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When there are poor distribution methods or policies in place, then it effectively excludes people from voting even if they paid for their identification according to the policy. It may be beneficial to have these laws in place in the future as a proactive measure to protect the integrity of our elections, but the repressive results it creates today may be more harmful right now. When this is complete, have students cast secret ballots on who they believe won the debate. Was that because of the new voter ID law in the state?

Critics of voter ID laws point out that there is often a small fee associated with obtaining a government-issued photo ID card. One could make a reasonable argument that by not forcing identification and encouraging fraud, you are violating the promise of one person, one vote.”. It should not replace state voter IDs — it should simply be an alternative. Opponents of voter ID claim that it can only prevent impersonation fraud at the polls, which rarely happens. Minority voters are more likely to lack a necessary voter ID than those who are in the majority. In the Civil Rights Era, Congress took on this role: it passed the Voting Rights Act of 1965 to ensure that blacks in states like Mississippi and Alabama were able to vote. One of the most common methods of this advantage is to register someone to vote when they earn or renew their driver’s license. Their argument is that despite being strict and restrictive, these laws prevent voting frauds from being committed. Some people might show up to cast a ballot without their IDs. They mainly argue in the favor of the law on the basis of the voting frauds cases. 5. For example, a person may have to sign a statement attesting to their identity and eligibility to vote. There is a simple solution to this problem. “Only American citizens should vote in American elections,” said President Donald Trump in a 2018 rally in North Carolina.

Was the law upheld or struck down?

Is not voting sometimes justified? 8.

Since voter ID legislation impacts poor families most often, there tend to be fewer Democratic votes in each district when these rules are present. In honest moments, backers of voter ID laws will admit what they are up to.

“Strict photo identification laws have a differentially negative impact on the turnout of Hispanics, Blacks, and mixed-race Americans in primaries and general elections,” was the conclusion of the research. A new Texas law could disenfranchise about as many. One major reason that the voter id laws are troublesome for a large segment of voters is that acquiring an id is generally a costly and cumbersome task. You may have a class discussion about what was learned from the debates. Many states are pushing for stricter voter identification policies at the polls, while critics argue such requirements are unconstitutional and used as a means of voter suppression. Life, Liberty, & the Pursuit of Happiness Digital Textbook, “Voter ID Laws Protect the Integrity of our Democracy,”, “Voter ID Laws are Good Protection Against Fraud,”, “Oppose Voter ID Legislation: Fact Sheet,”, “Voter ID Laws are Designed to Keep People from Voting,”. Some examples of different types of evidence include statistics, case law, and historical examples. This structure reduces the potential for fraud because the ID can screen out someone who attempts to steal another person’s identity to cast a fraudulent ballot.

Critics of this idea contend that a central database of Americans’ personal information would lead to surveillance and abuse. Indiana spent over $10 million between 2007-2010 to produce free identification cards that were suitable for their voter ID laws. Last month, Pennsylvania House Majority Leader Mike Turzai said that the state’s new voter ID law would “allow Governor Romney to win Pennsylvania.”, Meanwhile, legal challenges to voter ID laws have not fared well.

They prevent people from voting in others’ place. Assigned as homework or in-class, have students read at least one article in favor of Voter ID’s and one article against it. 11 You might need to pay for a birth certificate, obtain other underlying documents, and then travel somewhere to have your application processed. Voter ID requirements disproportionately disadvantage black and Latino voters.
This process is automatic. The government could even proactively send them out to citizens when they turn 18. What are ways in which state governments could circumvent fees for photo ID’s? Assigned as homework or in-class, have students read at least one article in favor of Voter ID’s and one article against it. The most common option included with this document is a photograph, but it can also include a signature, their fingerprints, and personal information that provides poll workers with a greater assurance that the individual has the right to vote. Among states that require an ID, there are two types, a “Strict State,” or “Non-Strict State.” Strict states require voters to show an ID, or else they must cast a provisional ballot (a ballot that may not be accepted as valid). They are holding in their hands tangible evidence that shows they have the right to vote. ), (MORE: The New Battle over Voting Rights). That figure could represent an entire month’s worth of groceries. In what ways are there parallels between both examples and how are they different? After the second speaker has finished, he or she will be cross-examined for one minute by the first speaker. Is their state’s voter ID law being challenged in court? It is easy to blame the presence of a voter ID law for suppression or vote reduction, but there are multiple reasons why some people don’t show up during a specific election. Students should consider the following questions as they research. That way, people who currently have ID that allows them to vote would not have to jump through a new hoop. If inconsistencies in the first speaker’s argument or reasoning were detected during cross-examination, the second speaker may highlight them. Students should analyze each article’s argument. What are ways in which state governments could circumvent fees for photo ID’s? The service requires full JavaScript support in order to view this website. No citizen should be prevented from exercising this basic right, but it is also the duty of governing officials to ensure that valid votes are cast so that the results of an election are representative of the desires of the community. States have traditionally been easygoing about voter ID — and many still are. However, the opponents of the law are worried that the fears of voting fraud are going to restrict an important segment of population from voting. Or was it because there where changes to the mobilization of campaigns and the absence of President Obama’s influence? Please enable cookies on your browser and try again. 10. At the end of their two-minute speech, allow their opponent to cross-examine the first speaker for one minute. Communities that follow voter ID laws often use this requirement with their existing identification options to streamline the registration process.

A large section of people and politicians believes that these laws are highly restrictive in nature. #620 Arlington, VA 22201, New! Explain to students what voter ID is and how it works, and highlight the common arguments for and against.

Although this ID can be an effective form of identification for someone who doesn’t have a physical address, it may not be useful if there is not an instant delivery system in place to use. 1. #620 Arlington, VA 22201, New! States incur sizeable costs when implementing voter ID laws, including the cost of educating the public, training poll workers, and providing IDs to voters.

Indiana was the first state that enacted a voter id law. Have any of the students been turned away from voting? Non-citizens vote in large numbers, though they do not possess the legal right to do so. When you obtain a voter ID card, then it is valid only when your information does not change. Texas spent over $2 million on educational programs and outreach efforts to voters after passing their laws. Although there are several concrete advantages to consider with a voter ID law, there are some symbolic ones to review as well. What do you think? List of accepted papers for E-Vote-ID 2020 Conference: A Unified Evaluation of Two-Candidate Ballot-Polling Election Auditing Methods – Zhuoqun Huang, Ronald L. Rivest, Philip B. Stark, Vanessa Teague and Damjan Vukcevic Ballot Logistics: Tracking Paper-based Ballots Using Cryptography – Kristian Gjøsteen, Clémentine Gritti and Kelsey N. Moran

One of the most common problems that an election board faces is a failure by an individual to de-register as a voter when they move somewhere else.
Complete this cycle until all three debate rounds are complete. Match each student with an opposite student to debate. These laws disadvantage minorities, the elderly, and students. Common arguments against voter ID include: Some people lack photo ID’s and lack the ability to easily obtain one. If your class has students eighteen years of age or older, what experiences have they had when voting? Voter ID laws are also sometimes said to be more or less strict with respect to the number of acceptable forms of identification they recognize; the length of time they give voters using provisional ballots to present acceptable identification after an election; whether there are exemptions or accommodations for certain groups of voters, such as the elderly or the indigent; and, in general, the … 3. What kinds of evidence do these authors use? Voter ID laws that exclude eligible voters have become just another partisan election tactic — like super-PAC fundraising or TV attack ads. Do you think mandatory voting is a good idea?

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