be seen at places like Medicine Wheel, outside of Lovell. To show mercy to someone who refused to show any mercy. Laramie, named for the trapper Jacques LaRamee, was first established by the confluence of a small settlement building around a military fort (Fort Buford) and a later need by the railroad, which was being built across the West, for a place to maintain the trains. He used to love Laramie, but after Matt Shepard's death, he's afraid that everyone in the world will look at Laramie as another Waco—a place of a violent crime. It is structured as if it were a documentary as it attempts to re-enact the events that occurred on that fateful night.

Hing felt that the media was stupid because they could not turn around and see the beauty of the land. In 1869, Wyoming was the first government in the world to give the right to vote to women. use of these contrasting visions, the results pull the audience into the play.

He is the chief investigator of Matt Shepard's murder. Aaron was a man born and raised in Laramie and he was known as being a troublemaker. Elizabeth Pochoda, for the Nation had similar comments.

Some of the people in the play represent the extreme edges of prejudice, such as the Reverend Fred Phelps, who believes so deeply that homosexuality is wrong that he preaches that God, himself, has hate. believes that people in the community challenged her right to wear it. ", On the other side of the issue, Ed Kaufman, writing for the Hollywood Reporter, found the play to be "a stunning and thought-provoking piece of theater." He is put on trial and found guilty. These were interspersed throughout the play and provided the audience with a more focused look at specific parts of the drama.

Zubaida is a student from Laramie who defines herself as a Muslim feminist. Aaron then called the police and tried to help Matt by giving him CPR until help came. Hing speaks about the area where Shepard was beaten as being a beautiful place. Interspersed between various interviews are medical updates on the physical condition of Shepard, who had fallen into a coma.

It may just drive it underground to fester in uglier forms. He could easily claim that he is only re-iterating the statements of the people he interviewed.

But by the end of the nineteenth century, two more additions to the town—the University of Wyoming and the The Laramie Project study guide contains a biography of Moises Kaufman, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. Catherine attended, Doc O’Connor is a limousine driver in Laramie who was a friend of, Dr. Cantway is an emergency room doctor in Laramie who treats both, Jonas Slonaker is a Laramie resident and an openly gay man.

He offers some history of the place. He is married to Eileen Engen. In the next section there is a discussion about McKinney and Henderson.

She is the first, a member of Tectonic Theater Project who traveled to Laramie to conduct interviews. Anonymous is a friend of the perpetrator Aaron McKinney. Shannon is a woman who is interviewed at the Fireside Bar. It is in this way that the audience—which at first was being lulled into believing in an idyllic environment and is shown a virtual-Wyoming, where everyone is happy and where the "live and let live" attitude of the state's residents allows a seemingly unusual sense of freedom—is suddenly (and quite subtly) reminded that something dreadful is lurking in the background. Wyoming Territorial Prison, provided economic stability. Dubois describes how safe he feels living in Wyoming. This was a real event, and the interviews were given by real citizens of Laramie, where the murder occurred. She talks about how difficult she found it to wear a scarf, a symbol of her religion's prescribed modesty. She was very worried about the possibility of Reggie contacting AIDS from Matt Shepard after Reggie administered medical services to him.

He is extremely anti-gay and comes to the funeral with a group of people to protest.

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