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Chordie is a search engine for finding guitar chords and guitar tabs. var opts = { 1 of 26. Hallmark Movie Uncorked, D G A7 D D7 Beneath still waters - There's a strong undertow G A7 D D7 The surface won't tell you - What the deep water knows G D Darling, I'm saying - I know something's wrong G A7 D D7 Beneath still waters - Your love is gone G D Even a fool could see - That you'll soon be leaving me B7 E7 A7 But each - and every heart - Must take its turn - at misery G A7 D D7 And this time it's me - And I'll cry alone G A7 D Beneath … Top 10 Biggest Diamond In The World, document.write('

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Emmylou Harris Beneath Still Waters written by Dallas Frazier Hank Devito steel guitar James Burton guitar Emory Gordy bass John Ware drums Glen D Hardin piano Albert Lee acoustic guitar Rodney Crowell acoustic guitar Fayssoux Starling vocals D7 G Beneath still waters A D Theres's a strong undertow G The surface won't tell you A D What the deep waters know D7 G Darling I'm saying D I know … Emmylou Harris. (function() {

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