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[5] He fights Hollywood, an alternate version of Wonder Man, and is easily defeated. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Before he could kill Rocket, Nebula intervened, pointing out there was more profit in delivering them alive, and that she wanted a cut of the take.

Taserface led a mutiny against his captain when Yondu wanted to double-cross High Priestess Ayesha of the Sovereign when she hired Yondu's clan to capture the Guardians of the Galaxy. He was also oblivious to the fact that most other people found his alias "Taserface" ridiculous. Now going by the name Nameless One, his hatred for the Guardians grew. Taserface quickly woke up and realized that Udonta had retrieved his Yaka Arrow Controller. Taserface watched as Stakar Ogord reminded Udonta of the reasons behind his and his clan's exile. He also has the ability to absorb energy and redirect it. When Udonta decided to just take the batteries instead of bringing in Rocket, Taserface turned on Udonta, saying he has gone soft. Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. The Ravagers then turned on each other and were about to engage in a fight when Nebula shot Udonta in the head, destroying his Yaka Arrow Controller and knocking him out.[1]. [3] After his defeat he was tortured by his species and had his name taken from him. Udonta took the job. Meanwhile, Taserface was sitting with Retch and Kraglin Obfonteri, discussing that Udonta was becoming soft and began planning a mutiny against him. One day, a cache of armor and technology created by Tony Stark wound up on their planet. Chris Sullivan appeared as Taserface in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.

In 2014, following Yondu Udonta's exile established by Stakar Ogord, Taserface led a mutiny against Udonta, claiming he was not a suitable Ravager captain. Valentino stated that his son Aaron Valentino, who was five years old at the time, came up with the name. He quickly warned the Ravagers and ordered them to find and kill Udonta and the Guardians of the Galaxy. He is the lieutenant of Yondu's faction of the Ravagers. When Rocket heard Taserface's name, he broke out laughing, telling him how ridiculous his name is, causing even Gef and the other Ravagers to mock him. Gunn later changed his mind, and when crafting this character, felt that Taserface had named himself. He returns with the name Overkill after being transformed into a cyborg. [9][10] After officially being assigned to direct Guardians of the Galaxy and considering Taserface to be "the dumbest character of all time," Gunn jokingly posted a photo of him on his social media.

Dans les comics, Taserface est un guerrier membre des Starks, une espèce qui a évoluée grâce aux technologies de Tony Stark, et qui perdit finalement son rang et … Before the ship explodes, Taserface contacts the female Sovereign representative to give the coordinates of Yondu's escape ship. I translated this into conceptualizing various things he might wear or add onto his Ravager jumpsuit — things that he thinks are badass or interesting. He then grinned at a security camera while snarling that Udonta had missed when he sees that the arrow had struck a large pile of flammable materials, causing a explosion. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Jim thought the name was "kind of lame...but no worse than Pruneface, Clayface, Two-face or any other character with the word face as part of their name."[1][2]. Taserface was a Ravager mercenary and a lieutenant in the Yondu Ravager Clan. He was deployed to the planet Courg to keep an eye on it and ended up fighting the Guardians of the Galaxy. Taserface was a member of Yondu Udonta's clan of Ravagers. Taserface put all three of them into a cell where he told Udonta he deserved everything that is happening to him as he broke the Ravager code.[1]. When they made their escape, Taserface was killed but not before he had tipped off the Sovereign, culminating in the Battle on Ego's Planet during which Udonta lost his life. The heroes eject from the main ship, leaving Taserface to die. Taserface wasn't killed by the Arrow directly, but by an explosion when the Arrow struck the ship's fuel supply. After the mutiny, Taserface makes it clear to Udonta that he had been coveting the power of captainhood for some time. In Taserface's words; "he did what needed to be done.". [1], Taserface was among the more vicious Ravagers, a greedy and heartless pirate personified. When they made their escape, Taserface was killed but not before he had tipped of… Taserface can only resignedly groan in defeat as he listened to the Sovereign laughing at his name just before an explosion breaks out, and destroys the lower half of the Eclector, killing Taserface. Taserface was sleeping in Yondu Udonta's quarters when Come a Little Bit Closer, playing from Peter Quill's Walkman, started blaring through the loudspeakers.

