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The despairing man tries to find some means of escape from the consequences of his deed. Ajax Tecmessa, his concubine and the mother of his son Eurysaces, tries to change his mind, and for a second, it seems that she manages to do that. Sophocles seems to have been drawn to the theme of literal versus spiritual vision. Tentatively dated to 445–440 BCE, Ajax may be the earliest of Sophocles’ seven surviving tragedies, perhaps performed a year or two before Antigone. “There is no further need for you to peer inside these doors,” she says to him. that a Hero in Sophocles is not at all necessarily someone you like; e.g. Her words confirm Odysseus’s suspicions that it is indeed Ajax who slaughtered all of the Greeks’ livestock and their shepherd dogs. Whereas Ajax is the type of the hero, Odysseus is the type of the enlightened, reasonable man. Related Questions and Answers for Characters in Ajax. Ajax announces that he will go to the meadows to ritually purify himself of his sins and bury the most precious of his war spoils: the sword of Hector, which the Trojan leader had given him as a gift of recognition of his bravery. When he denies permission to bury Ajax, Teucer defies him. Teucer (TEW-sur), an archer, the son of Telamon and a captive princess. Teucer is in a dilemma. Ultimately, Ajax’s arch-nemesis Odysseus settles the matter, by persuading Agamemnon to allow the burial because, personal rivalries aside, Ajax was indeed second only to Achilles in both bravery and courage. It is early morning in the tenth year of the Trojan War, and outside Ajax’s tent in the Greek camp at Troy, the goddess Athena notices Odysseus scanning Ajax’s tracks to find out whether the great hero is inside his shelter or away. It is also a play of two conflicting moral codes: the traditional one of the old Homeric world, steeped in honor and bravery, and the one of the modern democratic Athens, infused with reason and objectivity. At that moment, Menelaus appears, followed by his army. The alternative to death is to return to Salamis and his noble father, Telamon, but he knows that he can never shame Telamon by facing him. Heavy underbrush partly conceals his body where it lies.

As many students have discovered, Sophocles' Oedipus the King deals with this theme as when, for example, the... eNotes.com will help you with any book or any question. Sick in mind at the thought of the taunts of Odysseus, he wishes only to die. To prove this, Athena summons Ajax out of his tent and mocks his evident madness while Odysseus goes into hiding and watches in disbelief. Calchas, the Greek prophet, warns Teucer that unless Ajax is kept in his tent a full day, no one will again see Ajax alive, since the proud warrior twice offended the goddess Athena in the past. In the first stasimon, the Chorus laments Ajax’s destiny: “Yes,” they sing, “better hid in Hades is the man plagued by such a disease, he who by the lineage from where he springs is the noblest of the war-tried Achaeans, yet now is true no more to his inborn temperament, but wanders outside himself with alien thoughts.”.

Before Ajax's suicide, Odysseus has been... To cause harm to one's enemies, and to help one's friends. Even in his abject misery, however, he is sure that had Achilles personally chosen his successor he would have named Ajax. He is a man of such colossal inner strength, nobility, and self-sufficiency that he is not only alienated from his fellow men but also brought into conflict with the gods themselves. Under her spell Ajax committed the horrible slaughter in the belief that the animals he slew were the hated leaders who opposed his election to the place of the late Achilles. Teucer expresses his gratitude and admiration for Odysseus, but, even so, asks him to leave the burial site, fearing that the soul of Ajax might be offended if he remains. Ajax, as he appears in this play, in the Iliad, and other myths, is a heroic figure, a "rugged giant", with strength, courage and the ability to think quickly well beyond the normal standards of mankind. are shown throughout and he seems to carefully blend them all regardless of his actions. Evidently irritated, he blames Teucer for grave disobedience and calls him a Barbarian slave, alluding to the fact that, through his mother, Teucer is a nephew of none other than King Priam (and, thus, cousin of Hector and Paris). Ajax fought for Agamemnon and Menelaus out of a sense of duty and responsibility, but quickly changed his opinion about the Atreides after they offended his honor by handing over Achilles’ armor to Odysseus.

To cause harm to one's enemies, and to help one's friends. Ajax (AY-jaks), the son of Telamon and, excepting Achilles, the strongest and bravest of the Greeks who fought to win Troy.
When asked by the Chorus to expand on this, Tecmessa recaps the incident from the night before in such great detail that the Salaminian sailors are unable to bear the story of Ajax’s humiliation. After failing to find Ajax, two teams of Salaminian sailors accidentally meet somewhere near Ajax’s suicide site.

Tecmessa (tehk-MEE-sah), a captive, the devoted concubine of Ajax and mother of his son Eurysaces. On his return to the Greek camp, he is first taunted by enemies of Ajax because of his brother’s shame and then warned by Calchas, the seer, that Ajax’s safety depends on his remaining within his tent for the rest of the day. Teucer is determined not to obey Menelaus. Then he retreats to his tent to apparently end his life; the distraught Tecmessa follows him.

In Sophocles' play Ajax, as in the Homeric epics, Odysseus is an intelligent and devious character, who has complex reasons for everything he does and says. © 2020 eNotes.com, Inc. All Rights Reserved. “Just tell me what you want to know, and I, who hold all the knowledge, will reveal the truth to you.”. Odysseus’ speech to Agamemnon at the end signifies the birth of a new moral code more suited for the democratic age of Athens, just as the suicide of Ajax in the middle of the play metaphorically embodies the death of the traditional, old-world devotees to honor and duty. His followers, meanwhile, resume their lament over their disgraced leader. The goddess Athena, appearing above the tent, tells Odysseus that Ajax, covered with blood, is in his tent. Teucer arrives at the scene and is informed by the Salaminian sailors that his half-brother is dead. Ajax plants his sword, a gift from Hector, the great Trojan warrior, hilt down in the earth. When Athena attempted to help Ajax during battle, he rebuffed her, stating that the gods should help lesser... Start your 48-hour free trial to unlock this Ajax study guide and get instant access to the following: You'll also get access to more than 30,000 additional guides and 300,000 Homework Help questions answered by our experts. This allows him to be unbiased and objective, even when the matters at hand concern him personally. ANALYSIS: Some see the structure of the play as a pair of disjointed halves, with title character dead by the mid-point. Enraged and envious, Ajax left his tent by night, stealthily, to kill not only Odysseus but Agamemnon and Menelaus as well. When Tecmessa, Ajax’s Phrygian captive, reveals to his followers what the great warrior did, they lament his downfall and question the dark purposes of the gods.

One of Sophocles’ earliest surviving tragedies, Ajax is set in the tenth year of the Trojan War, soon after the death of Achilles, and depicts the events of the last day of one of Ancient Greece’s greatest warriors, Ajax the Great. His sense of responsibility is shown when he asks the sailors to t… Even his father, Telamon—Ajax adds—would now prefer to see him dead rather than dishonored.
Defying both Menelaus and Agamemnon, Teucer insists that Ajax be buried properly.

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