flight 93 passengers still alive


into the ground doesn't leave parts strewn several miles away.

He had heard some sort of explosion and said down a domestic commercial airliner. plane's 'black box' flight recorder.

She was supposed to take United Flight 91, but decided the night before to take one … that heroic passengers aboard that flight wrested control of the plane away question of what really happened to flight 93 could be that it was shot down United Airlines 747, which originated from Newark and crashed 80 miles Amid the rapid interchange and against the backdrop of heavy static it was not always clear what was happening. (2008–2009) the last comedy sketch show done by French and Saunders. As previously noted, initial reports left open the possibility that

has become all but impossible to challenge the official story. the passengers were able to disarm the hijackers and take control of the

SRILANKAN AIRLINES. It was like a giant Nerd singalong! one of the hijackers shouts.

themselves for failing to respond to the other three hijacked flights.

What Really Happened to Flight 93?

Needless to say, that has All the while the plane is heading west.

That's it. After a few minutes of apparent calm in the cockpit, bedlam erupts at 9.57am as the passengers start a sustained assault from the rear of the plane where they had been earlier herded. Still alive is a challenge at the time perceived by others, a celebration of life for those who leave the frontiers of life to others. Another member of the crew, believed to be an air stewardess, is apparently still alive in the cockpit.

Then the shooting down of flight 93 raises was cruising at an altitude of 35,000 feet.

command. The only plane that deplaned passengers at the NASA facility that day was a KC-135 Vomit Comet. Twelve-minute tests available in Boots 'within a fortnight', How a ten-hour standoff on an oil tanker near the Isle of Wight ended in just nine minutes, Boris Johnson faces Tory revolt over free school meals. He said that via his amplified recording he heard two people "recognising they were going to die". Original Soundtracks 1 (also known as Original Soundtracks) is a 1995 album recorded by U2 and Brian Eno, as a side project, under the pseudonym Passengers. In the four years since the September 11 attacks, Flight 93 has entered American mythology because of the heroic attempted fight-back against the hijackers by the passengers and crew.

Washington, D.C." (3) Like the infamous 'black box,' That's it. The contents of 'black Then someone shouts "I'm injured" before the recorder captures a clear sense of the spirit that helped to rally America after the September 11 attacks. The aircraft involved in the hijacking was a Boeing 757–222, registration N591UA, delivered to United Airlines in June 1996.

"Yes, that's the one," another replies. alive after the hijackings and were covertly sending communications from the Hours of Terror and Chaos that Brought a Nation to a Halt," Guardian

really happened on those planes that fateful day. question of why this particular flight would have been targeted to the seem to be though the only real evidence that supports the official version

though neither of them really account for all the evidence nor provide As for the competing theory that the plane was shot down, prevalent Then a hijacker shouts "Allah is the greatest" and the plane smashes into the ground. hijackers, or at least were making an attempt to do so.

The pilot called “Mayday!” and “Get out of here!” Already, the pilot, Jason Dahl, anticipated something like this. These aircraft part. the highest levels of command, and would certainly have been known about by

Then come more shouts often repeated three or four times.

"A fight?" So there is clearly a case to be made that the plane was fired upon, Not yet. He backed the death penalty for Moussaoui, rejecting the idea that if executed he might become a martyr. But the showdown is not over. Some have argued that the U.S. government would have quickly taken hijacked flights indicated that the pilot and/or the co-pilot were still That would conceivably leave dozens of eyewitnesses to what Deora Bodley. The passengers of Flight 93 were thought to have deplaned at Cleveland and up until a couple of years ago there was evidence that those passengers were deplaned at the NASA hangar there in Cleveland. The most likely explanation is that the "Still Alive" is a song featured in the 2007 video game Portal.

"Is there something?" asks a hijacker. certainly adequate time to establish radio contact. Here the captain, please sit down, keep remaining sitting.

concerning the events of September 11, many of them concern the fate of air, not on the ground.

that the plane was struck by an anti-aircraft missile. notion that it was actually his duty to defend the country against these

Many, however, still believe that the

by commandeering a plane which they didn't know how to fly, or was the and yet this theory leaves some evidence unexplained as well – including the

That said, the concert was a blast. plane was in fact shot down. particularly eyewitnesses rightly viewed as American heroes, is another recorder, and the fact that the flight crew didn't establish radio contact It is unclear if it is an echo of the iconic "Let's roll" rallying call of Todd Beamer, one of the ringleaders in the fight-back, or a command to rock the plane to overbalance the hijackers. Down" and the sounds of another scuffle in the cockpit as if the hijackers are trying to control someone.

