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Her distinct perspective was a major asset as I developed the core messages and content that were critical to launching an improved website. She was instrumental in helping me create a clear plan for building a successful business. Here’s how he helped me manage that: 6) It’s only a failure if you didn’t give it your best shotAs you’ve probably gathered, I wasn’t the best performer in exams. "— Valerie, "No matter how badly someone might have treated you, give them love, kindness, and forgiveness in return. I found myself feeling overwhelmingly sad and stressed out all the time. ", “After several years of reading Justine’s newsletter, I finally booked an introductory call with her with a view to growing my children & family photography business. What had been a rewarding career had recently turned into professional atrophy — and lingering there was not an option. I was a member of the Navy ROTC program at Princeton, where I was majoring in aeronautical engineering. Her process is based on logical and actionable steps and her reassuring calm and fun demeanor gave me the confidence I needed. Your income correlates with the value you bring. Dad taught me that when you’re in a state of fear, you can’t think or perform. It makes me realize how wise and logical my dad was — and still is.”, “My dad advised me to treat all people with respect. It’s so much easier just let things go and not get riled up. After working just one week with Justine, I felt such clarity and purpose that my business began giving me life again. Looking at your notes right before you make the presentation or take the test only gets you worked up. “In my younger and more vulnerable years, my father gave me some advice. What a wonderful feeling to know unconditional love. As a result, he never really gave me verbal advice. The money I spent on Justine was one of the best investment I have ever made. ", “Before working with Justine, I felt like I was running in circles in my business. From there we focused on the written message of the services I am uniquely able to provide, who my ideal clients are in these markets, how my process works for them, and what the underlying value is that my clients need and get.
If a woman is with you because of your wealth and riches, don’t get married to her. When his friend, who died of cancer in his early 30’s, needed his car adapting to his new needs, dad was there. Justine is a sharp thought partner who brings a wealth of practical processes and knowledge to the table in order to break new ground. In the midst of that hardship, I was leaving for college to pursue a scholarship to play on the women’s division one. My biological father’s best advice for me would ultimately end up being, ‘take care of your heart. "— Shana, "The best advice my dad ever gave me was to always tell the truth. For the most part, kids don’t want to hear it and don’t listen at the time it’s being given.

Look at their smiles and look at the twinkle in their eyes. My father never talks about, degrades, or spreads gossip about anybody. My second year in, I was dealing with major doubts and wanted to shift my future into a different career path that I would enjoy. Danielle Claro: My mother taught me to be happy with the way I look naturally—and saved me from a potentially tragic perm in the eighth grade. Before complaining about having a nagging wife, think, do you fulfill your share of household responsibilities?

He holds a master’s of science degree in New Media Management from Syracuse University’s S.I. So, he makes jokes to mask his insecurities. From the place of confidence, I left a workplace that wasn't healthy, began making more money AND am landing the most ideal clients I ever have. Before hiring Justine, I felt my life has stagnated and I was paralyzed. Justine was extremely helpful: first emphasizing the need to pare down my offerings (even though I can do something doesn’t mean that I have to), as well as the need to bring everything under one umbrella so that prospective clients can get the full picture. From the moment we first spoke, I knew that she would guide me toward bettering not only my business, but my life, too. I listed out all of the things that were bringing me down: I was worried that I couldn't handle doing all of my school work while getting good grades. He made me self- sufficient, and I still am.

You can always count on them.' Your email address will not be published. But I had a problem – I had majored in broadcast/film arts in college and had no formal business training. He let me find my own way and could show his disapproval with only a raised eyebrow or ‘that look.’ Dad would advise by asking me questions and letting me make my own decisions. As they say, "It works if you work it! That drive pushes me to succeed to this day. As a result of our work together, I know who my ideal clients are; I am comfortable holding out for them; and I have the confidence to ask for - and command - the fees that I deserve.”, “My experience working with Justine Clay was amazing! Is it true that dairy products make a sick child produce more mucus? “The best piece of advice I ever received from my dad? He was a man of few words, and his advice was always very plain and simple. he worked in every department of the company during his. I hear his voice when I get in those sticky situations where I can either calm down or get resentful. I was ready to give up and told my dad how discouraged I was.

The job I had wasn't my favorite, but in a year, I would be done with college and I'd move on to something else. 1 day ago, by Perri Konecky When I confided in my dad, he told me to start off by pursuing what I loved— and that was English. He has always taught me to live in a way that I don’t expect anything from anyone, and this has helped me in job searches, in work with my clients, in relationships, and life in general.”, “The best advice my dad ever gave me was to ‘question things.’ He said, ‘if something doesn’t make sense to you, don’t be afraid to ask why and determine for yourself what you believe.’ I think that advice and support to make up my own mind has led me to have a healthy thirst for knowledge, and remove some of society’s limits and expectations because I only have to decide what works for me.” —, “I have always been really lucky to be close to my dad, especially after losing my mom to cancer when I was 17. So I had the pleasure of being influenced by the actions of a thoughtful, responsible man for part of my upbringing. Before I could get my driver’s license, I had to know how to change a tire, parallel park and change my own oil. ", "Justine was an excellent resource to help grow my business and get my head on straight. he worked in every department of the company during his career, so he knew why and how each group was important to the overall success of the organization. Thanks to Justine, I accomplished in 6 months what would've taken me years to figure out on my own and now have a clear path to reaching my goals. “I was raised in a loving home with a wonderful single mother who married when I was 12 years old. My goal for coaching with Justine was to set up a strong foundation for my business and start bringing in more clients and income.
Even the depression wouldn't be this bad forever.

Bad dad jokes. In addition to one-on-one sessions, my team and I completed the exercises Justine gave us and evaluated virtually every area of our business. Newhouse School of Public Communications and lives in Los Angeles. I would recommend working with Justine to anyone!”, "Working with Justine was the best decision I could have made! When I was in college, I was diagnosed with depression. — Sridevi, "'Be a better parent than your parents. My biological father’s best advice for me would ultimately end up being, ‘take care of your heart. 7 Actionable steps for creative business owners, consultants, and freelancers—Free guide! I’m more proud and confident, clearer, and have had more matches with new clients. Though necessary, love is not sufficient for a successful marriage. I’ll take that memory of my father with me everywhere I go.”, “It wasn’t as much what he said as how he lived. It was a big deal for me to invest in coaching, but after my first call with Justine, I thought “Oh, that’s why people hire coaches!! She truly believes in you and shows you the mirror to believe in yourself. “I was working in a jewelry store, where I had a young woman’s gold medal for engraving. This has given me clarity and confidence, which I know will enable me to bring in new clients, more gigs, and an additional income!”, “Almost as soon as the group program started, I felt a subtle but real shift in my mindset and the phone didn’t stop ringing.”, “Justine is a brilliant “creative whisperer”. “The best advice I got from my dad was, ‘Choose your friends; don’t let your friends choose you.’ It was something he’d say to me in middle through high school and, honestly, I didn’t really get it until college. Be prepared.

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