positive character arc


The character sees and recognizes the truth at the midpoint. Your character may seem brave on the outside but on the inside your character is so scared that they’re crumbling on the inside. This is the act in which the character is pushed into the adventure of the story the journey they must go through to change. While a plot follows the character’s external journey– their proactive attempts to achieve a tangible goal– their arc tracks how they change on the inside by pursuing their goal.

When he confronts the reality that he broke the heart of the one person who truly loves him, Zuko begins to try a new way of living.

In the first act, writers need to establish the lie and show how it manifests in the character’s day-to-day world. Oliver earned his BFA from the University of Memphis (2015).

We know character arcs are essential for character development. In the most extreme form of the 'fall' arc, the character begins the story as a good/happy/successful person, but by the end of the story is completely unrecognisable – basically the polar opposite of the positive change/transformation arc we discussed above. Your Character’s world may start off as great, or they’re living a better life than most, (My protagonist in my book is) or they’re living in a horrible world in bad conditions. Luckily I had my eye on this book called Creating Character Arcs by K.M.

This is the act in which the character is pushed into the adventure of the story the journey they must go through to change. You don’t always need to mention the ghost in your manuscripts but it’s definitely something you as the writer need to know. • Have a mentor or another ally character give some information to your character that they can use to take the first step to overcome the lie, this can also be the time where your character can start learning some new skills to equip themselves to beat the antagonist.

Is there more? The change comes from deep inside the character. We either fit in or we stick out like a thumb.

The Normal World reflects your character’s inner world and the normal world is a comfortable space for the lie to thrive. The positive change arc is when your protagonist believes in a lie and they need to discover and embrace the truth to become a whole character within but also to defeat the antagonistic force. The reason these two arcs are so successful is that we can track how the character’s motivation and desire informs their actions.

Show this throughout the first act. I highly recommend this book I know it will help you as much as it did me. Your character arc needs to evolve organically through the events in the plot.

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