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The .357 Magnum cartridge is fully capable of taking medium-size game in those states where it is legal, and it is a very good defensive round. It comes with everything shown in the pictures. It was immediately obvious that Colt had achieved what it set out to do in bringing back the Python at the same or even higher quality. En octobre 1999, Colt a annoncé qu'il cesserait la production de revolvers Python. Colt Pythons command high prices - new or used, and have found a place in the collection of many serious handgunners. Une version baril de trois pouces est très à collectionner, mais pas rare. Cette arme est notamment au centre du film Police Python 357 (1976) d'Alain Corneau mettant en vedette Yves Montand. Colt Model 1855 Sidehammer Pocket Revolver, Colt 1877 Double Action Lightning/Thunderer,, Article contenant un appel à traduction en anglais, Catégorie Commons avec lien local identique sur Wikidata, licence Creative Commons attribution, partage dans les mêmes conditions, comment citer les auteurs et mentionner la licence, 935 ; 1 077 ; 1 233 ; ou 1 360 g (suivant le canon), 203 ; 241 ; 292 ; ou 343 mm (suivant le canon), 63,50 ; 101,60 ; 152,40 ; ou 203,20 mm (2,5 ; 4 ; 6 ou 8 pouces), Carcasse fermée avec barillet basculant. Les pythons ont une apparence distincte grâce à une sous-languette à canon plein, une nervure ventilée et des viseurs réglables. Still the finest example of American handgunnery I’ve never owned. But, in an improvement over the original Python, the front ramp can be easily changed by the user to a brass bead, tritium night sight or fiber optic. Please Note - We do not sell handguns. There is something just “right” about a wheelgun and that may be the finest example. Le Colt Python a été introduit pour la première fois en 1955 en tant que modèle haut de gamme de Colt et était à l'origine destiné à être un revolver à cible spéciale .38 de grande taille . And the gun has fewer parts than the original Python, which holds down manufacturing costs and requires less hand fitting. The single-action trigger had very slight creep with a crisp break and no takeup or overtravel. Adding to these high prices was the end of large scale production of the Colt Python in 1996, the Colt Custom Gun Shop continued making a limited number of Pythons on special order until 2005. Il utilise un canon Python accouplé à un châssis Trooper Mk V. Six cents revolvers de 6 pouces et 600 revolvers de quatre pouces ont été fabriqués, dont 100 étaient des ensembles assortis. The Python was originally available in two finishes: Royal Blue and Bright Nickel. For comparison purposes, a friend who owns more than one original Python let me compare some old models with the new model. Retail prices start at $1000+. Ammunition was developed by Winchester in cooperation with Smith & Wesson. Seller: Custom Shop Inc . The Python was relaunched in 2020 with a few improvements. These improvements … Il utilise un canon Python accouplé à un cadre Colt King Cobra . Changing the front sight is as simple as loosening a setscrew. At one time, Colt's Manufacturing Company was a leader in high-quality double-action revolvers, and the Python was regarded by many as the top of the line. Smith & Wesson introduced this cartridge for its heavy-frame revolver.

Cela rend le Python comparable au premier Smith & Wesson en .357, le M27 qui pèse 2,6 lbs (42 onces). I feel you are going to injoy poking the bear. Le canon porté comprend une empreinte d'ours. And, as mentioned earlier, .38 Special loads are easier on the shooter and less expensive to purchase. I’ll give you $100 if you throw in the speed loaders. D'autres revolvers ont un soupçon de relâchement, même à pleine queue. Le Python a immédiatement fait une percée sur le marché des forces de l'ordre lors de son introduction, le canon de 6 pouces étant populaire auprès des officiers en uniforme et le canon de 4 pouces considéré comme optimal pour une utilisation en civil. The Colt Python has a long and tortured history. Pythons have a reputation for accuracy, smooth trigger pull and a tight cylinder lock-up. It was never intended to be the object of continuous heavy pounding of magnum ammo. The Colt Python is a double action, large frame handgun chambered for the powerful .357 Magnum cartridge originally developed by Smith & Wesson.

Il a été abandonné en 1990 et brièvement proposé comme modèle "Custom Shop" par la suite. 6 inch model is the most popular, and the 8 inch model is intended for hunting. The new Python with the 4.25-inch barrel had a trigger with an average double-action pull weight of 9.6 pounds, characterized by a very smooth pull followed by a very small amount of stacking — it was almost indiscernible — and a crisp break. Cependant, le revolver n'est pas sans détracteurs. It has a stronger top strap, the rear sight has been improved, and the crown is recessed for protection from bumps and nicks. Regardless of the loads used, the test Python performed without any problems.

À partir des années 1970, chaque revolver Python a été pointé à l'usine avec un laser; le premier revolver produit en série pour lequel cela a été fait.

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Mfgr- Colt. In 2017, Colt brought back the high-quality, double-action .38 Special Cobra, a sibling of the original Python. Le Python Hunter était le premier paquet de chasse à l'arme de poing prêt à l'emploi fabriqué par un grand fabricant d'armes de poing. Today,,,it is a “bedroom” gun for this old LEO. The Bright Nickel model was discontinued with the introduction of the more durable satin stainless and mirror-polished Ultimate Stainless models, but the stainless steel and Royal Blue finishes are still offered by Colt on the Python "Elite" model. The Colt Python is it. The foam insert is in very good condition. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. COPYRIGHT NOTICE Lead photo by Mike Anschuetz. Pretty old and worn. Overall length (8 in barrel)- 13.5 in.

Toothie- Yep, they USED to be affordable… sigh, Mrchuck- Thanks and yes, they do fall readily to hand! Even though there is less hand fitting required, the new Python's trigger is better than the original.

The .38 Special loads were very pleasant to shoot and generated noticeable, but not punishing, recoil. Cartouche du Colt Python, la .357 Magnum (ici en version soft point).

L'enveloppe et le canon étaient gravés de l'écusson de Sa Majesté. Cependant, il est depuis tombé hors d'usage courant (avec tous les autres revolvers) en raison de l'évolution des besoins des forces de l'ordre qui favorisent les pistolets semi-automatiques. Some shooters won't mind the heavier recoil a bit and can practice all day long with the magnum loads, but others are going to prefer .38 Specials for practice and recreational shooting. Resale for an original Python in just about any variation can see prices going beyond $3000. Raised in the South, but lived all over the world. L' acier inoxydable et finitions bleu royal ont été offerts jusqu'en 2003 par Colt sur le modèle « Elite » Python.

Originally, Colt manufactured Pythons with hollow underlugs but quickly left them solid to add a very useful barrel weight. On the other hand, the .357 Magnum loads imparted a very noticeably stronger recoil pulse to the shooter. L'auteur Martin Dougherty souligne également le poids du Python, car il est assez lourd pour une arme de poing de son calibre, allant de 2,4 lbs (1,1 kg) à 2,6 lbs (1,2 kg). Pythons sont disponibles avec 2,5 pouces (6,4 cm), de 3 pouces (7,6 cm), de 4 pouces (10 cm), de 6 pouces (15 cm) et 8 pouces (20 cm) de barils. View my complete profile, "No law ever written has stopped any robber, rapist or killer, like cold blue steel in the hands of their last intended victim."

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