michie stadium history


It's a scene straight from The Long Gray Line, surpassed only by the view of the Hudson River from the west stands at Michie Stadium. Michie Stadium was named after Dennis Michie, class of 1892, who organized, coached, and managed the first football team at West Point in 1890. Unfortunately, getting back to your vehicle after the game can be most problematic. Even if there was not a single civilian football fan in attendance, Michie Stadium would still rate well in this category due solely to the outstanding presence of the student body.

The facility houses state-of-the-art locker rooms, coaches' offices, athletic training facilities, equipment rooms, meeting rooms and the Kenna Hall of Army Sports, a large display area that will chronicle Army's vast athletics history. That group of cadets cheering on a young boy trying to reach the summit of the inflatable rock wall are just trying to enjoy a day of harmless distractions away from the responsibilities of the classroom. Chances are there are some legendary names on these lists, such as Fenway Park, Lambeau Field, St. Andrews or Wimbledon. Dedication: November 15, 1924 -- Army 14, Columbia 14 It’s a popular gathering spot for fans before the game, and watching the Army band and football team enter the stadium through a gauntlet of cadets is a highlight of the festivities. Realizing the need for a permanent athletic field as Army's football program continued to assert itself nationally, West Point officials selected a patch of meadow land adjacent to Lusk Reservoir and within the shadow of historic Fort Putnam. Work on the $40 million Kimsey Athletic Center, just outside the south end zone, was also concluded in the spring of 2003. Concessions at Michie Stadium do not stray very far from the basics. Food at the stadium was nothing to rave about, but the environment was not to be missed. Construction of Michie Stadium was completed in 1924, just in time for Army's 35th football campaign. All things considered, the security measures in place can hardly be considered intrusive. In the spring of 2002, Army dedicated the Gross Sports Center, which provides the Army gymnastics team with a state-of-the-art home while also lending extra indoor space for the Black Knights' basketball programs. Capacity has since been adjusted to 39,929. With the limited roads around the stadium and the crush of fans all trying to get out simultaneously, the system bogs down easily. In 91 previous campaigns in Michie Stadium, the Black Knights have compiled a remarkable record of 326-156-7. If sitting in the first few rows, expect your view to be blocked by a steady stream of pedestrians. These enhancements ensure that the venerable facility will maintain its lofty status for years to come. Each player has his own locker in a luxurious, carpeted locker room located one floor below the weight room and one floor above the equipment and training rooms. Beyond the Military Academy, the Hudson Valley area surrounding West Point is a favorite spot in the fall to take in some incredible foliage. SuperTurf replaced the AstroTurf in 1984, which was in turn replaced by AstroTurf 8 in 1992. The 2015 season will mark the 125th year that football has been played at West Point. In 71 years, the Cadets have won 281 while losing only 95 and tying six. Army is power and strength, patriotism and pride, sad memories and hope-presented in a pastoral masterpiece.”. It was Michie who organized, managed and coached the first football team in history at West Point.

Army football utilizes variable pricing for their home games, with prices ranging from $35 to $50 for upper level or corner seats. Following a 14-14 tie in the "Dedication Game" in the home finale of 1924, the Cadets won 39 straight contests in Michie Stadium, spanning more than six seasons. Many fans do indeed arrive as early as six a.m. to set up their tailgates and begin the day’s festivities.

Take away the military fatigues and the historic surroundings, and those cadets dancing in the Black Knights Alley could be just another group of 18-22 year old students at State U.

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