places without daylight savings


However, there are exceptions: most of Saskatchewan observes Central Standard Time year-round and most of the territory of Nunavut, with its three time zones, observes daylight saving time.Under the Canadian Constitution, laws related to timekeeping are a provincial or territorial matter. BONAIRE - Local time is GMT-4 hours.BOLIVIA - Bolivia Time Zone = GMT-4 hours.BOTSWANA - Botswana Time Zone = GMT+2 hours.BRAZIL - See Brazil Time Zones for GMT offsets in each time zone BRUNEI - Brunei Time Zone = GMT+8 hours.BURKINA FASO - Burkina Faso Time Zone = GMT .BURUNDI - Burundi Time Zone = GMT+2 hours.CAMBODIA - Cambodia Time Zone = GMT+7 hours.CAMEROON - Cameroon Time Zone = GMT+1 hour.CAPE VERDE ISLANDS - Cape Verde Time Zone = GMT-1 hour. ALGERIA - Algeria Time Zone / Algerian Time = GMT+1 hours.

KOREA ( North and South ) - North Korea Time Zone = GMT+9 hours. Many of the places that opt out of daylight saving time make sense, while other areas may surprise you. CAROLINE ISLANDS - Local time is GMT+10 hours.CAYMAN ISLANDS - Cayman Islands Time Zone = GMT-5 hours.CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC - Central African Republic Time Zone = GMT+1 hour.CHAD - Chad Time Zone = GMT+1 hour.CHINA - China Time Zone = GMT+8 hours.CHRISTMAS ISLAND - Christmas Island Time Zone = GMT+7 hours.COLOMBIA - Colombia Time Zone = GMT-5 hours.COMOROS - Comoros Time Zone = GMT+3 hours.CONGO (Brazzaville) - Republic of Congo Time Zone = GMT+1 hour.CONGO DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC - Congo Time Zone / Congo Kinshasa Time Zone = GMT+1 /Congo Lubumbashi Time Zone = GMT+2 hours.COOK ISLANDS - Cook Islands Time Zone = GMT-10 hours.COSTA RICA - Costa Rica Time Zone = GMT-6 hours.COTE D'IVOIRE - Cote D'Ivoire Time Zone / Ivory Coast Time Zone = GMT .DJIBOUTI - Djibouti Time Zone = GMT +3 hours.DOMINICA - Dominica Time Zone = GMT-4 hours.DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - Dominican Republic Time Zone = GMT-4 hours.EAST TIMOR - East Timor Time Zone = GMT+9 hours.ECUADOR - Ecuador Time Zone = GMT-5 hours.EL SALVADOR - El Salvador Time Zone = GMT-6 hours.ERITREA - Eritrea Time Zone = GMT+3 hoursETHIOPIA - Ethiopia Time Zone = GMT+2 hours.EQUATORIAL GUINEA - Equatorial Guinea Time Zone = GMT +1 hour.FIJI - Fiji Time Zone = GMT+12 hours.GABON - Gabon Time Zone = GMT+1 hour.GAMBIA - Gambia Time Zone = GMT GEORGIA - Georgia Time Zone = GMT +4 hours.GHANA - Ghana Time Zone = GMT GUATEMALA - Guatemala Time Zone = GMT-6 hours.GRENADA - Grenada Time Zone = GMT-4 hours.GUINEA - Guinea Time Zone = GMT +1 hour.GUINEA BISSAU - Guinea Bissau Time Zone = GMT .GUYANA - Guyana Time Zone = GMT-4 hours.HAITI - Haiti Time Zone = GMT-5 hours.HONDURAS - Honduras Time Zone = GMT-6 hours.HONG KONG - Hong Kong Time Zone = GMT+8 hours.ICELAND - Iceland Time Zone = GMT .INDIA - India Time Zone = GMT+5:30 hours.IRAN - Iran Time Zone = GMT+3:30 hoursINDONESIA - Indonesia Time Zone = Local time ranges from GMT+7 for the western zone including Sumatra and Java through GMT+8 for the central zone to GMT+9 for the eastern zone.JAMAICA - Jamaica Time Zone = GMT-5 hours.JAPAN - Japan Time Zone = GMT+9 hours.KAZAKHSTAN - Kazakhstan Time Zone = GMT +6 hoursKUWAIT - Kuwait Time Zone = GMT+3 hours.KENYA - Kenya Time Zone = GMT+3 hours.
BBC News explained that on October 26th, 2014, Russia set their clocks back to observe "winter time," but since then they haven't returned to "summer time." While you've probably been moving your clocks back and forth since you were a kid, did you know that there are actually some places that don't observe daylight saving time?

