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With tremendous information on soul choices and the art of channeling, Journey of Your Soul is the first book I would recommend to anyone eager to gain insights into their soul essence and the personality choices they’ve made to set up their current lifetime.

Excerpt from a Michael Teleconference with Shepherd Hoodwin Transcribed by Elisa Brock and David Gregg. It is extremely useful but it is not a panacea. Michael Sandler & CJ Liu| Inspiration | Motivation | Happiness | Career | Self-Help | Inspire, Conversations Beyond Science and Religion – How to Channel Spirits, Find Podcasts to Be a Guest On - and Learn Who’s Who Before You’re Booked. To prepare, write out your questions in priority order, but you do not need to submit them. They seek challenge. Recensito negli Stati Uniti il 29 aprile 2017.

I like that the author has his practical experiences as well as solutions and helpful buying resources.

We live in a universe based on the number seven.

Self-judgment. Please suggest three good dates and attach photos of yourself and others you wish to ask about.

As the Michael teachings are a channeled body of work, you go into details about how people channel, the benefits and limitations. By Shepherd Hoodwin. Today I am delighted we get to spend time with author and spiritual teacher Shepherd Hoodwin to discuss his book Journey of Your Soul, A Channel Explores the Michael Teachings. Warriors are persuasive, single-minded doers, often with a hearty sense of humor and sometimes the subtlety (and strength) of a Mack truck.

They vividly bring home the truth that everyone’s contributions are essential, that our differences are for good reasons. FOR FASTER ANSWERS, CHECK THESE LINKS BEFORE YOU EMAIL US:. I decided to find a Michael channel. Shepherd, what is the Tao and what does Michael mean when they say we are sparks cast from the Tao? INTRODUCTION. Journey of Your Soul, Opening to Healing, Channeling Michael Information More Than Once, Finding Your Mate and Developing Intimacy, Soul Age: What It Is—And Isn’t (How We Evolve), Accessing the Divinity in All Things (Including Politics), THE MEANING OF LIFE IS LIFE – Experience and the Michael Teachings, Nederlandse vertalingen (Dutch Translations), Deutsche Übersetzungen (German Translations), Terjemahan Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian Translations), Traduzioni Italiane (Italian Translations), Переводы на русский язык (Russian Translations), Traducciones al español (Spanish Translations). Also, please share any advice you have for anyone just awakening to their ability to channel. All Rights Reserved. We’re also part of a family of about a thousand souls called an entity, and seven of those make a cadre. Copyright © 2015 Caroline Ra. Right relationship with the other cultures on the planet. Incluso nell’abbonamento Kindle Unlimited.

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