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Truly monumental. And Kim's guitar never sounded more solid and refined, with near perfect punches in every song. “We pick up on those things.”, A minute later, Corgan, still probing, finally finds the key to Thayil’s heart: “I hate how in magazine pictures, they always stick me somewhere in the back.”, Thayil explodes: “What do you mean? I pushed myself to the point of exhaustion constantly. This here is the full frame used for the album cover for Superunknown.

“Rare!” Thayil exclaims. News Soundgarden Celebrate 35 Years With ‘Superunknown’ Reissue, Vinyl Bundle. One of the best albums of 90's. Dammit I like clear vinyl but I don't have $245 to blow on this.. RIP Chris. This here is the full frame used for the album cover for SUPERUNKNOWN. Radical Revolution (80’s Tribute Band) Ants in the Kitchen (Funk/Soul/Classic Rock) Dancehall Days (All Genre Dance Band) My Happy Pill (Party Dance Band) Red Light Romeos (Yacht Rock Band) Receive news and offers from our other brands? Maybe it's overlong (thanks again, compact disc), but there is not a single bad song (save maybe the vinyl bonus track, I always lift the needle after Like Suicide). Superunknown represents the indisputable peak of this research, thanks to its capability to regenerate an era that seemed evaporated away. Engineered and mixed at Bad Animals Studio, Seattle, WA., except '4th Of July' mixed at Electric Lady, NY.

Some have said that the cover of the record is like a “screaming elf” with his hands in the air – but the “elf” is late frontman Chris Cornell who is flanked by bandmates Ben Shepherd and Kim Thayil. “My mom’s been going around saying how proud she is of me,” Thayil says, “but she also talks about the good genes she supposes I hate and what my excellent musical upbringing did for me. Label: A&M Records - 31454 0198 2,A&M Records - 31454 0198-2 • Format: CD Album • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Alternative Rock Looking back I suppose my level of trust in the business at this stage was fairly high. Good Times. Check your email. The pinnacle of this Seattle quartet's commercial success, it debuted at #1. You sell a lot of records. We rock without the long, pointless sections that go nowhere, the stupid guitar solos, the lipstick, and the codpieces. Not my choice. Seattle sludge slingers Soundgarden made a living out of cathartic, woe-is-me wailing (we're talking the banshee vocals of Chris Cornell and the crypt-creaking guitar of Kim Thayil), but this wallowing in grim depression ironically proved to be the band's most uplifting career effort. He decided I looked like a person who needed a drink, and he handed me a long-neck. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 2014 Vinyl release of Superunknown on Discogs. Ambassador of Good Times. © I know you studies to be a concert pianist at the Royal Academy of Music, I know you were a music teacher for 20 years, but I got my musical education from locking myself in my room as a teenager and listening to Kiss.”, “I listened to all that rock crap in high school,” he says, fishing a cigarette butt (not his) from the ground and looking for a place to throw it away, “but I always hated Led Zeppelin–too pretentious–and Black Sabbath had really cool riffs, but they stretched them out in really stupid ways. Not my choice. The first time I ran into Thayil was at a club called the Off Ramp in Seattle a couple of years ago, just after L7 played a set that had grunge kids hailing off the stage like little Superballs. How Rage Against The Machine sparked a revolution – in the new issue of Hammer! To the point where I would think of the atmosphere to create and the technical ability needed to achieve the vision and then we just go for it with the blessings of all the moneymen. We don’t have the attitude that people seem to think we have, the sexist posing, the drugs.”, “But Superunknown is a very stoner-friendly record,” says Cornell, “which is funny, because none of us really do drugs. Sorry, Mom. It was all about the end result and as my confidence during all those prime years was never an issue, there were also never any moments where I took my foot off the throttle. There’s always an added bit of luck and happenstance thrown in as well. If there were no nerves before a big shoot like this one with Soundgarden, then you’re walking dead. “This is the record store where Kim might be hanging out if he weren’t in Sydney,” she might say. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. “I’m think of making my next album really new wave,” Corgan says, “like ’83-’84 new wave, not like Berlin. “While constructing the idea, I never expected this to somehow ever equate with the fantastic range of musical ideas created on the album. Drummer Matt Cameron is checking out wombats at the Sydney Zoo; bassist Ben Shepherd is inside recovering from jet lag; singer Chris Cornell is out on the beach roasting to the raspberry-sherbet rue he will wear for the next week. There have been many discussions concerning visual philosophy and theory as to what makes something work and why the opposite holds true.