Daylight saving time is starting soon, and when it does, it means we will lose an hour of sleep.

ANTARCTICA - Antarctica Time Zone = GMT ARGENTINA - Argentina Time Zone = GMT-3 … MIDWAY ISLANDS - Local time is GMT-11 hours.MONGOLIA - Mongolia Time Zone = GMT+8 hours.MOROCCO - Morocco Time Zone = GMT+1 . Does the tradition of falling back and springing forward seem like too much to bear?

Here’s a rundown of the countries that choose not to mess with their clocks.

Senators seek to skip time change amid pandemic, Daylight saving time starts Sunday, March 8: What to know, SC lawmakers vote to stay on Daylight Saving Time, Sheriff's deputy hospitalized after assault in South LA, Passenger killed, several hurt in wrong-way crash on 105 Fwy, Rays walk off for 8-7 win over Dodgers to even World Series, Rapper Offset detained in Beverly Hills while on Instagram Live, Surging COVID cases color White House race in closing days, Voter advocates hoping to stave off intimidation at polls, Pope names 13 new cardinals, includes 1st Black U.S. prelate, Mountain lion spotted in Agoura Hills neighborhood, US sets COVID-19 infection record with 83K more cases, VP Pence's chief of staff, top adviser both test positive for coronavirus, Early voting centers open in Los Angeles County, Giant 'murder hornets' vacuumed out of nest, according to the National Sleep Foundation, pulling the plug on the practice amid concerns over its long-term health impacts.

Some places already got a lot of sunlight year-round and didn't need to shift their clocks when the daylight saving time tradition started in 1916 in Germany, to save energy for the war effort, according to Not sure daylight saving time would've helped much. What rebels. Nepal has never participated in daylight saving time, according to, and we can't see any reason why they would. According to the Almanac of the University of Iceland, Iceland did try changing the clocks between the years 1943 and 1968, but have since decided to opt out in switching their clocks. Places in the world with the most daylight hours 1. Yuma (USA) According to the World Meteorological Organization, Yuma (Arizona) is the sunniest place on earth. Here's a list of places around the world that don't ever have to worry about changing their clocks unless the battery runs out. This is called "midnight sun," and during the winter there are only about maybe 5 hours of actual sunlight.

South Korea Time Zone = GMT+9 hours.KUWAIT - Kuwait Time Zone = GMT+3 hours.KYRGYZSTAN - Kyrgyzstan Time Zone / Kirgizstan Time Zone = GMT+6 hoursLAOS - Laos Time Zone / Lao Time Zone = GMT+7 hours.LESOTHO - Lesotho Time Zone = GMT +2 hoursLIBERIA - Liberia Time Zone = GMT LIBYA - Libya Time Zone = GMT+2 hours.MADAGASCAR - Madagascar Time Zone = GMT+3 hours.MALAWI - Malawi Time Zone = GMT+2 hoursMALAYSIA - Malaysia Time Zone =  GMT+8 hours.MALDIVES - Maldives Time Zone = GMT+5 hours.MALI - Mali Time Zone = GMT .MAURITANIA - Mauritania Time Zone = GMT MAURITIUS - Mauritius Time Zone = GMT+4 hours. Or could they just not be bothered with remembering to change their clocks? All Rights Reserved. Arizona seems to be the state that surprises everyone by not participating in daylight saving time. Also, Beat of Hawaii explained, there the sun rises and sets at the same time every day, which would make daylight saving time absolutely pointless. Again, their closeness to the equator and the fact that they get a lot of sunlight is why. In South America, most countries in the north of the continent near the Equator do not observe DST, whereas Paraguay and most of Chile do. Hawaii opted out pretty much for the same reason Arizona did because it's just too hot. Arizona.


