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I had the honor of having Jim as my mentor during my four years as a flight meteorologist flying on NOAA’s P-3 Hurricane Hunter aircraft between 1986 and 1990, and will greatly miss his enthusiasm, knowledge, sarcastic wit, and dedication to hurricane science. McFadden still flies occasionally, but now is in charge of all work involving the aircraft, including tornado research and air quality studies. “He had a wealth of knowledge and unparalleled experience, which I relied upon both as a pilot and later as the NOAA Aircraft Operations Center’s commanding officer. Jim recorded an oral history interview about his career in January as part of the celebration of NOAA’s 50th anniversary. I’ve got the best life.”. James McFadden Racing. Like this page for race results, photos and other race related info. NOAA Aircraft Operations Center Programs Chief Dr. James McFadden aboard NOAA Lockheed WP-3D Orion N42RF during a media event and public open house at the Salina (Kansas) Regional Airport on May 14, 2019.

Contact us with page issues. Thanks so much. Scientists remember ‘Koni’ Steffen, glaciologist who died after fall into crevasse in Greenland, After leaving the Hurricane Hunters in 1990 to pursue a Ph.D. in meteorology and later becoming a co-founder of the Weather Underground website, I’d periodically run into Jim at conferences or exchange emails with him. He was named a 2016 finalist for the Samuel J. Heyman Service to America Medals, which are lauded as the “Oscars” of government service. “McFadden understands the concerns of the emergency managers, what kind of data they need to make the best decisions, what the system doesn’t do well and how to compensate for that,” said Craig Fugate, administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. In recent years, McFadden has helped NOAA incorporate the use of drone aircraft in flight operations, an area scientists believe to be the future of storm research. Crews on the Hibernia and Terra Nova oil rigs east of Newfoundland stood by to help if necessary, and Kermit’s navigator continuously plotted vectors to the oil rigs in case a ditch near one became necessary. He will be greatly missed.”. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Dr. James McFadden with dropsonde during 2017 Hurricane Awareness Tour, Dr. James McFadden recognized as Guinness World Record holder, Dr. James McFadden discusses TORUS project on 14 May 2019, Dr. James McFadden interviewed during 2011 Hurricane Awareness Tour, United States Department of Commerce seal, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration seal, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Click for download, licensing and other information, NOAA seal: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. James is a singer songwriter from Muswell Hill, North London.

“During Doc’s tenure he’s been a key player in the nation’s hurricane forecast improvement program, one that has matured from hand-drawn charts with coastal residents receiving little to no warning of an impending storm to modern forecasts and forecast products that afford a very precise segment of coastal residents five to seven days advance notice,” said Cmdr. The devices send the data back to the plane where it is analyzed and transmitted to NOAA’s National Hurricane Center.

I’m sorry for your loss. Thanks to you all for the work you do.

They were forced to do an emergency shut down of that engine, too. They immediately performed an emergency shutdown of the engine. The low bandwidth option causes most images to disappear and stops external fonts from loading. Over the course of Dr. McFadden’s career, he has played a key role in coordinating thousands of projects on more than two dozen aircraft of various types, makes, and models, including helicopters, seaplanes, fixed-wing light aircraft, heavy multi-engine propeller aircraft, and high-altitude jets.

Here you can listen to James McFadden’s cover versions on Soundcloud. He grumbled that yes, his bosses weren’t happy about it, but by putting those students on the flight, he’d be doing more for hurricane science than any public relations we could ever get from reporters’ coverage. You can also connect with James on social media, see links below. I enjoyed that read more than any other in a long time. RIP Dr. McFadden. Accurate, real-time information about storms, especially whether they are intensifying and how fast, is critical—especially to government officials trying to decide whether to issue evacuation orders. I always enjoyed being around him. I got to see the Hurricane Hunters and planes on a demo day in Florida a few years back, the work they do is amazing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXfA9HZkFgg. climate change is real folks! “Throughout his career, the invaluable storm data he has collected has prevented the loss of countless lives and hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage by providing critical early warning to those in harm’s way,” said Timothy Gallagher, chief of flight operations for the  Aircraft Operations Center. Earlier this year, Dr. McFadden recorded an oral history interview about his career as part of the celebration of NOAA’s 50th anniversary.

