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You're no good for me. I think Limp Bizkit is focusing on the issues that stress and overwhelm us. Bath Yesterday, we brought you a stream of the title track, and as expected, it was worse than gum disease. Dudes are fucking crazy. Just think about it. I’m not responsible for how people act, but I felt that way and it cut me so deep.”. Music | Copyright © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. / All rights reserved. It was crazy. NRG Recording Studios, North Hollywood, California, “Break Stuff” is a song by the nu-metal band Limp Bizkit, and is a song about…well, breaking stuff and overall anger. People who liked different kinds of music got what they wanted for the first time. Sweet. A full rundown of all three versions of the album [Edit: Really? Kurt Loder [MTV presenter] was on TV talking shit about us and we couldn’t believe it.”. “No way. We couldn’t fucking believe it. It was also a celebration of fun sometimes, and a lot of the metal world didn’t understand that. You never want to think that you’re going to have a clown costume that everyone’s always going to want to see you in, but that’s what it was.

Did it feel like people only wanted to write about the ‘Tyler Durden’ side of Fred Durst? When you gave Fieldy your demo tape, did you expect anything to come of it?

Did it make you go for it more because it was like your wildest dreams came true? Everything else, I said ‘Yes’. I was in several bands before that, rapping over old Metallica-style riffs and Vulgar Display Of Power shit, but Korn influenced us. I was homeless and I was tortured before being in this band, so I’m not complaining because I know what the bottom tastes like, but I was not a happy boy.”, It must have been a whole lot worse when the mainstream tabloids wanted to suck the blood out of you when you were associated with the Britneys and Christinas of the world…. I got a red cap back in the day, it was my good luck hat and I just wore it. That’s why we made the Rollin’ video. I didn’t think, ‘I’ll talk to you because that will make me cool’. “Not especially, but when we got in the studio and worked with Ross, you could feel it. We’re about having fun and when I say, ‘Break your fucking face tonight’, I don’t mean it literally. They’d say, ‘You wanted to be a film-maker. You think that everybody's the same. Your email address will not be published. Go direct a video!’, and I was just like, ‘What?!’. What did you think when you first heard Korn? It was released as the fourth and final single for their…, Break Stuff (Live From The World Triptacular). Was it crazy to go from nothing to having everything in the palm of your hand? Take a second to think about it. It was nice to get a bit of my life back without feeling like everyone wanted to know how my shit smelled that day. We thought it was hilarious.”. I said, ‘Bring it on!’. People were either high on the emotion of things being fresh and exciting in terms of new sounds and urban music coming into heavy music in a big way, or they were rebelling against that. How did the Rollin’ dance come to fruition? Did it feel like people were with you and Limp Bizkit no matter what happened? But you might need my hand when falling in your hole, Because you know it all and I guess things will never change. We get offstage and they removed us from the premises and we were just going, ‘Why?’.

Even after Woodstock, the album Chocolate Starfish… was a massive success. Your disposition, I'll remember when I'm letting go.

Copyright: Writer(s): Fred Durst, Wes Borland, Erik Barrier, Charles Bobbitt, Leor Dimant, John Otto, Bobby Byrd, William Griffin, Sam Rivers, James Brown Lyrics Terms of Use.

It always felt like Bizkit’s place in nu metal was that they brought a sense of fun. “I created this thing and people wanted to interview me and put me on television, and the label were calling and telling us we had hit songs on radio.

View Limp Bizkit song lyrics by popularity along with songs featured in, albums, videos and song meanings. That life is so long until you're dying. I just dont get how they got so popular. Thank you for signing up to Metal Hammer. “I would see bullies who were misinterpreting the whole thing. “I appreciate that.

Required fields are marked *, Band boasts members of Korn, Lynch Mob, King's X, Kim Thayil That’s right, you mother-lovin’ son of a motherless goat! But you don't understand when I'm attempting to explain, They gave people peace candles the next day, and they used them to burn the place down and they blamed that on us too. It’s none of anyone’s business. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, Of you and me, we're through and rearranged. Them, Rage Against The Machine, Urban Dance Squad… there were a few bands mixing it and Korn brought the heavier element that I’d been missing and we were doing, and we could relate to them. There was a problem.

Visit our corporate site. “Break Stuff” is a song by the nu-metal band Limp Bizkit, and is a song about…well, breaking stuff and overall anger. And it keeps going.

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