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Can little you stop all of the injustices and perversions in this world? He felt like God was telling him, “Go to Rome.” So He put all of his possessions in a sack (which for a 4th century monk was probably not much) and he set out for Rome.

If I put myself in his place I’m not sure what I’d do.

STARS: My screen play based on the Perseids Meteor Shower, Where is The Pope In The Bible? It is chiefly based upon a pretty story of a monk, Telemachus, throwing himself into the arena at Rome in protest.

2) If Telemachus were alive today, what are some things that might make him say “in the name of Christ stop this thing!”?

(No doubt that many people in that crowd called themselves Christians.) Like CEnone, Telemachus is drawn out of his cave by the vision of a burning image, in this case the sun, and he leaves the cave to commit an act that will bring his life to a close.

Saint Telemachus was a hermit or monk and had come to Rome from the Orient. The life and tragedy of St. Telemachus perhaps was a source of inspiration for Sir Alfred Tennyson when he wrote the poem featuring this particular saint, a poem which was another solid contribution and addition to the long list of literature of the same genre, but unlike some of the works which is very puritan and hard line in the messages that it wishes to throw across the audience, St. Telemachus and the poem dedicated to him somehow managed to break off from the general trend a bit.

This is just a sample.

Bear in mind also that gladiatorial fights inside the Roman Colosseum and arenas are a long standing traditional practice that seemed to be not that easy to demolish, especially since many individuals depend their lives on the regular undertaking of this fights, including the fighters themselves as well as the slave traders, merchants, gamblers and many other different individuals. Saint Telemachus, also Almachius (†404 AD) was an ascetic who came to Rome from the East and was martyred by stoning after trying to stop a gladiator fight in a Roman amphitheatre. Another version pointed the death of St. Telemachus towards the actions of the “city prefect,” who, like the audience, found St. Telemachus’ action inside the arena not agreeable to his preferences and interests.

What is not clear, however, is the extent of the political impact of the death of St. Telemachus which was enough and sufficient to actually order the stoppage of such practice. St. Telemachus was mentioned in many different literary forms by authors from different places. There are those who die peacefully in their sleep or because of old age, and there are those who die a violent death in front of an angry crowd. 5) What are some injustices & seriously messed up things happening close to home (in your school/town/city/state)?

Telemachus that will help establish St. Telemachus as one of the important and noteworthy saint and martyr whose contributions were very realistic and practical and transcended the basic act of religious theoretical teaching and What if every Catholic, instead of saying “what can I do?” or “I don’t want to cause any controversy.” said “In the name of Christ, stop this thing.” to all of the evils and injustices we see in this world. While their lives seem to follow a certain pattern, their death is somewhat not always the same. AAA The views expressed on this website are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer. Don’t miss a chance to chat with experts. By Chris Stefanick – Director of Youth Ministry – His claim to be Jesus Christ himself, and his promise. It maybe true, it maybe untrue, it may even be a story that is a combination of both, but the important thing is that St. Telemachus was capable of symbolizing the ability of the human individual for sacrifice and act of faith even at the cost of his life.

If St. Telemachus can help them achieve this state, then he will no doubt be an important personality in the Roman Catholic history, unless of course, a very competitive and authoritative work can actually challenge St. Telemachus’ life and prove that none of the stories surrounding him were true, real or consistent with facts that should be proven and authenticated.

That very night the Emperor Honorius got news of what had happened and banned gladiatorial contests forever. Marvin, R.J.G. St. Telemachus was a monk who lived in the 4th century.

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There are socio-political as well as socio-economical implications that make the story of St. Telemachus very weak and the fact that it is poorly supported in literature by actual real information makes it less and less credible.

In the Name of Jesus Stop! Yet no church has been dedicated, no altar has been erected ” for St. Telemachus.

The first version is the death of St. Telemachus from the stoning he got from the audience who were “infuriated” by his mediation and intervention that spoiled the excitement of the action that was already progressing by the time he arrived and tried to stop the fight.

McCabe provided a very insightful input in the discussion of the possibility that St. Telemachus indeed put a stop to the gladiatorial fights and how this may not be socially and realistically possible. Social Influence and the Branch Davidians. Stawell; illustrated by Charles Robinson.

His proclamation as a martyr and the stopping of the entertainment of the crowd for armed combats which is usually a fight to the death to which spectators gamble. Dave Telemachus PS: I'm always receiving queries from people asking about the best way to submit stories, if you would also like to contribute please check out … There were about 80,000 people watching the gladiators fight and loving it. 6) What can YOU DO about one of those things? Mayor & F.M.

And because of this vague, gray part in the history and story of St. Telemachus that begs for more explanation and proof, it is not surprising that many individuals find it difficult to believe in the veracity of the story.

My friends – for evil and injustice to triumph in this world all that has to happen is for good people to keep their mouths shut and do nothing!

Even with the surfacing of this particular criticism, those who believe in him seem to feel that their faith in the saint did not diminish, especially since the presence of the criticism is not credible or strong enough to push for the review or even the relinquishing of the martyrdom of St. Telemachus.

4) What stops you (fear of controversy? ”. “Never again after St. Telemachus implored them in the name of Christ to cease did gladiatorial fights take place in the Colosseum. ANALYSING ST. TELEMACHUS’ LIFE THROUGH LITERARY REFERENCES It is really hard to ascertain why St. Telemachus did what he did. Religious faith, after all, is all about the ability for selfless and unquestioning faith. “Several other poems in the collection share significant thematic elements with ‘The Death of CEnone. He was not a political pawn that was sent to create a situation that is profitable or favorable for a particular group or individual.

Add to the fact that consistent to the question of fratricide among the Christian brothers belonging to the same religious affiliation, making the story of St. Telemachus close to being fabricated for PR purposes it the fact that St. Telemachus would have surely died in the hands of the same Christian crowd. [note 1] The Christian Emperor Honorius was impressed by the monk's martyrdom and took the occassion to issue an historic ban on all gladiator fights. THE IMPORTANCE OF SAINT TELEMACHUS Despite the fact that St. Telemachus is not a very popular name or saint among many Roman Catholics compared to other popular saints and martyrs (largely because of the fact that very little was written or known about St. Telemachus besides his action inside the Roman gladiatorial arena compared to other saints and martyrs whose life and works are well written, well documented and well publicized), there are those, especially the devout and the learned religious faithful who does not forget the place of St. Telemachus not just in the religious aspect of the understanding of his life and the significance of his contribution, but also historically as a person who in one particular time, in the history of the Roman Catholic faith and faithful, made his mark and contribution in the effort of the religion to sustain the values and moral preached by Roman Catholic faith.

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