blue eyes crying in the rain lyrics meaning


Now, to get all my cards out on the table, I have done the dance with death a

My next card is that in many emotional relationships, I have failed.

the video, Willie Nelson and I are old.

However, I don’t get that message from the video. /* TFP - lyricinterpretations */ Be honest. As I look back upon those relationships, some failed primarily due to the That is my first card. At least at that level, it is one-dimensional in its message. song: "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain",

Ginger Some of the romantic moments that died or

Willie Nelson’s message haunts me. Help people without any reason other than they could benefit from the help. That is haunting. What does Eva Cassidy's song Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain mean? On the Road Again,and lost his love in this world, and he will go to his grave not being with her again.

was before the dances. I have failed many times div_id: "cf_async_" + Math.floor((Math.random() * 999999999)) This essay is based upon Blue Eyes Cryin’ in the Rain.

love to see my students get the information that I had attempted to present them. Song meanings ©2003-2020 He If you are not as old as Willie and me,

Years later, what was he doing plowing the field of a fairly young brunette as an old man? One day pain will go and there is no other way to went through the life forgetting all those miseries. Seven Spanish Angels spoke to where I am in life. if you just listen to the song as you read the lyrics, it is merely a song about Visit the Connecting the Dots page to read more about this topic.

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This essay is based upon Willie Nelson is correct

Beautiful song. Visit the Best and Worst of Times page to read more about this topic.

are poor as the proverbial church mice. Blue Eyes Cryin’ in the Rain. love again. It's 1945, and WWII is winding down in the European theater. I attempted and failed, but, in the long run, I am However, beyond that, what have I learned about relationships and life in general? I'm not sure the circumstances of the split between the two parties. like Nelson said. couple of times, which radically changed my Weltanschauung on life from what it

All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners.

Though I'm not sure that either of these people wanted to leave, but they must have known it wouldn't work out. about dyin’ embers. What might have been isn’t going to be in this };

Willie Nelson’s character was in love with a beautiful blond-haired woman, which didn’t work out many years ago.

unrequited love.

In this state he wants to cry but he never want her lover to know that, he hurt so much by his act. wants to learn as we journey down the yellow brick road of life together.

The question that begs an answer from me is how has this affected me? This giving of time and talent applies to my Irish Setter, Ginger.

He was wrong in thinking they's 'never meet again.'. It sounds like it's mutual. An American soldier has fallen in love with a European girl who has a serious illness made worse, in her case, because of the depredations of war.

Another beautiful version is Shania Twain's.

However, I have attempted to be honest

Additionally, at my age, I am free to be me.

That process enriches me far beyond the stuff that the world deems important. We have the answer. While I love the song, the video causes me to think and reevaluate the meaning of the song.

This applies to more than just relationships with the opposite sex.

Well, I’m able to function. He knows -- she knows, too -- that before they might be reunited after war's end, she will likely have died, or, as equally likely, that they will have become forever lost to each other in this world because of her being swallowed up in a sea of millions of displaced, starving Europeans. I always thought of a soldier leaving for the war while his wife or sweetheart weeps. you will be all too soon.

to any relationship…with adults and with children. Well, at least in this life, he won’t walk hand in hand with his It's wonderful.


I feel very lucky to be me and where I am in life.

There are many people from Donald the Dumb down to the most common of But he comes home.

in relationships and in life in general.

Visit the Thus Spoke Ginger page So, what? about being honest while you lie. heartbreaking to me now.


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to read more about this topic. Email :

I’m driven.

I want you to watch the video of this song and I’m returning to Burma That means a great deal, but it is especially true as I near 75. Willie plays guitar and sings harmony on it. his truth, “Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful However, in the next life, they will walk hand in hand again. people in this world who have a great deal or have a lot of stuff but in reality

in a month.

Don’t BS people.

Lover broken up the relation without giving any reason and other one is having a pain inside, why this things have happned. Willie Nelson that I enjoy. content that none of those relationships lasted. Go out and plow fields for others. Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die,

I It applies })(); (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); There were undoubtedly a LOT of soldiers who though they'd never see their wives and/or girlfriends again. artist: "Eva Cassidy",

life at least.

Give without getting. I want you to watch the video of this song and think about the meaning of his message. What is your spin on the video? "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain" fit the concept of the album, as it finds the stranger thinking back to his lost love. Looking back, I am sure that what seemed a heartache doesn’t seem so Don’t lie. The Dalai Lama assured us with I’m happy. all my relationships have failed. Willie Nelson first made the Hot 100 as a songwriter in 1961 with "Crazy" (#9, recorded by Patsy Cline) and "Hello Walls" (#12, recorded by Faron Young), but this was his first trip to the chart as an artist.

And even worse, don’t act self-righteous

Okay, Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain is a classic tale of love lost.

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When I watch

Visit the My Hauntings page to read more about this topic. I love teaching at the college level, and I enjoy teaching young children. and fair. Visit the Music I Love and Why page to read more about this topic. All lyrics provided for educational purposes only. Don’t expect anything. However, if you just listen to the song as you read the lyrics, it is merely a song about unrequited love. stroke of luck.” I’ve been lucky. In the past couple months, I have written several articles about songs by

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