return of the grievous angel meaning


These lyrics, incidentally, were in a notebook that Gram grabbed as he fled from his home, which burned down shortly before the second solo album sessions were scheduled to begin. Al Perkins: pedal steel guitar It had a cosmic feel to it, you see: he wasn’t simply a California-based hippie twanging his way through country tunes of the past, or penning his own, he was trying to connect it all up in the way the ancients would try to connect the stars in the sky.

Durangoon May 11, 2009 Link. [4], Parsons was inspired to write a song by Boston poet Tom S. Brown, who gave him his composition entitled "Return of the Grievous Angel". There’s also an idea here that you see in some of the best American literature, the idea of a young man having to head west  to grow up, to mature (in this case, “to grow up with the country”) and in this song’s lyrics, his Kerouac-ian adventures westward have led him to places unknown, places from which he hasn’t returned, psychically, even if he has physically returned. To his rabid detractors, who are more extreme in their dislike, I suppose, Parsons was no more, and no less, than a trust-funded twenty-something Icarus who flew too close to a metaphorical sun, wasting his high time and short life partying with the likes of Keith Richards and Anita Pallenberg at Villa Nellcôte, or wherever he happened to be, because they can only see the destruction and not any of the creative life he led before he burned away those wings and fell. Return Of The Grievous Angel song meanings Add your thoughts 8 Comments. You probably already know how the spot has for the past forty-plus years become a destination for many of his fans who regularly make their own desert pilgrimage to pay tribute to Parsons, often leaving behind their own personal affects or scrawling familiar lyrics from his songs on the rocks — “Safe At Home,” “Fallen Angel” or “God’s Own Singer” among the favorite graffito slogans, or that simple red cross with rays of light spreading out from the center.

Following the incident, Parsons left his wife and moved into a spare room in Phil Kaufman's house. We had to laugh and like so many others, we got a huge hit off it. [17], Return of the Grievous Angel: A Tribute to Gram Parsons, "Return of the Grievous Angel - Gram Parsons", "Counterbalance No. At the time, Parsons took the role of producer and recorded new songs with his road band. The truth about life and death Gram Parsons is, certainly, whatever that truth means to you — and I suspect, if you’re reading this, you probably already know where you may fall on the aforementioned spectrum of available choices — but we should all agree that Parsons’s death ended an accomplished career that was still undertaking its uncertain next steps. “Return Of The Grievous Angel” Despite rave reviews in Rolling Stone, and the L.A. Times and placing at #15 on the Village Voice‘s list of top 20 albums of 1974, Grievous Angel did not sell very well (Gram’s albums both sold an average of 40,000 copies at the time of their original release). To some of his fans and followers, Parsons was seen as a champion of traditional country music, and as a result, he helped to create, or maybe further expose, a hybrid sub-genre blending country and rock that we now familiarly call, simply, “country-rock,” although Parsons preferred to use a neologism of his own invention, “Cosmic American,” which was more prophetic than practical perhaps, but it best described the “cosmological” confluence of indigenous U.S.-bred genres (country, rock, blues, bluegrass, and gospel) that he envisioned coming together to form a universally appreciated “new” sound. “The Return of the Grievous Angel” describes the vision of home and love that haunts a wanderer through his travels across America… Brown was giving poetry readings in Cambridge at the time, and when he contacted me five years ago by email, he told me it all began because he was already a fan of Parsons’s music. Parsons’ affairs were in such disarray after his death that initially the song was credited solely to him in the first pressing of the album, but Parsons’ estate later acknowledged the actual authorship as soon as Brown came forward. BROWN: Yes, I gave Gram the lyrics at a club called Oliver’s, near Fenway Park in Boston. We lost touch with Brown for quite awhile after he got in touch about the post I’d written about his song for another blog, and we were friends on Facebook for awhile, and then he disappeared one day. Out with the truckers and the kickers and the cowboy angels,

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