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“The character’s flaw will shape every other aspect of your book. Self-Editing For Fiction Writers, 2nd Edition, Revision and Self-Editing for Publication, Three Dirty Birds Talk about Plotting (Again! I need a road map and directions. This craft book is clear, concise, and eye-opening. What we need to do is get you up that learning curve, faster than just learning by doing or reading the manual. So, are we ready to dive into the Story Core in our next discussion?

This template was created with the assistance of Stuart Norfolk.

Actually filling in the headings, though, I found considerably more difficult.

Otherwise, the program won’t recognize the template has been installed. You can find and learn how to use Scrivener templates we've reviewed by clicking the button below. ( Log Out /  Finally,  you adjust the mirrors so you can see perfectly. I think it will work for many writers. We call him Kevin. In some stories it’s okay–you know he has to save the cat, and you know he has to fail at least once, and it’s kind of a game to guess which character that’s important to him will be only threatened and which one will die–but it shouldn’t be the modus operandi. I can hardly wait to look this over and learn from you. ), Posted in Three Dirty Birds Talk, Uncategorized, Tagged Libbie Hawker, OMGitmightjustwork, outlining, Take Off Your Pants!, writing advice.

I offer my crude templates below. A, N, and T. Oh, and I. Just say “Alexa, open NSPCC” on your Alexa app or Echo device and start talking PANTS today. Kate: One thing I figured out right away, and haven’t had time to go back and apply my new knowledge, is that you have to use this book either with notecards or a computer–you can’t just pull out a sheet of looseleaf and go to town. Interesting, weird little tidbits. We recommend reading the book to make full use of this method. And, we’ve gotten off track again. Time will tell if it’ll work, but I have already begun to implement the advice here and will let you know in a future post if it’s been successful.

As a typical pantster, I bought this book in the hope that it would help organise my planning - or rather lack of. I love my Kindle for reading...for reference it's harder. Here’s what you’ll find in MG Herron’s No Nonsense Novel Template for Scrivener (can also be used for short stories): Click here to download MG Herron’s No Nonsense Novel Template for Scrivener. Kate: That’s how this book handles it. Collect. Zoe: (True story: I only wound up buying this book because I wanted to see if it was going to piss Kate off. Thanks Benedict Patrick for the recommendation! This weekend, I sat down and fleshed out a lovely plot for a story to please The Editor in Question. Click OK, to save your template as a .scrivtemplate file. Matt Herron is the author of Scrivener Superpowers: How to Use Cutting-Edge Software to Energize Your Creative Writing Practice.

However, my current work in progress clearly needs a structure so that the copious research ahead has a place to go. Kate: One of those cults. I had so many duh moments, and took tons of notes. I'm not sure, however, that it wouldn't be a crutch for an inexperienced writer to turn out a mediocre book. This book got more difficult to follow once she was beyond the plotting stage and headed into what she referred to as “Pacing”. But I can’t start until I get Ride the Devil first-drafted and Dead to the World revised. It’s a unifying force that keeps a story feeling coherent. My usual method of writing is reasserting itself. This plan is based on the method described by Libbie Hawker in ‘Take Off Your Pants!

The only reason this is not rated 5 starts, it it's so darn hard to go back and forth on a Kindle. There’s something about Ds, though… isn’t there? She loves to write about character and place, and is inspired by the bleak natural beauty of the Rocky Mountain region and by the fascina. And I don’t mean it all has to be consciously, but that the act of putting the outline together accesses subconscious planning that you weren’t aware you were doing.

Your character should fail here. But I think my next read will be Super Structure by James Scott Bell.

Get 20-25% off Scrivener with CODES I VERIFY. It’s definitely designed to be flexible, and for you to move stuff around, add and subtract, etc. Make sure every element relates to the Story Core you have already described. So now I have to replot, or rewrite, to try out the new idea. Random name generator, clicked through until I found something that I liked.

There’s some parts that are very obviously only for screenwriters, but a lot of it crosses over. Transcribe an interview.

Instead, they’re forced into round after round of sex with other people. He has a degree in English Literature, a dog named Elsa, and an adrenaline addiction sated by rock climbing and travel. You're locked and loaded and ready for the most exquisite ride of your life.​ And it is the smoothest and most spectacular ride you've ever owned. Take Off Your Pants! Thanks for the template. Your character will resist change and put off confronting his flaw as he reaches for his external goal. Don’t be afraid to modify my template to fit your own style and process. And I will totally keep using that part. As background, though, it works excellently.