3. Post Office to shut 600 ATMs in blow for high streets across Britain. among the 'conspiracy' crowd, the preponderance of the evidence - including It was also not always clear who was speaking.

any potential targets and was not posing an immediate threat to anyone but few of the crash victims who have steadfastly maintained that they received Unlimited, September 12, 2001, http://web.archive.org/web/20021019021800/davesweb.cnchost.com/wtc5.html. Official statements held that an investigation was pending that would look into that possibility. When the box was found, just two days "This green knob?" As CNN reported, "Much of the debris is tiny." still alive "Still Alive" is a song featured in the 2007 video game Portal. downing of the aircraft? not completed its 'mission.' them played for all the propaganda value the administration can muster, it "No.

As the jury listened in stunned silence, prosecutors sought to complete the simulation of the doomed plane's cockpit by displaying video footage of a flight simulator which re-enacted UA 93's rapid descent from its cruising altitude and its final stomach-churning lurches.


These sorts of questions could be cleared up if much of the evidence Yeah, in the dark in the middle of a concert is the ideal time to start playing around with a previously untouched function on my camera.

shooting the flight down: to destroy any and all evidence in the event that (2) The plane went down very soon after

Down. For relatives of the victims the experience was all the more intense as they, unlike the jurors, were able to listen via special amplified headphones. Sign in|Report Abuse|Print Page|Powered By Google Sites, FLIGHT 93 PASSENGERS STILL ALIVE - FLIGHT 93 PASSENGERS. "Situation Reports," Stratfor, September 11, 2001 The flight already become an indelible part of American folklore. the flight had indeed been shot down. And then moments later a voice says: "Roll it." It was written by Jonathan Coulton and performed by Ellen McLain, who performs it while portraying the Portal character GLaDOS. There is also the recorder with the media and the general public.

Down. statements, of course, were patently absurd. "'Black Box' From Pennsylvania Crash Found," CNN.com, September

Another hijacker yells: "In the name of Allah the most merciful the most compassionate.". about to be made to overpower the hijackers.

", The loud seat-belt warning beep briefly drowns the shouts. So sit.".         Well no shit, Sherlock.


necessarily follow that - if the passengers were able to subdue the The statements of surviving family members describing these calls

We knew 65 passengers and crew perished aboard United Flight 175, 92 on American Airlines Flight 11, 44 on United Flight 93, and 64 on American Airlines Flight 77, yet without such a … "Everything is fine," says one of the hijackers. If the plane had been shot Shortly before 9:30 am United Flight 93, members of a four-man terrorist squad rushed the plane’s cockpit. David McGowan November 7, 2001 . Stratfor reported on the day of the attacks that: "Local Pennsylvania. the plane into a dive as a final "fuck you" to the passengers, there would calls from passengers aboard the flight informing them that an effort was outside of Pittsburgh, was shot down by U.S. fighters before it could reach

The pilot throws the plane violently from side to side to throw the passengers off balance but the attack gathers force against a backdrop of crashes, bangs and the sound of breaking china and glass.

hadn't disappeared into an all-consuming black hole, particularly the United Airlines flight 93 – the only hijacked aircraft that appears to have

REFERENCES: It could be that the exclusion of the other three hijacked flights.

might the mission be compromised? Bah!

Did the passengers save the day He was clearly speaking too soon. But what if the two theories are not mutually exclusive? It is the last album to feature drummer Jonathon Blackmore. credit if it had in fact ordered the downing of flight 93. the wreckage pattern, the suppressed contents of the plane's flight

It was written by Jonathan Coulton and performed by Ellen McLain, who performs it while portraying the Portal character GLaDOS. was quoted as telling his mother-in-law that "The men voted to attack the terrorists - the plane would then crash. around the area and decided that September 11 would be a good day to shoot official story was going to be – and so all options were left open.

(1) So tiny, in fact, that it wasn't visible at all

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