double daylight savings time 1973


I am tired for the entire time of daylight saving time. William Willett, the British architect and golfer who came up with the idea in 1907, wanted to stuff more light into the day so people could play games after work.

Why can't I have some precious daylight before reporting to work! What nobody is noting is that even within the same time zone, there is already an hour difference between the far eastern portion (think Boston) and the far western portion (think Toledo) - when it is light in the morning in Boston, it may still be dark in Toledo, and when the sun sets in Boston, it will still be daylight in Toledo. It does NOT save energy, not at all. This became more widespread in World War II, and some European countries even went on “Double Summer Time.” After V‐J Day the scattershot approach resumed, but …
A federal study of expanding daylight time in the '70s found a drop in crime in the District of about 10 percent when daylight time is in effect. Similarly, while bad guys are usually asleep in the early morning, dusk brings about prime time for crime. Please cite one scientific study that shows DST saves energy. Every bit of dawn's early light they need for their safety. Here, adapted from my piece from this moment two years ago, is the argument for Double DST: President Warren G. Harding didn't like daylight saving time. Daylight Savings Time is only the promise of the angry jangle of an alarm clock shrieking in the darkness, a lonely shower, a bad cup of lukewarm coffee, a drive in the gloom, and a day of working florescent. Markey was more vocal in advocating his proposals. The only place in North America I am aware of which stays on fast time all year is the Province of Saskatchewan, which for them is Central Standard Time. Nixon would eventually pass a dizzying array of environmental legislation, including establishing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a newly created, independent agency. Modern equipment has made them less dependent on the sun, says David Prerau, a former Transportation Department researcher who wrote "Seize the Daylight," a book on the nation's time wars, and consulted with members of Congress on the time-shift law that took effect in 2007.
It's Time For Double Daylight Saving Time. When it takes me forever to get adjusted, then another change of time is here. Posted by: tchtic | March 7, 2009 5:38 PM. Prerau says darker mornings do produce more car accidents involving kids, but that increase is more than made up for by the much larger decline in early evening accidents.).

This is all EXACTLY equivalent to staying up late, sleeping late, and coming in to work late. If we really wanted to fill our lives with joy and save energy and money, if we really wanted to move beyond the fiction of our agrarian conception of time and into the modern world, we'd shift to year-round Daylight Saving Time--or, if we really wanted to embrace reality and maximize life, go to Double DST, a big, two-hour push forward of the clocks that would turn our summers into a marathon of gorgeous, endless evenings. I agree with WAPO put it ahead an hour and never change it again, Bush is the first president in daylights savings time early life starting in 1916. By December, the price of crude had quadrupled to $11.65 a barrel. For me, the clock only allows me to measure the passage of time, not what I do with my time. It's not us, ordinary, middle class Americans. Kids going to school in the dark. As for an energy savings plan it fails to take into consideration that the Sun, electricity and temperatures do not have a concept of our terrestrial time.

Note also that two thirds of those voting are in favor of changing. Posted by: hpottle | March 7, 2009 1:50 PM. I say we split the difference and change the time permanently to 30 minutes later than it is now. It's messy, but it's the result of compromises that have been made over the years. Posted by: Venizelos1 | March 7, 2009 2:06 PM. Sorry you're not able to enjoy cocktails in the sunlight all year round at a time when we're already in bed, but being able to do basic daily functions in the light is something we would appreciate that the continual extension of DST prevents. If people want to get up earlier, work earlier and so forth, let them, and leave the rest of us alone.

And 20thcentury, as Fisher points out, the system is not fine as it is, we could save energy and reduce accidents by moving to DSM all year or even double DSM in the summer. In Britain, Parliament is considering a move to adopt daylight time in the winter and double daylight time in summer. I understand that, but then let's fidget with work hours, not fundamental astronomy.

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