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The judicial branch includes the Chief Justice and the Court of Central Jurisdiction, which consists of three appellate justices and one district judge. Katy Radunz is the Financial Officer and has been in OMB since October of 2005. Due to some of these Dakota ancestry, Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe have a high degree of Ma'iingan-doodem members.[1]. Since then, casino revenues have allowed the Mille Lacs Band to strengthen its cultural identity, return to economic self-sufficiency, rebuild its reservation, and increase the prosperity of the entire region. At that time, pressing for assimilation, the United States government prohibited the Ojibwe from practicing their religion (many had converted to Catholicism but still combined it with traditional prayers and rituals), tried to have their children sent to boarding schools at which they were forced to learn and speak English, and virtually denied their right to govern themselves.

She appoints commissioners who are ratified by the Band Assembly to oversee the various departments in the executive branch. }], The Mille Lacs Band is one of six members of the federally recognized Minnesota Chippewa Tribe, which they organized in 1934. Atlantic Coast, Dakota Access, Keystone XL: Three major defeats for Big Oil. Below are forms provided by the Office of Management and Budget.

Mille Lacs Indian Reservation is also the name of a formal Indian reservation established in 1855.

Due to the large territorial spread of the contemporary Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe, the Mille Lacs Band's statutes divide its territory into three administrative districts and one special services district.

The four historical bands in the Mille Lacs region (Mille Lacs Indians, Sandy Lake Band, Rice Lake Band of Mississippi Chippewa, and Snake and Kettle River Bands of St. Croix Chippewa Indians of Minnesota) were reorganized as the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe. The Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe said it was using stimulus funding to give to citizens and that there will be no per capita payment in June. The US Census Bureau designates this reservation as "2385: Sandy Lake Indian Reservation". A quick reminder that Per Capita Child Support checks will only be available for curbside pick up keeping with social distancing guidelines until 1:00 pm today. The United States Army Corps of Engineers operate a small flood-control dam within this Indian Reservation. The other members are the White Earth Band, Leech Lake Band, Grand Portage Band, Bois Forte Band, and Fond du Lac Band. var currentPageURL = 'http\u003A\/\/\/news\/government\u002Dand\u002Dpolitics\/4865092\u002DMille\u002DLacs\u002DBand\u002Dchief\u002Dexecutive\u002Dcalls\u002Dfor\u002Dmembers\u002Dto\u002Dbe\u002D\u0025E2\u002580\u002598good\u002Dancestors\u0025E2\u002580\u002599';

The Chief Executive, who is elected by Band members every four years, is the head of the executive branch.

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