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It was released on October 1 in mainland China, and on October 18 in Hong Kong. The film is a remake of a classic Chinese children's propaganda film of the same name made in 1974.

[3], "Classic Chinese Red Army Propaganda Film Reborn as Animated Film", "Hong Kong ICT Awards 2007: Best Digital Entertainment Award Winners", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Sparkling_Red_Star_(2007_film)&oldid=958885999, Pages using infobox film with unknown empty parameters, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 26 May 2020, at 04:56. He was born in a small country town in central California, to a Portuguese mother and a Russian father.

Regaining his control over the village, Hu's not only back to his old tricks of bullying the villagers, he also plans on making a profit by buying and selling weapons (presumably to the enemies of the Red Army, though it's not clearly stated). Azumiの「Red Star」動画視聴ページです。歌詞と動画を見ることができます。(歌いだし)必死に閉じた指の隙間 歌ネットは無料の歌詞検索サービスです。 His parents divorced very early in his childhood. When Hu Hansan, the tyrannical landlord of the village, found out about this, Pan's father was captured. Hu the traitor, hired a number of cold-blooded killers and returned to Liuxi Village. According to Chin, he funded the project because he "wanted to do something for Chinese animation.
From that time, Pan grew up experiencing failures and frustrations with neither of his parents by his side.

Sparkling Red Star (Chinese: 闪闪的红星 孩子的天空) is a 2007 Chinese animated film produced by Puzzle Animation Studio Limited in collaboration with the Bayi Film Studio of the People's Liberation Army. He, along with other villagers, have been partitioning grain harvests out into two sections, one to be handed over to the landlord, the other to be saved for the Red Army, who was due to pass through their village. However, good times did not last long.

He had changed from a stubborn child into a brave and passionate young man.

Pan manages to sneak into Hu's quarters and steal the radio but he inadvertently leads Hu and his henchmen to the Red Guard hideout. Red Star's abilities include superhuman strength, speed, invulnerability, and endurance.
Before father and son parted, Pan's father gave him a red star badge as a symbol of encouragement.

However, after reaching 10 years of age, he began to experience the sorrows and joys of life's partings and reunions. [1] Co-directed by Li Jun and Li Ang, the film is a mix between a war film, a children's film and a musical.

Yggdra Party - Valkyrie Connect, MISA MOEI #1: EM LOLI CUTE CỰC DAMDANG VỚI NỘI Y ĐỎ | CUTE LOLI JAV IDOL I…, Las PEORES MARCAS de celular que existen (y nadie debería comprar) …, BLАDE OF THE IMMΟRTAL New Trailer ✩ Action Samurai Movie (Movie HD), All Azumi's Heroes & Gear Collection - Valkyrie Connect, Azumi Mamiya - Alife 2020 Contributed Talk, AMV Girls und Panzer Selection University, Azumi, Rumi, Megumi, Alice. The villagers of Liuxi Village also enjoyed a period of happy days under the protection of the Red Guards.

She was a painter and his father designed technology for the military. [1], The animation was mostly hand-drawn and had a running time of 84 minutes. Niko Red Star, Actor: The Judge.

In Liuxi Village in Jiangxi, an innocent and cheerful child, Pan Dongzi (盘东子), spent his carefree childhood. Pan's father was a Red Army sympathizer. He occupied Liuxi Village again, and Pan had no choice but to flee with his mother by following the Red Guards. It is an animated remake of the 1974 children's propaganda film Sparkling Red Star, which was made during the Cultural Revolution. The production cost was more than $2 million USD and was a collaboration between the Bayi film studio of the People's Liberation Army and Puzzle Animation Studio Limited, a Shenzhen animation studio led by Hong Kong businessman Chin Yiu-tong. , G.I.ジョー バック2リベンジ, 映画をもっと。<映画無料放送>.

[2], According to a 2011 paper by Luke Robinson, the remake treats its audience of Chinese children as a consumer and is a commercialized version of the original, which was politically pedagogical in nature and treated the child as a potential political agent. "[1], The filmmakers did not make the theme as politically revolutionary as the original film, and chose to focus more on family and friendship, although there are still numerous propagandistic elements. The film concerns a boy who helps the Red Army fight a greedy landlord in his village. Sparkling Red Star is a 1974 Chinese film and one of the very few films produced in China during the Cultural Revolution.

Wendy Red Star (born 1981) is a Native American contemporary multimedia artist born in Billings, Montana, in the United States.

Pan's mother, joining the Red Guards in fight, is shot and killed.

The Red Army had to set off on the Long March, and Pan's father went with them. Sparkling Red Star (Chinese: 闪闪的红星 孩子的天空) is a 2007 Chinese animated film produced by Puzzle Animation Studio Limited in collaboration with the Bayi Film Studio of the People's Liberation Army. The Red Guards of the Red Army show up just in time to save Pan's father and since then, Pan worshiped Xiuzhu, the Captain of Red Guards. Niko Red Star was conceived beneath a Christmas tree on the island of Oahu in Waipahu, Hawaii. Her humorous approach and use of Native American images from traditional media draw the viewer into her work, while also confronting romanticized representations. Pan constantly strove to become stronger, and gradually became a tough person. [1], Its distribution company, Asia Animation Limited, was awarded a Certificate of Merit in the Best Digital Entertainment (Digital Animation) Award category by the Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Association in 2007.

POW…, 必死に閉じた指の隙間 ぽたぽたと零れ落ちる涙手のひらの中でただ響く 擦れた声 聴いてたかすかな希望は いつだって私の未来をとめてしまうから忘れたいことを忘れられない 虚ろな映画みたい『ありがとう』 最後の言葉なんて 今まで知らなかった窓辺に光る Red Star あなたが居た夜は言い訳も聴きたくなくて 部屋で動けなくなった誰よりも先に愛車を見せに なによりも笑顔が嬉しかったのあなたの1番はこれからは 誰かのものになる『さよなら』をやり過ごす夜 少し大人になったかな窓辺に光る Red Star “最初の助手席”だってその嘘は信じてる 優しいあなただから窓辺に消える Red Star 追いかけてきた夜に素直になって窓の向こう 駆け出したならこんなにも恋しいなら あなたと笑っていたそれだけを その瞬間を 信じていられたなら信じていられたなら, 各ページに掲載されたジャケット画像、歌詞に関する著作権は、各レコード会社、アーティストなどに帰属します。. The remaining Red Guards in Liuxi feel this poses a great threat to other Red Guards on the frontlines and decide they need to destroy Hu's radio so he can longer contact his suppliers or buyers. After his father left, only a few members of the Red Guard were left stationed in Liuxi Village.

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