James has covered songs by Oasis, Leonard Cohen, George Ezra, Jet and David Grey to name but a few. Colleagues, family, and friends mourn the passing on Sept. 28, 2020 of Dr. James “Doc” McFadden, a dedicated public servant who, over the course of his 57 year career, has immeasurably influenced the evolution of airborne data collection at NOAA. James McFadden Racing. For much of his five-decade federal career, James McFadden literally has been in the eye of the storm.

After entering the civil service in 1962 and completing his Ph.D. in meteorology he began working as a research scientist in 1965 with the U.S. Your support is appreciated. 20K likes. That was on September 13, 1988, when Gilbert “bombed” out into the most intense Atlantic hurricane ever recorded up until that time: a mighty category 5 storm with 185 mph winds and a central pressure of 888 mb. For much of his five-decade federal career, James McFadden literally has been in the eye of the storm. As the government’s longest-serving hurricane hunter, McFadden is the heart and soul of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Aircraft Operations Center that sends aircraft into the harshest weather to gather real-time, life-saving specifics on the formation and progress of earth’s deadliest storms. I had heard all these stories about the Hurricane Hunters and what a fearsome job it was, and all that kinda stuff, and I was just sort of underwhelmed by my first hurricane penetration.”. The high contrast option causes colors to change to mostly black and white. great updates! Later that year the crew received another award, a mission to Hawaii for the Ghost Nets projevt.

Thats quit some history, good read thanks Dr. Jeff and Bob Henson, also a big aplaus for the people that are risking their lifes doing this kind of job like Dr. McFadden may he R.I.P. The underlined links option causes all website links to become underlined, making them easier to distinguish. Website visitors can comment on “Eye on the Storm” posts (see below). Feel free to buy one that you like. The restart of the number one engine succeeded, and the pilot pulled Kermit out of its descent, just 800 feet above the ocean. Every time we’d communicate, he’d gleefully exclaim, “No plans to retire yet!” As he explained it, “My job combines three things I like most: the weather, travel, and airplanes. As an onboard scientist, McFadden has flown into hurricanes more than 575 times, often experiencing severe turbulence and sometimes harrowing situations. The navigator issued a mayday call, notifying air traffic control of their latitude and longitude. He sounds like an amazing person. They speculated that the unusually heavy accumulation of salt on the engines caused the failures. A 53-year veteran of flying into hurricanes, McFadden passed away peacefully on Monday, September 28, at age 86. McFadden did his first hurricane eye penetration on October 6, 1966, into category 3 Hurricane Inez off the coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.

But at night, with the frigid waters of the North Atlantic in a hurricane-strength storm with 30 to 40-foot waves, the odds of survival were miniscule. Contact James by using the contact form here.

The pilot contacted Canadian Air Force search and rescue, which launched a C-130 aircraft from Nova Scotia to intercept. Three tense minutes passed as they attempted to figure out what had caused the two engine failures. His songs draw upon the music he was brought up around, in a household of country music and rock n roll.

Washington, DC 20005 Jim had the great fortune of seeing perhaps the most incredible diversity of weather phenomena of any person in history.

That mighty storm packed winds of 100 mph, and sea spray kicked up by the winds reached all the way to flight level (3,000 feet), coating the plane’s engines with a thick white layer of salt. I was not aboard Jim’s second near-fatal flight, which occurred in February of 2007 during the Ocean Winds Project, which was designed to test the accuracy of surface wind estimates of the QuikSCAT satellite in regions of high wind and heavy rain.

We help government serve the needs of all Americans by strengthening the civil service and the systems that support it. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3nIH0XKHYoc. During their final sampling run, there was a shout over the intercom, “Fire on number three, flames, flames, flames!” when the chief engineer saw flames coming out of an engine accompanied by loud popping noises.

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