how are you really feeling today


Yes I know it first hand as well. I’ll look out for you the next time I’m at the zoo . Would it be good, bad, ugly? Harness Your True North. If someone has any idea how to deal with these headaches, then let me know.

Now I run marathons and I’m working on my first novel. Thank you. In our time together, we’ll operate from the assumption that you have all the wisdom you need inside of yourself + that you have a purpose the world needs to see. View more posts. How are you really feeling today? not the most positive thought, but the way i see it, the world is going to eat us up and won’t even notice, so do we really need to care what others think in relation to us? If you don't mind telling me of course! It has really helped me to be true to me and what I’m feeling at the time. Blogging in the first step. I’m okay . I also tend to wear my heart on my sleeve so you’re not alone in that. I’ve been trying to fight off a depression the last few days.

Congrats on your gf!! 100% Upvoted. Because emotion is a human experience, each of our languages have given birth to so many words to describe different feelings. What the course does particularly well is challenge head on the unacceptable levels of stigma and ignorance encountered by those suffering mental ill-health – MHFA England’s target is […] I think a lot of fellow bloggers feel the same. Well I care and I really appreciate your honesty in sharing your experiences. I sit alone a lot. Thank you for your kind words . All. My friends are having a dinner for me tonight (I am moving to a new country on Saturday). Otherwise, I stick to other phrases. Wow! I was so busy, I forgot to eat breakfast. Hahahaha. @JCPinEastLondon @JCPinSthLondon @jmurphyandsons, About 4 days ago from Building Pathways's Twitter via Twitter Web App, Great work by the @BTEG_LDN on the Inclusive Employers Toolkit launched last week by the @MayorofLondon. I wonder how many people are actually ‘fine’… Does anyone respond to ‘how are you?’ differently? Every day, I put on a mask. Maybe because I am 50, and I don’t want anyone in my life, or maybe it’s because I always feel as if I would fail. Yeah writing always helps. Your comments have made posting this blog worth my while. Thank you for your honesty as well. I’ve actually lost friends and relationships due to being “too emotional.”. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up.

It sounds as if you are heading in the right direction. I got trapped in the “best mom in the world” syndrome and let my love for writing take the back seat to be a stay at home mom. How prophetic that you’d write this today.

Angry. Close. I have allowed the mask to slip and finally looked in the mirror. I have actually been forcing myself to avoid “how are you?”, “how’s it going?”, etc. Thank you very much. It is both a vicious circle and an ever decreasing one. Ugh life with anxiety… joy! Very few really want to hear about it.

I think we all wear masks because we want to be what we think others expect us to be. It’s what we call Enhancing Emotional Literacy, and it’s the first of eight competency in Six Seconds’ Emotional Intelligence Model.

This post really struck a chord with me. It’s Ok not to be Ok. It’s just not Ok to stay that way.

Take this quiz! I want to know how you're really feeling today and how your day has been. I hope you get some much needed rest soon. Katie, I know you do.

Don’t be it’s not your trouble.

(That’s a sign that hangs off the front of my church). But I’m scared, lonely and frustrated. I’m so sorry to hear this my friend. Thanks for sharing your personal experience. I’m fine…ally able to admit I’m resentful, bitter, fat, poor and depressed and that I NEED and WANT to have purpose outside of being a door mat for my kids. Thank you for your honest comments. And guess what? What you see is what you get. Then, feeling all those feelings I’ve been stuffing inside feels like a truck ran over me. You’re welcome Debi. We hope that our story will inspire and encourage others. That is the worst part. The rest will follow. You never know who you’ll touch and you most definitely reached me. Such blessing with so much sorrow. And you asked me, “How ya doin’? I usually keep the true feelings to myself and write them out. I get your point. Worried? I didn’t want people to know because from experience, I know the vast majority of people don’t actually care. If you'd only say: 'fine thanks, doctor' you could as easily leave.

It was to become a ritual that religiously adhered to for the next few years. #ConstructionCareers #BuildingPathways #LoveConstruction #Mentoring #Training #FreeEvents #CareersAdvice.

Letting the vulnerability, and trust that I could be myself seemed to bring a feeling of peace and hope today. I'm not looking forward to tomorrow since I have a lot of work... Muse released a new album? Well, at this very minute…. get your answer now! via How Are You Really Feeling Today? I’m sure the powerhouse that was my mother was somehow involved as she ALWAYS knew when things weren’t right with me and reached out (‘tis a rare thing for me to ask for help), providing just the right scriptures and prayer.

serious replies only. Surprised. Terrified. Keep the good work up! But if I ever got the feeling your care for me was real, I’ve thrown away the crutches and stand tall now. I wear my scars like trophies of war. !” I’d say, “Fine, thanks, how are you?”

