chess endgame positions


with the queen on e2). It is typically used by a computer chess engine during play, or by a human or computer that is retrospectively analysing a game that has already been played. "[58][59] Later, when the Lomonosov 7-piece tablebase was being completed a position was found with a DTM of 546 (third diagram below).

The solution is to generate all legal moves from that position, make one by one, probe that EGTB for values of each new position. In queen and pawn endings, passed pawns have paramount importance, because the queen can escort it to the queening square alone. The only requirement is that engines (run on an average computer) are not able to evaluate the position correctly after given, say, 10-15 minutes time to "think". I think the study might be cooked. Every position is assigned to a unique index to specify the location of the information stored about it. The queen and pawn versus queen endgame is the second most common of the "piece and pawn versus piece" endgames, after rook and pawn versus rook. What all different formats of tablebases have in common is that every possible piece placement has its own, unique index number which represents the position where the information about the position is located in the file. In general, the player with a material advantage tries to exchange pieces and reach the endgame. The final position of the solution is an ending with queen against two knights with pawns on both sides where the knights can set up a blockade. Fine and Benko (Fine & Benko 2003:205) give four conclusions: This is a draw if the defending king is in front of the pawn or sufficiently close.

Incidentally, the tablebase does not recognize the composer's solution because it includes castling.

A queen and pawn are normally equivalent to two rooks, which is usually a draw if both sides have an equal number of additional pawns. Knights cannot lose a tempo, so knight and pawn endgames have much in common with king and pawn endgames. There are some exceptions to this: (1) endings in which both sides have two rooks plus pawns – the player with more pawns has better winning chances if a pair of rooks are not exchanged, and (2) bishops on opposite color with other pieces – the stronger side should avoid exchanging the other pieces.

White also wins if Black is to move (, White to play, a draw.

Use of an endgame tablebase might be permitted in a live game even if engine use is forbidden. Thus, the tablebase acts as an oracle, always providing the optimal moves.

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With a bishop either side may have winning chances. Three pawns are often enough to win against a minor piece, but two pawns rarely are. To learn more, see our tips on writing great answers.

Community. Tablebases assume that castling is not possible for two reasons. Two knights. This relates to Rule 2 with rooks (above). The pawn structure is important.

Another drawback is that tablebases require a lot of memory to store the many thousands of positions. (threatening Bxc6) 3... Be8 4.

Note that KNBKR would be incorrect; bishops come before knights.

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