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(This would be Breland's only loss as an amateur. Rather than stick to one, his music reflects the influence each of them had on him. Breland is a mix of open farmland, woodland, and sprawling metropolises, the largest and most famous of which is Sharn. Breland Homes was founded more than 40 years ago, and is now one of the most trusted names in the home building industry. He made three successful title defenses before losing it to Aaron Davis in a back-and-forth 9-round contest that was nearly called off twice because of injuries to Davis' eye before Breland was knocked out in round 9. Breland was so exceptional, that he has been having trouble getting sparring partners in the Bedford-Stuyvesant Boxing Association Gym. Unfortunately, this may have turned around after Wroat was destroyed during the Yannashur's Uprising. While each of the human settlements that eventually became the Five Nations took root in the rich land surrounding the Scions Sound, the ancestors of the Brelish nation felt confined along the shore of the Brey River. Head of the House Cannith, Merrix d'Cannith is currently acting as the ruler of Wroat while they are reconstructing it. Argonth is a mobile fortress and city of Breland, the largest engine of war ever built.2 It floats above the Brelish landscape, traveling the borders between with its neighbors.1 1 History 2 Description 3 Inhabitants 4 Appendix 4.1 References 4.2 Connections Created by House Cannith during the Last War, Argonth was originally one of five such magical fortresses. Loansharks, lawyers, insurance companies are found everywhere in Breland. Mark Anthony Breland (born May 11, 1963) is an American retired world champion boxer who won five New York Golden Gloves titles and a gold medal at the 1984 Olympics, was awarded the 1982 Boxer of the Year by USAABF, [1] and rated #1 amateur welterweight in the world by AIBA in 1984. Breland occupies a large swath of land nestled between Zilargo to the east and Droaam to the west while sharing its northern border with the Eldeen Reaches and Aundair, and even touches Darguun and The Mournland in its far eastern area. ), (Breland was named Outstanding Boxer of the tournament among the middle weights), Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, 1984 Olympic Boxing Trials in Fort Worth, Texas, Olympic boxing champions – men's welterweight, World amateur boxing champions – men's welterweight,, Olympic gold medalists for the United States in boxing, AIBA World Boxing Championships medalists, Short description is different from Wikidata, BLP articles lacking sources from April 2014, Articles lacking in-text citations from March 2013, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, 1/4: Lost to Darryl Anthony by split decision, 2–3, 1/2: Defeated Frank Warren by unanimous decision, 5–0, 1/8: Defeated Mihai Ciubotaru (Romania) KO 1, 1/4: Defeated Jenő Danyi (Hungary) by unanimous decision, 5–0, Defeated Stanisław Marczyński (Poland) by unanimous decision, 3–0, 1/16: Lost to Kurt Whitesell by medical walkover, Defeated Yong Beom Chung (South Korea) by unanimous decision, 5–0, 1/2: Defeated Alton Rice by unanimous decision, 5–0, 1/2: Defeated Louis Howard by unanimous decision, 5–0, Finals: Defeated Davey Gutierrez by unanimous decision, 5–0, Defeated Louis Howard by unanimous decision, 5–0, This page was last edited on 24 October 2020, at 07:46. Breggor wanted the land for himself. [3] He is a five-time New York Golden Gloves Champion (1980–84), his record in this competition was 21–0 (19 KO's), with 14 knockouts coming in the 1st round.

The size of the nation, the strength and determination of its people, and its abundance of resource gave the nation the ability to carry on when others fell back. Breland is known for their industrial prowess. He is currently in 6 Hall of Fames.

They are widely acknowledged the most technologically advanced nation in Khorvaire. NJ boxing hall of fame. The original settlement, built near where Aruldusk stands today, was quickly abandoned and its people moved south, following the river until they found a site that pleased them. [3], Breland compiled an impressive amateur record of 110–1 (with 73 knockouts,[6] plus one unaccounted loss by medical disqualification,[7] due to withdrawal because of toxic poisioning, spent most of the week in a New York hospital.[1]). He was controlling the High King and was turning Breland into his army against the Yannashur. For the less fortunate, the working class people are focused on working hard. From the start, we pledged to earn that trust through quality work. He won a gold medal at the 1984 Olympics, was awarded the 1982 Boxer of the Year by USAABF,[1] and rated #1 amateur welterweight in the world by AIBA in 1984. Breland continously assisted Zilargo defend their border. They were independent during this time. It's 'cause they need the money. Chronicle Her subscribers are known as "glitter critters". After relocating to Atlanta, Breland began working with a sharper focus on his own music, experimenting with different beats and approaches. Breland pursued the music industry vigorously, and by 2018 the young songwriter was working with major-label artists, penning songs for R&B singer Ann Marie and rappers like Elhae and YK Osiris. The African American Ethnic Sports hall of fame.USA Boxing Olympics Alumni Assoc. Hey, I can get hurt." Nearly all dragonmark houses are present in Breland, but House Cannith is the most influential dragonmark house in it. Their arcane machineries and weaponry were constantly used in the front lines. The late king of Wroat was assassinated by the Dark Lanterns, under the command of Breland's High King in the game Sins of the Fathers. The village of Øyslebø lies about 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) to the southwest of Breland. Breland Moore is a sports anchor and reporter who joined KCTV5’s sports team in September 2019. While each of the human settlements that eventually became the Five Nations took root in the rich land surrounding the Scions Sound, the ancestors of the Brelish nation felt confined along the shore of the Brey River. Each edition comprises a set of broadsheets folded and nested together like a simple book, and eventually these are collected bound together.1 Malleon, a powerful lieutenant was settled south. Unknown Brelish people are often busy and are on the move, especially in Wroat. The Breland Ledger is a chronicle published in Breland, and one of the more ambitious chronicles of Khorvaire. Basic Information[1] The Breland Ledger is a chronicle published in Breland, and one of the more ambitious chronicles of Khorvaire. Breland is one of the Five Nations of central Khorvaire. Breland is considered as the political powerhouse of Khorvaire, as many nations are in debt from them. While the farms north of Wroat and Galethspyre never suffered the indignity of invasion, it was the sons and daughters of the farmers who went off to fi ght for Brelish honor and glory.

A month later, Wroat fell after Aundair and Thrane were given the false information that a lightning rail was turned into a weapon of mass destruction. He is the only Amatuer to grace the cover of Ring magazine. There are many people who are indifferent with religion in Breland. Mr. Breland is the only Amatuer whose picture hangs in Colorado Springs Olympic training center. Considered one of the most progressive nations in terms of personal freedom and meritocracy, Breland enjoys enormous prosperity and is the current home of the player characters in its most famous city, Sharn. During this time, Breggor Firstking had established the nation of Wroat some 500 north along the Dagger River.

Even if that's the case, Breland recovered fast.

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