Nebula convinced Taserface to spare Yondu and the Guardians Rocket and Groot so they could collect the bounties on their heads. [1], The Ravagers managed to track down the Milano to Berhert. When he told them his name, however, the Sovereign just broke out laughing. 2, "Star-Lord's Father Revealed ... James Gunn Explains in Detail", "James Gunn Reveals Why Taserface Is In Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. Taserface is an advance scout for the Stark and came from a planet inhabited by primitive beings. In return, Taserface wishes to be known as the one who caused Yondu's defeat. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. He also has a vast array of weapons at his disposal including repulsor rays, sensors and tasers. While Taserfac… [13], Lego Marvel Super Heroes - Guardians of the Galaxy: The Thanos Threat, https://www.newsarama.com/19894-revisiting-jim-valentinos-original-guardians-of-the-galaxy.html, "Marvel just released an extremely intriguing cast list for Disney+'s animated What If…? As Taserface was walking through the Eclector's halls, he ducked as Udonta's Yaka Arrow whizzed past him. He believes highly in the Ravager code, overthrowing Udonta for "going soft". Feeling that Yondu is "going soft", he leads a mutiny against him which involves tossing those who are still loyal to him out the airlock. While Taserface and the Ravagers slept, Kraglin (a mutineer who thought Taserface took things too far) helped Yondu and the Guardians escape their confinement. After Rocket Raccoon managed to take down many of the Ravagers with his booby traps, Yondu Udonta got the upper hand on him with his Yaka Arrow. "[11] Taserface is depicted as being proud of his name as he believes it strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies. Chris Sullivan appears as Taserface in the film Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Characters, This Is Us star Chris Sullivan on his unrecognizable Guardians 2 role, https://marvelcinematicuniverse.fandom.com/wiki/Taserface?oldid=1238241, In the comics, Taserface is a warrior member of the.

Taserface first appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy #1 (June 1990), drawn and written by Jim Valentino. He originally followed Yondu Udonta because he respected that Udonta was a powerful killer and thief. 2. Any Ravager members that had sided with Udonta, including Tullk and Oblo, were executed by being released into space. Taserface was a hot-headed, blusterous Ravager, and it were these qualities that led him to mutiny against Yondu. After Kraglin aids Yondu, Rocket, and Groot in escaping from their prison cells, Yondu kills off all of his former Ravager comrades that sided with Taserface and blows up the main engine severely burning Taserface. He later clarified that he would never feature the character in a film. Nebula convinced Taserface to spare Yondu and the Guardians Rocket and Groot so they could collect the bounties on their heads. Taserface led a mutiny against his captain when Yondu wanted to double-cross High Priestess Ayesha of the Sovereign when she hired Yondu's clan to capture the Guardians of the Galaxy. As Udonta loses the support of the other Ravenger factions and turned down great rewards to protect his adopted son, Peter Quill, Taserface not only loses faith in his captain but sees him as a weakling to be overthrown. Right as Stakar left, Ayesha arrived to hire Udonta and his faction to hunt down the Guardians of the Galaxy who had stolen Anulax Batteries from them. To unlock him, the player must complete his mission on Xandar. Taserface, allying with Nebula had the Ravagers loyal to Udonta executed, and imprisoned Udonta, Kraglin Obfonteri and Guardians Rocket Raccoon and Groot in the brig of the Eclector. However Rocket, and the rest of the Ravagers, scoff at the ridiculousness of his name.

Yondu attached a prototype fin to his head, and used the Yaka Arrow to kill the mutinous Ravagers. Taserface sent the coordinates of Yondu's ship to the Sovereign before he and the ship blew up.[1].

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