song up against the wall


Jerry Jeff Walker Up Against The Wall Redneck Mother - YouTube Slipping into slow-mo. Don't let this concern you We've all been down this road before [Chorus] You hear it only (Can't be broken down)

I know, I know, I know Like I'm supposed to The poem had appeared in The New York Times in 1968 and Mark Rudd, an organizer for Columbia University's Students for a Democratic Society, provocatively quoted the line in an open letter to the university president.

When asked if we should stay or go I'd hope that you waited Feeling like you're so alone

"Up Against the Wall" emerged a political diatribe -- against the government, against the state of the world -- reminding you that, no matter one's race, gender, or religion, "we all up against the wall."

LP, "Up Against the Wall" may not have proved a hit, but it was still infused with all the elements that made this band so special.

During his time in New Mexico, Hubbard wrote "Up Against the Wall, Redneck Mother" first made famous by Jerry Jeff Walker's 1973 recording, and covered by a wide variety of other artists since. Right when you think you have it Look out, listen can you hear it?

Up Against The Wall Redneck Mother: Single Ray Wylie Hubbard ( LSR 1978 ) Song composed by Ray Wylie Hubbard in the early 70’s. You know we don't care at all Let, let me see you up, up against the wall Two step I know, I know, I know I wish that I had never loved at all. What did you hear? [Chorus 2]

(Can't be broken down) What did you hear? I heard you're feeling, feeling so lonely And there's no way, no way out I'll help you find your way back So every day I could lose it all [Verse 2] (Can't be broken down) You fall into the static [Chorus]

(Can't be broken down).

I know, I know, I know And if I dare to believe at all [Verse 2] You fall into the static

A chilling warning to be sure, but thankfully, Fatback remained the masters of the light touch and cloaked the message in a dance-friendly groove and spirited jive, the trappings of old-school funk used to warn against the new world order. With nowhere to turn to

(Can't be broken down) We currently don't have any genres associated with this song. Slipping into slow-mo Would you like to contribute?

Against the Wall Lyrics: I was born to fly away / And run across the sun / It faded out / Like a candle in the breeze / Fadin' now / Like I'm supposed to / So everyday I'm against the wall …

I can't seem to find the peace You can spend your life alone, oh, oh Right when you think you have it Slipping into slow-mo

And there's no way, no way out And now it's weird, feeling like you're so alone LP, "Up Against the Wall" may not have proved a hit, but it was still infused with all the elements that made this band so special. You don't have to waste your life alone, alone And there's no way, no way out Culled from the ominously titled Is This the Future? I know, I know, I know [Outro] All the nights you spent sitting nowhere out there on your own All the nights I waited by the phone when you were going in alone And all your different faces and all your different ways are making everything a mess Up Against the Wall Lyrics: You can look all your life for someone / You can tell yourself again that something was off / You can spend your life alone, oh, oh / … [Pre-Chorus] I've played it out

And my thoughts begin to run And it's up against the wall Redneck Mother Mother, who has raised her son so well He's thirty-four and drinking in a honky tonk Just kicking hippies asses and raising hell. Up against a wall, up against the wall High wire fencing on the playground High rise housing all around High rise prices on the high street High time to pull it all down White boys kicking in a window Straight girls watching where they gone Never trust a copper in a crime car Just whose side are you on? Would you like to contribute?

[Verse 1]

It's not complicated

Right when you think you have it

And keep me elated

We currently don't have any themes associated with this song. We currently don't have any styles associated with this song. Retaining the synthesizers that served it so well at the beginning of the decade, the band imbued the song with some of the funk it'd kept back, and then took its message out to the streets.

And then you threw me up against the wall Who said that it's better to have loved and lost? It's almost automatic

It's almost automatic

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