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Deciduous shrub with arching branches, 3–6′ tall. The trunk is initially unbranched and covered in large spines up to 6″ long. Z7b5  ~  6″+ plants 1 year old $12.50 each or 2 for $22, Vallea stipularis ‘Venezuela’“Chicllumay”, Elaeocarpaceae. Densely branched evergreen shrub to 6’+. Payment (cash, check, money order or Western Union) will need to be sent promptly on Thursday, August 20.

Sparsely distributed from Mexico to Argentina. 1/2” round black fruit.

Specimen Plant Mini-Auction– We were going to hold another mini-auction in September but smoke from the numerous wildfires severely limited any work with the nursery all month. Running a complex nursery such as ours means that we must track and plan our propagation anywhere from 1 to 5+ years out. Grow like other dry forest or succulent trees. 2 ~ 2″+ plants 5 years old $18.50 each, Erythrina flabelliformis ‘Skeleton Canyon’ “Chilicote” Colorin”, Fabaceae.

Tubular white flowers and oblong edible fruits. Looks distinct from the T. pachanoi of Peru/Ecuador, though local botanists refer to it as T. pachanoi. The green fruit are cooked as a vegetable. Axillary clusters of small yellow-green scented flowers and 1/2″+ pink-red to purple edible fruit with a sweet-tart flavor. Z9b6  ~  4–8″+ plant 3 years old $12.50 each or 3 for $301  ~  24″ plant with one 12″ side branch 8 years old (scarring on lower stems) $36.50**SOLD, Unusual tree like cactus up to 20′ tall.

Here’s a link to the otherworldly images from the Microcosm project we contributed plant material to: An important terms of business note to all our customers:In order to be in line with our mission to support the preservation of botanical biodiversity, following the lead of J.L. Prefers a well draining soil and full sun.

Does well as a houseplant but needs regular pruning. Often occurs as an epiphyte, wet tropical forests and cloudforests of Costa Rica, Panama and Columbia up to 9000′.

You may inquire the approximate shipping cost by emailing us your zipcode.California residents add 7.25% sales tax. A fully descriptive list. Box 781, Sebastopol, CA 95473 USA, Small deciduous caudiciform tree from Africa. Z10a3  ~  12-16″+ treelets 2-3 years old $22.50 each, Elaeocarpaceae. Z8a/b 1  ~  8″+ Plant with 10+ heads 7+ years old $42.50, Puya raimondii “Cuncush” “Titanca” “Machukawara”, The giant queen of bromeliads, forms single or occasionally branched trunks with rosettes of slender serrated leaves to 10’+ across. Bottle shaped, caudex like trunk to 20″+ diameter. Slightly pubescent leaves and small white to rose flowers. Bright red/orange lily-like flowers. Large hemispherical gray caudex to several feet across. A small patch of forest 3 km from Kewina Casa, 11,500′, Bolivia. Z9b/10a 1 ~ 6″ plant $38.50, Epiphytic shrub with liana-like branches 4–10’ long. No two alike!

Pleated linear leaves, flower stalk to 2′. Protect plants from freezing when young. To receive our periodic (every 4-6 weeks) emails listing new plants & seeds, specials, news from our gardens, greenhouses & travels sign up at – Cloudforests of Panama. Sun to part shade. A highly versatile plant, fixes nitrogen in the soil.

My favorite place to get succulents is The Succulent Source. Therefore, for the time being, we are limiting the number of new orders we can take for the next few months. Can be bonsaid. Highly ornamental and in need of wider cultivation, small plants prefer filtered light. Z9b/10a? Second and last offering of this open pollinated hybrid. First introduction.

Traditionally used as a diuretic for kidney and urinary problems. The leaves are utilized with ichu grass as roof thatching, the trunks are made into seats.

Sacred Succulents Mini Plant Auction Fundraiser(Plants are available to US customers only). The flavor of the fruit is excellent when still pale yellow but becomes insipid upon turning a dark yellow/orange. Red to orange or yellow seeds. There’s reports of the bulbs being edible and tasty.

Rooted cuts from several clones. It is a viable means of quickly producing mature specimens for seed production and vegetative propagation. The sap is intensely aromatic. Dark green, ovate-oblong cordate leaves. Resprouts from roots after a hard frost. The last of these seed grown beauties we have, longish spines 3/4-1″+.1 ~ 6″+ plant 7 years old $26.501 ~ 11″+ plant 7 years old $44.50*, Trichocereus pasacana BK151014.1 “Pasacana” “Cardon Santos”, Massive tree like species. The plant is rich in toxic alkaloids and was used medicinally throughout its range for everything from rheumatism to digestive aid and general tonic to rat and fish poison. We have not been able to even touch the nursery renovations we had needed to complete this spring, we’ve not had the time to update the catalog, RPList, describe new offerings or tend to numerous research & writing projects here.
New growth bronze. The leaves turn a rich yellow and defoliate in Autumn. 0.762 seconds. Z9a2  ~  5–6″+ cuttings $22.50 each, Robust upright blue-green stems to 3–6” diameter. Though the berries are a little smaller, it fruits more heavily and consistently for us than others we’ve grown. Small simple leaves, aromatic if crushed.