That’s always my response when my in-laws ask me because they’re very stoic Wisconsinites who show no emotion. Anyway full of self doubt it would take me four hours.

I am unable to hide my emotions well. The thought of doing which of these things makes you groan MOST? when you got dressed what did you pick out what did you have for breakfast what did you do after breakfast? I always have this worry that my partner is cheating on me, so i understand how you feel. You are most certainly not alone. Never really speaking my mind. Why do you think he is cheating on you? However, some of these verbs may be used in the continuous form but with a different meaning. A simple way to get to know someone else or yourself better? Suppose it's a snowy day...what do you do?

Muse released a new single, which is absolutely fantastic by the way. How do you feel now that you’ve put a word to your current emotion? I think in order to think of other people’s feelings we all quite often have to put on a front or no one would ever be able to share good news without feeling guilty and that wouldn’t be right. I think overall I actually am good. Take a moment to tap into your current experience. It might not have been the most positive thought but it was an honest one which is to be commended. People running around with smiles plastered on their faces when inside they are falling apart. I really like what you wrote about allowing the mask to slip and seeing your real self in the mirror. The truth?

Hi Maria, I really admire the way you write about emotional intelligence. Yet I wasn’t fine. I would never block you lol. You have your WordPress friends. If it’s the check out clerk, I think “fine” or whatever positive thing is appropriate. Do I share that with others? Six Seconds’ Emotional Intelligence Model.

I have three kids – 6,4,1 and I take care of them 95% of the time. Required fields are marked *. We don’t like to sit with people who are depressed for long periods of time because we want them to get better and move on so WE can feel comfortable. Sign up here and get this inside story on EQCON and all the developments.

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If you don’t find what you need, contact us! I'm okay I think, it makes me feel better to comment on this. How prophetic that you’d write this today. Great post Stephen, certainly makes one think. (Not that they don’t care about me, they really do; they’re just not wired to know how to respond to the level of distress I would exhibit if I showed them the truth.) I have just completed the MHFA England Mental Health First Aider training and found the experience horrifying and sobering, but also vital, life-changing and full of hope. Turns out, most of the people in my life were toxic. Using the chart, choose another emotion or two that are lying underneath that primary emotion. And as you mentioned, writing has been a tremendous help. I asked my now new gf out and she said yes. I live with shame. How would your life look different if you were more in-tune with your emotions? However, I usually say fine. Depending on my current circumstances, I may say, “I’ve been better, but I’ve been worse, too,” or “Horrible. My irritation shows on my face. I'm a morning person, so I felt tired, but good. ( Log Out / 

Six Seconds is a community of changemakers contributing to a world of insight, connection, and purpose. So, I’m doing well now. Why wear your heart on your sleeve when you can bury it under layers of empty words and glib cliches. I haven’t had a day like that in a long time. Yet. Enjoy . Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. So many of us though are reluctant to show the world how we truly feel. Peer support for anyone struggling with a depressive disorder. (“Now listen here, Peter, there’s this girl down there I need to tell you about…” Haha.). That wasn’t just a nicety– this week’s topic is actually about naming + understanding your feelings. How are you really feeling today? How could a sore hip that everyone thought was a gardening injury suddenly become terminal prostate cancer? We hope you enjoy the blog.

Of course I’m “fine”. Ha! People tend to only have a limited attention span when it comes to compassion and sympathy. Work is beneficial to physical and mental health: periods out of work can exacerbate a mental health condition because people feel isolated, forgotten and purposeless. Thank you, Stephen. No, but I kinda want to just chill out today. It is necessary in order to fit in, to be accepted.

I totally get it.

I see a lot of myself in your words. You have nothing to prove; everything to be. They are afraid to admit they are struggling for fear of what others will think of them. There was a funeral to organise and a million and one other matters to attend to. You’re welcome Kelly.

I keep things to myself a lot. Don’t be a stranger . Take it as a chance to “vent” a little bit. This has been a painful, ugly but ultimately cleansing and liberating process. Also would be better to sleep more. It feels….well wrong. Some people do want to listen. But ultimately in order to heal we must first reveal. Putting language to our emotions actually helps us feel a sense of agency over them (and helps turn down the volume dial on those unpleasant ones). Ha Ha. You can write to me any time. It takes courage and not all of us are at that stage of our journey yet.

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