barrel racing rules


16. Better Barrel Races will base approval decisions upon usual, reasonable and customary fees in a given area.

Revolution Barrel Racing, LLC Draw Out Policy.
Futurity Riders Guild Awards Points/Standings. Any rider caught using an electronic device on a horse during competition will be automatically disqualified and shall forfeit all winnings. Year-end awards will be given in each region based on points earned in open or non-futurity competition.


The run begins when the horse crosses the timer line. If there is a tie in any state for the year-end champion-ship and the state does not have a “State Finals,” ties will be decided by adding together the total number of contestants each person has run against that season to determine their best 14 shows. 29. Points will be awarded on a 3-D basis during the regular season but will payout as a 4D at the National Finals. (Definition of the Arena is past the plane of the alley) Lost points will not be reinstated.

8. An exciting race against the clock in which exhibitors follow a course consisting of three barrels in a triangular “cloverleaf” pattern. After results have been posted, NO CHANGES will be made. Co-approved fee is to be paid by the show producer. One (1) substitution is allowed per season, per horse rider combination, unless you go back to your original horse then you must stay with that horse. There is a sixty-second time limit to complete the course after time begins. Horses shall not be left unattended while bitted -up or tied-around on facility grounds at any BBR sanctioned or produced event.

Members participating in at least eight (8) endorsed races (six (6) for Gold Card Members) at Better Barrel Races endorsed shows by December 31 will qualify to enter the BBR World Finals. INTRODUCTION These Rules cannot cover all possible situations that may arise during a show, nor can they regulate all administrative questions. (Ex: time ordinances or time constraints, extraordinarily large shows that do not have the added money such as memorial or benefit shows.

Inhumane treatment, or neglect, of any horse or dog during a BBR event will not be tolerated. IBRA reserves the right to refuse membership to anyone who is or has caused hardship to fall upon the association or the sport of barrel racing. These rules must be included in advertising or made available to contestant upon their request. Regional awards and prizes may vary based on membership numbers per region. You have to draw out completely or scratch your run on site. There is a $50 fee to change your designated state. *All State Qualifiers, Top Dogs and/or Wild Card holders,  MUST PRE-ENTER the National Finals by the deadline to maintain their status.

4. Better Barrel Races Endorsement. Open Range will be treated like any other state (See State Qualifiers). All runs must be timed utilizing electronic eyes. Season ending classes must have option to run. For a complete and up to date list of National Finals rules please visit the IBRA website under National Finals. Selling a run is not allowed. Directors may opt to have an alternative dress code for State Finals if approved by the home office. Rules Updated 11/16/2019SECTION I-General Competition RulesAn OBRA barrel race is a timed event with three identical barrels set in a cloverleaf pattern.Competitors must be a member in good standing to compete in an Outback barrel ra 6. Rules should also be posted prominently at the arena office. IBRA will award points as follows: 75 entries & Under: 5 places 76-100 entries: 6 places 101-125 entries: 7 places 126-150 entries: 8 places 151-200 entries: 9 places 201 + entries: 10 places Non members and/or members of other states will be skipped when awarding points. Show flyers with a “subject to change” clause must be explicit in the types of changes possible and under what circumstances changes will be made. Better Barrel Races will consider shows for endorsement based on compliance with the format guidelines included in the document, the producer's experience and reputation, amount of added money, and location. must be advertised as being separate from the entry fee and should be held to a reasonable level considering the facility expense and length of show. For National Finals Substitution**See National Finals State Qualifiers, Top Dogs and Wild Cards explained: State Qualifiers At the end of the season, any member with 100 points or more accumulated in a division will be considered a State Qualifier. Failure to pay fines/fees due will result in a hold being placed on winnings and the contestant will be placed on the ineligible list. Contestants may run any horse, regardless of ownership, but a horse can only be run once in each race. At the end of 60 seconds if the horse has not broken the plane at the end of the alleyway into the area the rider will be disqualified. Reruns shall be granted if the timer fails to work properly, if the barrels are not placed properly on their markers or if there are any other situations that show producers and/or an IBRA representative deems may have had a negative impact on a run. The  4th place person would then get 4th place points.

A producer wishing to have their show(s) endorsed by Better Barrel Races must submit a completed producer application and applicable endorsement fees. Rodeo Entry Short List Changes in state will only be accepted in writing and turned into the home office by mail, fax or email.
or requiring other qualifications to enter are not considered as part of the endorsed show, and participants in those races will not be awarded finals qualification credit or points. There will be no whipping of a horse from the ground in the holding pen area or alley entrance.

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