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The actor-director combo previously made waves with SPL and Dragon Tiger Gate, reaching new levels of excitement with their depiction of onscreen martial arts mayhem. Wong eventually arrives at Yang's clinic and is taken in by Yang and Miss Orchid, while he is still unaware of Yang's true identity. Upon hearing the appreciation from the people, however, Ip Man encounters the biggest challenge in his life – his wife has got an incurable disease for a while! [10], "Hong Kong's 'Iron Monkey' Finally Leaps Into U.S. Although such comedic devices are common in Hong Kong cinema, the editors felt that they might appear odd to American audiences. [7] The film was ranked #99 in Empire magazine's "The 100 Best Films Of World Cinema" in 2010. After an intense fight, Iron Monkey and Wong Kei-ying defeat Hin-hung and knock him down into the inferno below. Besides, things go terribly wrong when Tin Chi starts to envy him, meanwhile Frank who turns out to be an extraordinary fighter takes revenge on him. According to an interview with Tsui on the Iron Monkey DVD release, this delay may have had a negative effect on the film's box office earnings. The movie boasts some of the most impressive kung fu fight scenes, an intriguing Robin Hood type story and some adult subject matter. [1] In 1996, a separate film titled Iron Monkey 2 was released, but it is unrelated to the 1993 film.[2]. Before the ultimate battle against Tin Chi, surprisingly, Ip Man accepts Bruce as an apprentice only if Bruce can teach him Cha-cha dance. The enormous popularity of "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon," has inspired Miramax to test the market for other upmarket martial arts movies, and their resident kung-fu fan Quentin Tarantino has gone plunging back into the stacks of classics to "present" a beautifully restored version of "Iron Monkey." Wong Fei-hung learns new martial arts from Yang and Miss Orchid during his stay with them. Presented by Quentin Tarantino -- don't miss the exhilarating action adventure that critics everywhere have called one of the greatest martial arts films of all time! Orchid escapes to warn Wong Kei-ying and Iron Monkey. By purchasing this item, you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to the Google Payments. Wong Kei-ying fights with street thugs who attempt to rob him. For the good of the people, he steps forward and re-enters the "battlefield". Inspector Ma's partner Wilson (Louis Koo) poses as a member of the gang to keep tabs on the trio, leading to the arrest of Archer (Ray Lui of To Be Number One).

Quentin Tarantino acted as producer/presenter for a US theatrical and home video re-release in 2001 by Miramax. This page was last edited on 30 August 2020, at 14:06.
They have a final confrontation with Hin-hung on top of burning wooden poles. Quentin Tarantino acted as producer/presenter for a US theatrical and homevideo re-release in 2001. During the trial, the governor orders Wong Fei-hung to be branded for defiance, but Iron Monkey shows up and disrupts the proceedings. The governor orders the chief constable, Fox, to hunt down Iron Monkey and to arrest anyone who is linked to him in any way. With sensational, nonstop martial arts excitement supplied by the acclaimed choreographer of THE MATRIX and CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON, IRON MONKEY is the spirited tale of a mysterious and mythical Chinese legend. Under the shadow of night, in the silence before dawn, he fights to give hope to the poor and oppressed.

It turns out that Fox has known Iron Monkey's true identity all along, and he has been secretly helping Iron Monkey. Concurrently, Hin-hung orders his men to search the town for Iron Monkey and Wong Kei-ying, but Fox gets to the clinic first to warn Orchid. On 1 March 2004, the DVD for the film was released in a two-disc platinum edition. [8], In its release in 2001, numerous controversial edits and changes were made to the film for the United States release, to the dismay of Hong Kong cinema fans.

It is not related to the 1977 Hong Kong film of the same title. Original content © 1999-2020 The Quentin Tarantino Archives. The Donnie Yen-Wilson Yip tag team returns with the blistering actioner Flash Point. The film is a fictionalised account of an episode in the childhood of the Chinese folk hero Wong Fei-hung and his father Wong Kei-ying, and their encounter with the "Iron Monkey". The Wongs leave town for Foshan while Yang and Orchid see them off.

Once, he breaks into the governor's residence and makes off with a hoard of gold. The film's domestic release was delayed due to producer Tsui Hark's insistence on filming some additional comedic scenes after Yuen Woo-ping had finished the film. In Hong Kong, the film was initially released by Megastar (later Deltamac) in a basic version. Originally, some fight scenes had been sped up in places through. This version was released in the United States by Tai Seng. Meanwhile, a Shaolin traitor named Hin-hung, who has become an imperial official, arrives in town with his followers. They assist each other and recover from their wounds quickly. The film's domestic release was delayed due to producer Tsui Hark's insistence on filming some additional comedic scenes after Yuen Woo-ping had finished the film. Presented by Quentin Tarantino -- don't miss the exhilarating action adventure that critics everywhere have called one of the greatest martial arts films of all time! When Orchid proves far too skillful for the monks, they drug her and attempt to rape her. Later, it was re-released in Hong Kong by IVL in a digitally remastered edition in the Donnie Yen & Yuen Woo Ping Action Collection. Although no one knows his name or where he comes from, his heroism makes him a living legend to the people ... and a wanted man to the powers that be! This page was last edited on 17 October 2020, at 12:06. On 26 March 2001, the DVD was released by Hong Kong Legends in the United Kingdom in region 2. The governor is impressed by Wong Kei-ying's skill, and he holds Wong Fei-hung hostage to force Wong Kei-ying to help him capture Iron Monkey within seven days. Iron Monkey is actually the alter ego of a traditional Chinese medicine physician called Yang Tianchun. [citation needed]Miramax made several changes that the company felt would make the film more marketable to American audiences:[9]. Please read our. New sound effects were dubbed for the fighting to make them more realistic (as opposed to the more traditional exaggerated Hong Kong sounds). At the end of the film, the protagonists learn that a new governor has taken office, and they hope that he will be a good official. Some soldiers who have been observing the fight nearby suspect that Wong is Iron Monkey, and they arrest him and his son. Five months later, The Donnie Yen Collection DVD was released on 29 May 2006 in a four-disc set, which includes another two martial arts films - New Dragon Gate Inn and Once Upon a Time in China II. Miramax (with assistance from Lionsgate on some versions) released their version on DVD in the United States and also on Blu-ray on 15 September 2009, with the English audio in DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 and the Chinese audio in Dolby Digital 5.1. USA: Miramax re-edit on BluRay or on DVD -, UK: Eureka uncut 2K restoration of the original on BluRay or on DVD -, Germany: Amazia uncut version on BluRay or on DVD, out of print -. In collaboration with another Wing Chun practitioner Tin Chi, Ip Man rescues the children kidnapped by the gangs. Although Wong Fei-hung is able to defeat the Hin-hung's best monks, he is captured and tortured. Neither of them is able to defeat his opponent, and Iron Monkey escapes.

The locals despise Wong Kei-ying for assisting the governor in capturing their hero, so they refuse to sell him food or provide him with shelter. This prequel to SPL finds Yen's Inspector Ma involved in a difficult case versus a trio of deadly Vietnamese bad guys.

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