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Established under the Clinton Climate Initiative, the program later became part of C40 Cities. This means all emissions from energy consumption, water use, waste generation and other on-site emissions sources are accounted for and offset to zero. h��V[o�6�+|l1$��"�`;qb�n�8m�y`m6jK�Dw�~�Ρ�27 2t�,$������C �g�&r,�,��L�3���q��G�2��N2���)��#�B'���9MHKb��r�� '���+Ab&�'�I)�ĉ$�� ��3&��8�F( H�\��j�@���)�2��e�l��� ��?������+��/��ݣR���O�f�;bTl��}�'_|OC{�ɟ��%��Ԛ?ڹ�nY��o������4�+r��~�첏��յ/~�����a� G{tŷ�Y���?��}q����X��¯׾�Sn���6��\����~?ݟrͿ'~�G��|��L;tv��R���E�־~���Y��ۯ*�O��&���ËE^\�"�f�������r�d.�%xE^�Y[�������@�g�3���~%����-xGށ��o`zV�fdz �s� These cafes make a difference not only here at home but in communities where they source their coffee beans. In 2009, before construction of the precinct had begun, the NSW Government committed Barangaroo to the Climate Positive Development Program. Providing and promoting access to and facilities for walking, cycling and passive and active recreation through design for active living and healthy lifestyles. Barangaroo’s sustainability commitment - carbon neutral, water positive, zero waste, community wellbeing. %PDF-1.5 %���� To facilitate the outcomes identified in the C40 commitment, the robust contractual mechanisms are included in all Project Development Agreements. Created and led by cities, C40 is focused on tackling climate change and driving urban action that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and climate risks, while increasing the health, wellbeing and economic opportunities of urban citizens. Infrastructure NSW is working collaboratively with developers to ensure sustainability targets are implemented and achieved, both during construction and throughout operations over all 99-year building leases. All emissions from processing and transporting waste from the precinct will be offset to zero. By signing up, I agree to the Barangaroo Privacy Policy. �ӭ���գZ�o }~V�$��3�Bd�1�Pr������TW��B�A-7C���G8ɞu.t�2���s�W6h����'�H!����\�M�ԫל�b�t*��[�\t�v�S!�f��du��^��앳F;��d]�u%j�Ag�60yt4q�{���W� {H3'����KvT�#���{�x��Ϝ1T{�{�� ���E`N{#���X�#8�Ō�������H��-�;C�;:�@�jy���o?^��������tMc��x�%�(����.߼L{�Vs��2|��ce+ʭe�:Dv��Zc-��#����d�)"�� ��R�c��������r��#��gs(�N�S�F��jթ�YꟉ돞��9qˎ1`v���oO���Jy� endstream endobj 135 0 obj <>>> endobj 136 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC/ImageI]/Properties<>/Shading<>/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 595.276 841.89]/Type/Page>> endobj 137 0 obj <>stream It is opening in stages and by mid-2017 there were already 16,000 people working in Barangaroo’s office towers. The old Millers Point Gasworks lit the way for the growth of the former British colony into the nation Australia is today. When the entire project is complete, Barangaroo will accommodate 23,000 office workers and some 3,000 residents as well as shoppers, diners and visitors. All rights reserved.

The towers are oriented to reduce heat gain on the western façade and they include vertical shading panels aligned to the sun’s path. 174 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<3F6BC028D68C41AF804A813FE5436817><8922A64D5C1D194D9BD0569B1A3E1E4F>]/Index[134 73]/Info 133 0 R/Length 163/Prev 1346362/Root 135 0 R/Size 207/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream More than 75,000 native trees and shrubs have been planted at Barangaroo Reserve. s�'�l,�����$��Ȇ��cd�I%���`T��֒#;E��pa��r\����o��(��(*g�$�L�T*-����&�_4�cx_�K��A��]�'���d�Lz,�� ��o��i��f��:N���>�U��oo�������=LŸ�d���L��_^���S/\H���L���3u�35�PF��~u��yd�q�}= �4+? The energy used in the public domain and for waste water recycling is offset by the solar energy which is generated on site. It is a place for people to work, live, socialise or connect with Sydney’s Aboriginal and maritime history as well as contemporary Aboriginal culture. Barangaroo aims to be sustainable today and for future generations. The development team and its partners work with sustainability leaders from around the world to help Barangaroo achieve its sustainability goals. h�b```a``:������� € "�@Q�FG ��� �����e{`P�+|���a�m[�P@ޢb�%�+�h��q+���5ʚ�;�:�1G�̬�Yl�u�u2���D�iQ1� ysN�ٲ���ŶEi0Tt@ CGs����� (b��9l@&Ta6w����B ���`Sa��_08_`�a�� 1��:C�����"^L�X;��V.���ϡ�@�F�ss\�#_r���

A key feature of Barangaroo is its connectedness to the rest of Sydney’s central business district via the new Barangaroo Wharf, Wynyard Walk tunnel and two new pedestrian bridges over Hickson Road. endstream endobj 138 0 obj <>stream Development agreements ensure the entire precinct remains in public ownership, with the buildings and infrastructure on 99-year leaseholds. C40 Climate Positive Development Program. Infrastructure NSW, which manages the development project and public spaces on behalf of the NSW Government, is committed to the delivery of a carbon neutral precinct. 0 134 0 obj <> endobj In the southern commercial and retail district waste water is treated and recycled water produced from a central plant. Download Barangaroo Sustainability in Practice (PDF). Rich with multi-layered history, 50 percent of the 22 hectare Barangaroo precinct offers extraordinary connection to the waterfront and unprecedented public realm. Barangaroo aims to be sustainable today and for future generations. Barangaroo will also feature on the new Chatswood to Bankstown Metro line, with the station at Nawi Cove expected to open in 2024. Barangaroo aspires to deliver zero net greenhouse gas emissions generated through the transport and treatment of waste from the precinct. Download Fact Sheet

Barangaroo’s sustainability commitment may be well known, but did you know that Barangaroo’s cafes also follow a sustainable approach when it comes to sourcing coffee? 0 �e�e Barangaroo is one of the most exciting urban renewal projects in the world today. When completed, the whole precinct will be capable of exporting more recycled water than the amount of drinking water it uses. The C40 Cities is a network of global cities committed to addressing climate change through urban renewal. Copyright © 2017 Barangaroo Delivery Authority. Barangaroo is one of the most exciting urban renewal projects in the world today. C40 is a network of the world’s megacities committed to addressing climate change. C40 supports cities to collaborate effectively, share knowledge and drive meaningful, measurable and sustainable action on climate change. S���Bh��o�E��[Җ��- The Climate Positive Development Program will demonstrate large-scale models for development that reduce greenhouse gas emissions below zero in an economically viable way. Barangaroo’s sustainability commitment - carbon neutral, water positive, zero waste, community wellbeing. When completed, Barangaroo aims be the first precinct globally to be carbon neutral.

All rights reserved. H��VKo7��W�Q{X��7���*bǎ�h��(������N����������M�"

Barangaroo is one of only 19 places worldwide, chosen to be part of the C40 Cities Climate Positive Development Program. Exceptional and award-winning design is creating a landmark destination in Sydney. The system also avoids the use of drinking water drawn from Sydney's dams to reject heat from the buildings.

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