Help! Most of them good, too. Why couldn't I just create a Scrivener template as a preformatted-with-all-my-settings .scriv file to open and then Save As whenever I wanted to start a new novel? over at Zoe’s blog. I took it with me on a writers' retreat and found it useful in so much as it guides you through a method of plotting that leaves the story flexible enough for the writer to change things as they go along.This suited me fine as I've always found it difficult to write if I know how the story ends. The generators save me from myself, and keep my world from being populated with D- and R-names.). You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. Description (A description of the template. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Got me thinking about my story from a new perspective and stop obsessing over plot. Having now read it and done three outlines and gotten back to work on my WIP, my thoughts on that claim are “yes” and “maybe.” I can see myself taking less time in rewrites because I’ll have fewer story problems to fix, but I’m not sure that I’ll first-draft any faster. Hmmmm). ), (Zoe: Oh yes. Kate: I have a flying toy pig at work. Considering your central character’s external goal should reveal the antagonist to you.

But it’s good to see that these are things that I need to do. Hawker's optimistic and relentlessly positive approach was just what I needed today (note to self: what do you expect if you keep reading depressing books?).

Take Off Your Pants! Maybe it doesn’t work for romance? ufabizphoto. She needs to write a sequel. My favorite gives me a first and last name, saving me so much headache. You can come back to this section and improve the plan over time. As a typical pantster, I bought this book in the hope that it would help organise my planning - or rather lack of.

Zoe: Speaking of ANT…we’re up to the Antagonist section in Take Off Your Pants now, aren’t we?

Are the cover and toc front matter, if so, how do I set them up? Scrivener character templates: documents with an outline of a character's traits in them. You spend about ten to fifteen minutes setting up the radio stations, adjusting your luxury leather seat just the way you like it. The best part about it, is that this model is so awesome it has a button that saves all of that preset information. What can you do to show your character’s flaw again? I got 2K on my firefighter and paramedic story, which does not have an outline. Zoe: Could it be that you need two outlines, one for the non-romantic plot and one for the romantic one? It might be an outlook on the world or a behaviour you’re trying to explore. … I wish I could say the same for Ride the Devil, but for the past four days I’ve been avoiding touching that one. So smart, right? I am going to reference this book with all my future writing.

I feel like I have real direction and that my WIP will be better served by thinking through the details so thoroughly.

Now, if he could write them, I don’t know, but I often have times where I’m sitting in front of an outline and just go ‘uh…. So the types of templates are limitless. I really got into doing three outlines for the main characters in Dead to the World. He’s blunt, and a lot of what he says makes perfect sense. August 2015 Challenge — Cute Bedtime Story. Those preset “buttons” that remember everything about your writing environment? Refresh and try again. I already purchased for Mac but now use Windows. It's a decent guide to outlining and plotting stories, albeit quite short. The end of your story might be the opposite of the flaw, or the flaw mastered. has some great tips I'm definitely going to implement in my outlines, and I found it to be a quick but insightful read I'll be able to reference again and again. Talk PANTS with Amazon Alexa. Zoe: This is a good example of how the spirit of Libbie’s book is valuable, and she’s got a great way of explaining things…but when you get to the nuts and bolts of your own story, you may not actually use everything in Pants. Zoe: Yes, but if you have a non-romantic external goal and a romance goal…I think they’re both still external goals, so they don’t fit into one outline (necessarily) as well as the standard external/internal, which can be more tightly intertwined (you have to overcome the internal to achieve the external). Collect. But until then, it’s all the poor computer can do to keep Scrivener open. If it’s just a shambling mess, people can’t get into it.

And of course as Libbie says in the book some of the plot headings happen in the same scene, or in a different order than she lists, and I try to stay cognizant of that flexibility. When I wrote and published "Annabelle," this was strictly writing by the seat of my pants. Like any how-to writing book, it's about finding what works for you, and I've picked up a couple things that should fit right into my toolbox. (which seems weirdly appropriate for people who all write erotic romance). Probably won’t write Koreans. http://libbiehawker.com/take-off-your-pants/. I can’t wait to get free and start a new one from scratch. by Libbie Hawker. Useful book in terms of making you think more carefully about the construction of your book with two caveats: Where I got the book: purchased on Kindle. Cheers. I need to finish it, after I clear the decks of some of the day job stuff.

We’d love your help. Kate: It could be a writer’s game. ( Log Out /  Kate: If any book is going to do it, it might just be this one. In this section of the plan you will define the plot in your book. Thanks. I had so many duh moments, and took tons of notes. Zoe: I wish I’d had this book two years ago. I can certainly see the point of having an outline, or a serious plan, when you start writing. Zoe: Yes!

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