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The analysis moves (and annotations) are shown in problem comments, accompanied by a mini-board on which the position is displayed, and the moves can be played.

We have also recently moved to a fully encypted site, with all pages now served over https. View all posts by Richard James.

We have introduced a new diamond membership level, and a new membership signup page with some important new features. English Federation for Correspondence Chess, Free Internet Correspondence Games Server. A chess tactics server with fast-paced puzzles.

Advanced search includes a material search and convenient endgame finder. Let's start training today!

Several changes have been made to the stats graphs: For premium members, non auto-renewing membership subscriptions are now available. Play tactic/endgame/database board positions against computer. The first version includes support for tactics, playing, and the cloud engine based analysis board.
A beta release of a new student coaching feature has been added which allows users to nominate a coach, who then gets access to otherwise hidden stats, such as the students' per problem mistake moves, play versus computer stats, tagging stats and FIDE rating estimates. I'm now winning games both online and against friends. Some bugs in endgames have been fixed, there are still a few more (relatively infrequent) bugs to resolve before endgames can be considered a non-BETA release. Colour to Move - The colour of the pieces controlled by the player solving the problem. Username tooltips where added to usernames displayed in comments.

You can read about it at the. (This will permanently delete all of your data - purchases, game scores, ratings, etc). translations, including those who helped with testing.

Thanks to c.h.andas and msiipola who have both put in a huge amount of time translating into those languages. Visibility of think times and clock changes while moving through move list on completed games. Richard has been a member of Richmond & Twickenham Chess Club since 1966.

More human like responses for some opponent moves. Solve in full screen with only the board displayed. (There seem to be a couple of design faults here: you can click to see the game before solving the puzzle, although I’m not sure why you’d want to cheat in this way, and sometimes the next puzzle comes from the same game, in which case you may already have seen the answer.). All longer mates will now be considered as alternatives. ChessGYM offers a range of chess puzzles and exercises aimed at increasing chess and thinking prowess for all abilities. Train Tactics, Play up to 5 piece endgames against the computer.

Train Endgames, 2 Million+ game database, updated regularly. Setting a higher number means more users had voted for the tag, but will also reduce the total number of matching problems. You can read more details on the blog post announcing the features. Personal tagging stats have been added to help users understand the degree to which other users agree or disagree with their tags. Note that the premium feature set of the new UI is not 100% the same as the old UI, as such, existing premium members will be able to choose the old UI for 1 year from today, after which the old UI will no longer be available. You can select the weights of each subset to control how many problems from each subset will be served. The tags include a long list of new 'positional' tags, which will help categorise the types of positions and moves found throughout the games. Premium users can launch the play vs computer feature from database and problem pages in order to play positions against the computer. This would fit into the Trick or Treat chapter of Chess Puzzles for Heroes: is d7 a good move for White? The 'Choose Best Move(s)' advice at the top of the page can now be permanently hidden. Board setting changes are now handled by clicking the settings icon in the top left of the board. The higher priced Diamond membership will help fund the purchase of more engine cluster servers to provide the extra analysis power. Premium members can also create custom sets that explicitly include or exclude these non-winning type problems. The opening trainer allows you create and manage your opening repertoire, and then train against your repertoire using spaced repetition to optimise your learning. In the future, the playing feature will become more closely integrated into the training features of the site, and will provide a way of giving statistically valid feedback on how your training is impacting your actual playing strength. The Play versus Computer feature is also still in public BETA stage, bug reports are welcome.

Exercise #1 Exercise #2 Exercise #3 Exercise #4 Exercise #5 Targets can be given fixed time periods (e.g. The Play Online section of the user guide has instructions on how to use the new feature. Coaches can also assign training targets to their students, and get a summary of training target progress across all their students.

The answer is very simple: I’ve become addicted to the lichess puzzle page. You can also click to see the complete game and find out how the position came about. An initial release of the next version of Chesstempo is now available for beta testing. Home / Tactics / TrainerChoose your level: Beginner Intermediate Advanced Super Hard I highly recommend you study the lesson “How to Solve Chess Puzzles” to help you get maximum benefit from the CHESSFOX Tactics Trainer. A new option to avoid problems with ALTS was added. Free registration provides basic features. A new problem generator has also been completed. Your own comments can now be deleted or edited (as long as they are the most recent comment to be made on a problem). Are you sure you want to delete your account? ! For more details please read the opening traning blog post announcement and the opening training user guide section. Summary stats of the filtered results allow you to see stats for the filtered attempts such as performance rating, accuracy, average time taken, average problem rating, best and worst percentage rank, and others. Recommended!".

All users can now play each other on Chess Tempo, with support for both correspondence and traditional online chess playing. Chesstempo now has a large set of achievement badges that can be earnt by completing tasks on the site. Allow custom sets to optionally choose the "give me problems close to my rating" problem selection algorithm. The bots now play a much wider range of openings due to using a much more diverse opening book compared to the original bots used when the site first launched. Another example would be a merged subset of mate and non-mate sets with say 80% non-mates and 20% mates, you could also merge a larger number of sets, and control of mates versus non-mates based on mate length. Expect a rating reset in the future after puzzle ratings stabilize and tweaks are In each position you have to find a series of ‘only moves’ which will result in a winning advantage. Your list of achievements can be found on the achievements tab on your stats page. The 'Start Solving' panel now allows you to change the current problem set before your solving session begins. Gold members can access the graphs by clicking on the new view button shown on the custom set performance tables on the tactics and endgame stats tabs on each user's stats page.

Both correspondence and traditional online chess playing will be supported. If you would like to donate your time to helping with translations to your language, please email Great for short breaks.

Comment Search - Matches only problems with the supplied search string in one of their problem comments. Extending the period of an existing active membership. As already announced on the forum, new Endgame custom sets have been created for Premium members. Get monthly product updates and special offers! Study GM games and research openings. A new version of the Play online interface If you would like to help out with either an existing or new translation, please send an email to
He was the co-founder of Richmond Junior Chess Club in 1975 and its director until 2005. The database is documented in a new user guide that covers most of the Chess Tempo features in detail. Useful for tuning parameters like spaced repetition learning intervals or rating ranges after the set is made. Work on the playing feature has taken up the majority of recent development time, however a number of small, but hopefully useful features have been added: The number of pieces, colour to move and game move number search criteria can be quite useful when used with the opening name/ECO code search criteria, allowing you to choose tactics from games that used your opening of choice, and concentrate on the tactics that actually appeared in the opening phase of the game, rather than middle game/endgame positions that happened to arise out of the opening you searched for. This feature is available to both premium and free members. More next time. Create sophisticated custom problem sets including: Motif specific problem sets, such as pins, forks, skewers etc. Other times I miss first move and get -14. A total of 96 hours across all threads will be provided each day (12 hours per thread), with a maximum analysis time for any one thread of 36 hours. Changes to tag votes providing more visibility of voting patterns, and more convenient voting on existing tags. The database can be searched via either a quick search or advanced search interface.

Bitcoin support integrated directly into main payment page. This is an early test version, so please report any problems on the forum. A fun & effective way to learn and train chess with Chess World Champion, Magnus Carlsen.

Seek Formula - You can now define who can send you direct seeks, and under what conditions, using a seek formula. • Follow courses created by our learning experts and Grand Masters. Graph and performance summary for current solving session.

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