arnold schwarzenegger funny quote


It is the greatest feeling that I get. ", "A beginner does eight repetitions of a certain exercise with his maximum weight on the barbell. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Learn how to build muscle, burn fat & stay motivated. The negative impulses around the gym can be incredible.

Remember that!"

And that satisfies him because he feels the progress in his body.

How proud can you be when they don’t even know what they’re looking at? We teach you how to do thousands of exercises! I can be very friendly offstage, but onstage I will pull one trick after another on my competition to wipe him out, you know-because it’s my living and I have to win. ", "Most bodybuilders only have a hazy notion of what they want to look like. They do not say, 'I am going to be a winner.' It's like you have a little BMW - you want to race the hell out of this car, because you know it's just going 110. As long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something, you can do it, as long as you really believe 100 percent.

How will we ever grow?”, "I have a good sense of my body in a bathing suit around people who appreciate what I’m doing, like a contest. First of all I never realized how many curses there were (but well worth it because it’s funny hearing a guy with an accent curse. ", “There are no shortcuts—everything is reps, reps, reps.”, "I'm addicted to exercising and I have to do something every day. ", "Bodybuilding should be fun because you get a feeling of satisfaction which is very hard to explain. I am like getting the feeling of cumming in the gym; I’m getting the feeling of cumming at home; I’m getting the feeling of cumming backstage; when I pump up, when I pose out in front of 5000 people I get the same feeling, so I am cumming day and night. It’s a difficult thing to explain. You cannot fail forever. Especially since my career as a bodybuilder is almost over. ", "Failure is not an option. I just avoided team sports from then on. “Are you coming home for the funeral?” She said. They are guilty about the mirror. The power is self-faith.

Leave a comment. Reporting on what you care about. Nov 1, 2017 - Explore Quotes (Inspirational +Motivat's board "Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes", followed by 3110439 people on Pinterest. You form it. ", "Milk is for babies. Second of all, the amount of cheesiness is simply unmatched.

But on a beach most people are not experts. We hold major institutions accountable and expose wrongdoing. “The greatest feeling you can get in a gym or the most satisfying feeling you can get in the gym is the pump.

I let them know that what they get is mind-blowing. A jumper’s tape is his mirror. I said, Thyroid problem? I got in trouble with the police. Build muscle, lose fat & stay motivated. Maybe never again. But they’re wrong. I‘ve made a profession out of a pastime, which perhaps only five percent of the population can do. It’s not going to kill me. I’m sorry I can’t come.” And I didn’t explain the reasons why, because how do you explain to a mother whose husband died, you just can’t be bothered now because of a contest? Pumping Iron is a documentary focused around Arnold Schwarzenegger and his quest for a sixth consecutive Mr. Olympia title. Muscle & Strength, LLC When I pose, a very good pose let’s ay the most muscular pose. So, I…..feel…if I would live again or if I would be born again, I would do exactly the same thing. Its reallly good to do what r doing in the past to be in shape and maintain it. And so when I am experiencing pain I’m in heaven. I played soccer, but I didn’t like that to well because there I didn’t get the credit alone if I did something special.

Now imagine a soundboard with all of these quotes built in. Lines and paragraphs break automatically. The other ninety-five percent are frustrated workers, working for someone else. Like sometimes we joke around and we get a good pump and we say you have to admit that a good pump is better than coming. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength. ", "I can hide my feelings under my muscles. So they don’t pass out. I love the feeling in my muscles, I love the competition, and I love the things it gives me. Quote: "When it Burns, It Grows. Learn how real people made their transformations! I don’t like needle’s stuck in my arm. ( Log Out / 

", "The mind is the limit. Join 500,000+ But I am not stopped by risks. ", “You can't tell a kid that it's time to exercise; that's a have to say 'Let's go to the park and have some fun.' ", "I saw a woman wearing a sweatshirt with Guess on it. Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with Bring Me!

I’m totally independent.

Even like Jesus, being remembered for thousands of years.”, “When I was ten years old I got this thing that I wanted to be the best in something, so I started swimming. They become really tight with blood. It’s actually the best feeling a body builder can have. I love it. ", "The best activities for your health are pumping and humping. The last three or four reps is what makes the muscles grow. ", "I think the public thinks I am narcissistic because I look in the mirror.

", “When I was 15-years-old, I took off my clothes and looked in the mirror. Steve Shaw is an experienced raw masters powerlifter with over 31 years of iron game experience. No nothing. It’s a once in a life time experience. To be successful, you must dedicate yourself 100% to your training, diet and mental approach. Then you get them to do some running, play on the swings, practice on the balance beam, basically get a full workout disguised as play.”, “You have to remember something: Everybody pities the weak; jealousy you have to earn.”, “What is the point of being on this Earth if you are going to be like everyone else?”, “It's not what you get out of life that counts.

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