After the delicious lunch and lots of laughs, we got our hands dirty with our succulent gardens. Z9b?

These 2 in. One of the parent of the ‘Babaco’ hybrid cultivars grown throughout South America. Another unidentified species new to cultivation. $9.50 each. $19.50, Solanaceae. Deep green, oak-like, edible leaves.

Northern Australia. Obovate leaves and tiny red flowers. New growth is deep red. Epiphytic in the evergreen forests of Yunnan, China up to 9000′. Z9b?2  ~  Plants 2 year old $16.50 each, Lycium andersonii  “Desert Goji/Wolfberry”, Solanaceae. Upright shrub to 3’+. Numerous small white and golden yellow spines obscure the body of the plant and give it an angelic fuzzy look (for those of you who prefer your angels fuzzy!) Tree 20–40+’ with oval leaves and festooned in hundreds of 1” bell flowers, pale lavender to dark purple with cream colored veination. The inner petals have a furry stripe edged with white and metallic blue. Focuses mainly on Cactaceae but coverage is given to Euphorbiaceae, Apocynaceae and other succulent families. Rounded smooth ribs, relatively small spines.

Sonoma county residents 8%.Sacred Succulents, P.O.

Small white-gray spines clothe the 7+ ribs.

Summer dormant. Candelabra stems to 10″+ diameter with a beautiful glaucus blue skin. Triangular cordate leaves.

4″ seed pods. Z9a/b 2 ~ 5″+ plants 1–2 years old $16.50 each, Solanaceae. New spines are yellow turning gray with age. Rooted cuttings. Z9b/10a2  ~  Plants 2 year old $14.50 each, Perennial caudiciform roots, annual vine to 6’+. )Email us ( ) with “SS auction” in the subject header.

We will get back to you. Mail order only! We searched where Ritter first described the plant at Chujllas, and along the Rio Mizque, adjacent valleys and slopes, but never found a single wild plant, only herds of feral goats. This drawing occurs at Paracas Bay in southern Peru where B. candelaris grows. Z9a Trichocereus pachanoi f. cristata cl. Endemic to Cajamarca, Peru between 9600–10500’. Bidding process is the same as last auction & simplified from early auctions. Arrange succulents in pan before planting to ensure placement you are happy with. Looks like typical robust “wild” T. pachanoi as seen in Ecuador and northern Peru but without clear providence we’ll leave it as ‘sp’. Seed from Baja.

Small white flower spikes.
Seed from Skeleton Canyon, Hidalgo Co., NM.

Lime green leaves with a windowed upper surface. Common clone around Cochabamba City, Bolivia. We are in the slow laborious process of updating it and do not currently have a functional hardcopy to mail. Seed collected by ethnobotanist N. Logan near Cuenca, Ecuador.

Greetings!A small family run business, Sacred Succulents was founded in 1997, borne from our love of plants and a calling to the sacred duty of their conservation through propagation, dissemination and education. **Plants marked with double asterisk are extra large and/or heavy. Surely one of the more attractive San Pedros. Epiphytic in the evergreen cloudforests of SE Yunnan, China and NE India, up to 7000’. Rose-red/pink tubular flowers with green tips, edible berries. Often planted as a wind break.

Purple edible berries. Edibles, Medicinals, etc.Unless noted otherwise only 1 plant of each listing is available! Smooth blue-green stems with 2–4 indistinct ribs.

Bean-like red seeds. Massive flower stalks like a floral rocket ship with as many as 10,000+ white blooms! Trichocereus aff.

Pale yellow-green tubular flowers to 1.5″. Lime-green, coriaceaus, lanceolate leaves, lightly pilose.

Looks strangely like an arborescent belladonna! Rooted cutting from seed grown plant (clone A). Z7/8?3  ~  5-9″ treelets 1+ year old $22.50 each, A beautiful “Blackwood” species. #1) 1 ~  25″+ cutting $56.50**SOLD, Trichocereus pallarensis X Trichocereus bridgesii, Diverse hybrid that varies from short to long slender spines. We’ve grown this odd species for some time but have never offered it before until now. Shiny dark green ovate leaves, densely arranged along the stems and deeply cordate. Towards the end of the auction can get hectic and we may not be able to notify you in a timely manner if you’ve been outbid during this last phase–we recommend checking the website periodically to see the current high bids.The auction closes 6:30 pm PST Wednesday, August 19. By the look of the spination we suspect T. taquimbalensis or one of it’s close kin may be the dead beat dad. 2 ~ Plants $18.50 each Sold, Betula utilis CC5763 “Bhojapatra” “Himalayan Birch”, Betulaceae. One of the more tropical species from the wet forests of Panama, Columbia and Ecuador. Due to the pandemic there are no nursery tours or picking up orders for the foreseeable future. Ginger-like perennial monocot to 6′.

The Pros . The balsamy scent of the crushed leaves is considered calming and they are chewed for oral hygiene.

New growth is pink to bright red.

Thick, almost pachycaul stems topped with leathery cordate leaves coated with whitish hairs. Z9a 1  ~  6″ plant 4 years old $24.50, Thin fans of cristate growth eventually convolute into coral or brain-like clusters., Medicinals, Edibles, & Other Plants of Interest. (Orders can be combined with other items and plants) USA customers only.

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