ANDAMAN ISLANDS - Local time is GMT+5:30 hours. It always feels like people are just trying to remember if you are losing or gaining more sleep, doesn't it? Hawaii is one. LUCIA - Saint Lucia Time Zone = GMT-4 hours.SAMOA - Samoa Time Zone = GMT-11 hours.SAUDI ARABIA - Saudi Arabia Time Zone / Makkah Time / Mecca Time / Arab Time = GMT+3 hours.SENEGAL - Senegal Time Zone = GMT .SEYCHELLES - Seychelles Time Zone = GMT+4 hours.SIERRA LEONE - Sierra Leone Time Zone = GMT SINGAPORE - Singapore Time Zone = GMT+8 hours.SOLOMON ISLANDS - Solomon Islands Time Zone = GMT+11 hoursSOMALIA - Somalia Time Zone = GMT+3 hours.SOUTH AFRICA - South Africa Time Zone = GMT+2 hours.SRI LANKA - Sri Lanka Time Zone = GMT+6 hours.SUDAN - Sudan Time Zone = GMT+3 hours.SURINAME - Suriname Time Zone = GMT-3 hours.SWAZILAND - Swaziland Time Zone = GMT+2 hours. If the tradition of falling back and springing forward is too much to bear, there are plenty of other places where you don't have to bother with daylight saving time. Check out Romper's new video series, Bearing The Motherload, where disagreeing parents from different sides of an issue sit down with a mediator and talk about how to support (and not judge) each other’s parenting perspectives. They're off to the side doing their own amazing thing. The last time Puerto Rico observed daylight saving time was back in 1945, according to Many of the places that opt out of daylight saving time make sense, while other areas may surprise you.

Many parts of Asia don't observe in daylight saving time. TAHITI - Local time is GMT-10 hours.TAIWAN - Taiwan Time Zone = GMT+8 hours.TAJIKISTAN - Tajikistan Time Zone = GMT+5 hours.TANZANIA - Tanzania Time Zone = GMT+3 hours.THAILAND - Thailand Time Zone = GMT+7 hours.TRINIDAD & TOBAGO - Trinidad & Tobago Time Zone = GMT-4 hours.TONGA - Tonga Time Zone = GMT+13 hoursTURKMENISTAN - Turkmenistan Time Zone = GMT+5 hours.UAE - UAE Time Zone / United Arab Emirates Time Zone = GMT+4 hours.UGANDA - Uganda Time Zone = GMT+3 hours.UZBEKISTAN - Uzbekistan Time Zone = GMT+5 hours.VENEZUELA - Venezuela Time Zone = GMT-4 hours. But when fall finally comes back around, we'll gain that hour right back. It has a total of 11 hours of sunlight in winter and up to 13 in summer.

List of nations that do not use Daylight Saving Time (DST) No summer time regime in force. This time zone is often called Eastern Daylight Time. Iceland already gets wonky daylight hours. See full time zone map. Clocks do not change in Costa Rica, according to, and according to this article, it can be argued that it could actually be more of a burden for the residents of the country if they were to start. Between mid-May and August, there are only a few hours of darkness. This means Yuma experiences an average of 4,015 hours of sunshine per year. Much of the Tropics: Many countries along and below the equator don’t participate in Daylight Savings Time. This time zone is a Daylight Saving Time time zone and is used in: North America, Caribbean. In 1966 Arizona opted out of observing it due to their location and temperature, according USA Today — they get a lot of sunlight and a lot of heat. In fact, only about 70 percent of countries follow Daylight Savings Time. ANGUILLA - Anguilla Time Zone = GMT-4 hours. VIETNAM - Vietnam Time Zone = GMT+7 hours.VIRGIN ISLANDS - British Virgin Islands Time Zone / US Virgin Islands Time Zone = GMT-4 hours.YEMEN - Yemen Time Zone = GMT+3 hours.ZAMBIA - Zambia Time Zone = GMT+2 hours.ZIMBABWE - Zimbabwe Time Zone = GMT+2 hours. Daylight saving time (DST) is observed in all ten Canadian provinces and three territories.

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