I have been listening to this record with an intensity bordering on obsession; it redefines an entire genre of rock for the better.”, “If anybody is going around saying that Soundgarden is any less important than any other band in this town, tell him that Jonathan Poneman is going to kick his ass.”, Everybody pretty much knows the basic history of Soundgarden by now, that Thayil went to high school outside Chicago with Sub Pop founder Bruce Pavitt and original Soundgarden bassist Hiro Yamamoto; that Pavitt and Yamamato drifted to the groovadelic Washington alternative college Evergreen State, and that Thayil, finding no jobs in Olympia, drifted north to the University of Washington; that Thayil and Yamamoto and Chris Cornell formed Soundgarden as a power trio with Cornell both drumming and singing; that Matt Cameron came aboard as a drummer in ’86, and Ben Shepherd took over from Yamamoto and temp-guy Jason Everman as bassist near the beginning of ’90. The level of consultation and planning was also minimal, as you never wanted to let them see you sweat. Anyways, the whole album really shines and changes moods throughout the whole thing. Sort of...⁣ A couple of days and a harrowing plane flight later, the band makes it to a resort town called Surfer’s Paradise, which is more or less the Miami Beach of Australia, a skinny coastal town about an hour south of Brisbane, pounded by waves and plagued with jellyfish, crowded with high-rise hotels popular with Japanese honeymooners. Not my choice. Forget it. The other thing you should know about Soundgarden is that, despite their manly demeanor, they’re about the farthest thing from a party band you’ll find, though they do like to eat. There was no real plan on the day of the album shoot for SUPERUNKNOWN. Also, where did the name ‘Screaming Elf’ ever come from? Mastered at A&M Mastering Studios, Hollywood, CA. If I would be able to cry when hearing a record, I would have. Most times with every musician, no matter which style of music I was working around the world, there would rarely be a plan. Badmotorfinger, Soundgarden’s last record, eked its way to platinum. Forget it. I knew the stakes were high for this band that I loved so much. Upon its release in March 1994, Superunknown debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 album chart, and eventually closed the year as the 13th best-selling album of 1994, with 2.5 million copies sold. RIP, Chris. It was all about the end result and as my confidence during all those prime years was never an issue, there were also never any moments where I took my foot off the throttle. Looking back I suppose my level of trust in the business at this stage was fairly high.

BA1 1UA. “Here’s to Geddy Lee,” he said. In the lobby bar of one of the tallest hotels, Cornell and Thayil are settling back with a couple of beers when Billy Corgan from Smashing Pumpkins wanders through, and decides to join them for a strawberry margarita. To the point where I would think of the atmosphere to create and the technical ability needed to achieve the vision and then we just go for it with the blessings of all the moneymen. Also, where did the name ‘Screaming Elf’ ever come from? Cornell has strong features: a chiseled chin, full lips, a nose that is small but strongly set, searching eyes, and a very expressive face.

Read SPIN’s coverage of Cornell throughout the past 25 years here. The most instantly recognizable image from Soundgarden’s Superunknown era beside those obscenely stretched faces is, of course, the album cover. Matt Cameron is a little astounded. Please refresh the page and try again. He continues: “I pushed myself to the point of exhaustion constantly. On a song like “Behind the Wheel” from Ultramega OK, which showcases the power and range of Cornell’s voice the way some Rossini aria might the voice of Metropolitan Opera soprano Dawn Upshaw (who was Thayil’s fourth grade girlfriend), you wait for the high C, you want it, you need the high note as badly as you need more oxygen in a crowded mosh pit. Also, as someone who was born in Seattle but had by then immigrated to the UK, it was even more important. The band troops up to Cameron’s restaurant for some real Australian food, and plenty of Australian beer. Here’s where they played their first show.”. Corgan chatters about the pain of his life, the supposed incompetence of his band (everybody rolls their eyes), the lifesaving virtues of Jungian therapy, bands that suck. We did a show in Olympia right before Badmotorfinger came out, and people there were starting the riot grrrl Kill Rock Stars label at that point, and there were T-shirts, and they were great. Through the rear window’s venetian blinds on the motor home that serves as Soundgarden’s dressing room, you can see into the next trailer.

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